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Ice Warrior: (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 13)

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  This felt nothing like that day, and yet, very similar. Rage built, threatening to explode, while hot tears scalded her cheeks. She needed to be careful, or her boat would catch fire just like the pyre all those years ago.

  For the second time in Breslin’s life, she was crying and couldn’t stop.

  The sound of a motor caught her attention, and she cursed. It better not be Elsie or Illianna. She dearly loved both females but didn’t need to hear their shit right now. She wouldn’t be coaxed back to Zeum for their stupid funeral. Breslin cracked an eyelid and watched as her nemesis parked a Jet Ski alongside her boat.

  “Hey, Flame. Thought I’d find you out here,” Rhett called out as he climbed off the watercraft and onto her boat.

  Breslin wanted to throat-punch the fire demon. He was the last person she wanted to see, and exactly who she needed, which infuriated her. Rhett grated her last nerve on a good day, and someone decided to send him to try and talk sense into her? The demon didn’t know when to quit.

  “You need to go on another walkaboot. This time, off a cliff,” she snarled.

  “I see you haven’t lost your sense of humor. Want to talk about it? Or, better yet, wanna race me?” he asked with a slight grin. It was a shadow of his sexy smile, but she could tell he was trying to help.

  “Let’s race. I can’t talk aboot this,” Breslin admitted as she dried her eyes.

  The fire demon’s skin glowed in the moonlight as he approached her and bent down in front of her.

  “Do you need a head start?” he teased.

  “In your dreams. Why aren’t you at the funeral?”

  “I’m where I need to be,” he replied and pulled her to her feet.

  His comment reminded her why she loathed him. Why in the hell had she allowed her attraction to progress beyond minor fascination? She hated the fact that she couldn’t think of anyone else but this incorrigible male.

  The only good thing to come from her grief over Bhric was she no longer obsessed about Rhett. He’d shown an interest in her, but that meant nothing. He traveled all over the world, and to different realms, chasing anything with a vagina. And, she was not going to be another in a long line of willing victims. She deserved better.

  Breslin stood up and glared at the bane of her existence. She was done hoping Rhett would see her as more than a brief conquest. The Goddess would eventually bless her with a Fated Mate, and she’d never think of the fire demon again. And right now, the only thing that mattered was finding her brother.

  With that thought, Breslin lunged and pushed Rhett into the lake, shouting, “Ready, set, go, motherfucker.”

  Chapter 5

  The hot poker lodged in his brain was excruciating. He couldn’t recall a worse pain. His heart seized each time he realized he couldn’t recall anything. At least, nothing of importance. It was the strangest sensation to lack substance to one’s knowledge.

  He glanced over at Alex, and instinctively knew she was a female. There was information he automatically understood but when he tried to pull up his name, or anything about his past, it was a big fat blank.

  He was vulnerable without this female’s help, and that was frustrating. He’d still be in a hospital, or worse, out on the streets if she hadn’t taken charge of the situation. The idea of being homeless terrified him on a visceral level.

  Survival instinct kicked in and he wanted to grab onto Alex and hold tight. She was his key to living another day. Without her shelter and care, he would be exposed, and at the mercy of the elements. He had no idea why the notion scared him, but it did.

  The thought of having to fight a dozen armed males didn’t faze him, but the image of being trapped in the desert under a blazing sun caused his breaths to turn to pants. Was he hyperventilating? It was such a severe reaction that is made him question if it had happened to him in the past.

  “Well, if you’re worried about me throwing you out on the street, don’t. You can stay here for however long. You need to heal, and hopefully your memories will return, as well,” Alex replied.

  He sighed and focused on how her hands felt on his skin. She had a tenderness about her that soothed the worst of the pain, even though her touch was electric. His gaze traveled for the hundredth time to Alex’s slender neck. Her pulse pounded beneath the skin and he longed to place his lips over the spot.

  His eyes roamed to her face and locked with beautiful blues. A little girl with Sapphire-blue eyes and curly black hair flashed in his mind when he looked at Alex’s large orbs, but again, he couldn’t recall her name. As he struggled to grasp more details, the image evaporated.

  “Do you think I will? Get them back, I mean,” he questioned and forced his eyes away from hers.

  He didn’t need a memory to know Alex was the most gorgeous female he’d ever seen. Her petite frame brought out a deep-seated protectiveness he sensed at his core. He wanted to wrap her in his arms and keep her safe always, even though he had a hunch Alex didn’t need him to protect her. From watching and listening to her, he could tell this female had battled more than most, and come out stronger in the end. And that was very appealing.

  He imagined kissing lips that looked soft as cotton and caressing skin that appeared silky-smooth. Her pert breasts would fill his mouth and he had an urge to squeeze her shapely ass. Her scrubs hugged her apple bottom, and when she walked, her cheeks swayed side to side.

  He craved a taste.

  Suddenly, nausea hit and interrupted his fantasy. He bolted upright. He was going to vomit and his eyes scanned for the nearest toilet.

  “Are you okay?” she asked. “You’re very pale.”

  “I’m going to hurl,” he blurted, and bee-lined to the hall bathroom as fast as he could. He heaved several times, but nothing expelled from his stomach. He groaned as he turned on the faucet, splashing cold water on his face and rinsing the foul taste from his mouth.

  He took several deep breaths until his stomach settled. He picked up a hand towel and wiped his mouth, hoping the worst was behind him. He walked back to the living room, wondering if he became ill because of his desire for the sexy doctor.

  Could it be that he was involved with someone? Did he have a mate? Was the little girl that flashed in his mind his daughter? He was in dangerous territory if he had a female in his life, yet was drawn to another. He couldn’t deny the pull to Alex. So many questions raced through his head, making the pain in his head worsen.

  Her hand landed on his forehead as soon as he sat down. “As fast as you just moved I can’t believe you aren’t bleeding more. And, you’re feverish. You were warm earlier, but your temperature has spiked. You could have an infection, despite the wound showing no signs. I’m going to grab a thermometer,” Alex explained as she stood up and walked to the kitchen.

  He glanced around, trying to focus on anything besides his queasiness.

  Alex’s home had an open floor plan, and the kitchen and dining area could be seen from his perch on the sofa. He watched her flit about the modern kitchen, frantically searching for the thermometer. The ceiling above the kitchen island had several skylights and it filled the space with natural light, which made her long golden hair shine.

  Alex walked over, waving an instrument over his forehead. Looking at the results, she exhaled. “Good. Your fever is low, but I’m going to keep a close eye on it. That could be why you feel sick, though.”

  “What would I do withoot you?” he inquired and stood up a second later, unable to sit still.

  There was an urgency beating at him and he had no idea what it meant or what he was supposed to do. It was as if he needed to warn someone or do something, and yet, each time he tried to grasp the threads, they unraveled.

  “Don’t do too much,” she cautioned as she hovered behind him. “The last thing I want is for you to lose more blood. I don’t keep that in stock at my house.”

  At the mention of blood, his eyes went to her racing pulse again, and his gums ached.

  She possessed the blood his bod
y needed.

  The thought made him stop in his tracks. Why would he even think that? Surprisingly, the idea didn’t repulse him as it should. In fact, it seemed logical. His head injury must’ve been a doozy with all the crazy thoughts he was having.

  “And, don’t worry. We’ll find your family and you’ll get your life back. Then you won’t need me anymore,” she added, answering his previous question.

  “Fuck that, I’ll always need you,” he declared and turned to meet her gaze.

  The vehemence behind his words shocked him, but he meant what he said. It resonated in his soul.

  Her gasp told him he’d overstepped, but he didn’t understand her shock to his declaration. Any male would be lucky to have her by his side. He wanted to tell her that, as well, but hesitated, given the look on her face.

  “That knife did more damage than I thought,” she muttered. “And…what the hell did you just do to your water?” The shrill tone of her voice caused him to glance around in confusion before he felt cold seep into his palm.

  He looked down and saw his cup of water, frozen solid. He didn’t think anything about it, one way or the other, but based on her reaction, he knew it wasn’t normal.

  “I have no idea,” he replied as his gut turned over.

  Instinct screamed it was no big deal, just part of who he was. A force deep down said she would never accept him for what he truly was. But what exactly did that mean?

  Suddenly, he couldn’t breathe. What was wrong with him? His chest heaved as he tried to catch his breath. Her small hand on his arm caught his attention and soothed the bulk of his tension, enabling him to take a full breath.

  “Does this have something to do with your tattoo?” Alex asked as she gently turned his palm, her fingers tracing the image on his flesh.

  Feel The Freeze was inked inside an icicle that spanned the length of his forearm. It brought a smile to his face that he couldn’t explain. “I’m no’ sure,” he replied, honestly.

  “Your hands aren’t even cold,” she said with a shake of her head. “You’re full of medical anomalies. First, you have minimal damage considering the injury you sustained. Second, you should’ve died from the knife wound to your skull. At a minimum, you shouldn’t be able to walk right now. And third, your healing rate is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Why do you think that is?” she asked with a lifted eyebrow.

  His gaze met hers. His mouth instantly went dry and he fidgeted from foot to foot. There was something in the tone of her voice. He wanted to give her the answer she needed, but he had no explanations.

  A nudge pushed his aching mind again. It was frustrating that he couldn’t grasp the information he felt lurking beneath the surface.

  “I’m Superman, Doc,” he said with a wink, hoping to lighten the serious mood.

  “Yeah, I don’t see you in a cape. I like Ice-Man much better,” Alex teased with a smile. It was warm and friendly, and distracting. His mind spun when she looked at him that way.

  “Ice-Man, huh? Och, I like it,” he replied and his stomach chose that moment to rumble.

  Releasing his wrist, Alex turned and walked toward the kitchen, her ass swaying to and fro.

  “You must be hungry. How do bacon and eggs sound?” she asked.

  He was starving, but not for food.

  He started to follow her, but suddenly stopped short as he bent over and clutched his stomach. Pain tore through his body, leaving him hungry and thirsty at the same time. It was a hunger that gnawed at his insides.

  “Oh my God! What happened? What’s wrong?” she cried out as she rushed back to his side.

  “Hungry,” he managed between panting breaths.

  “This pain is from hunger?” Doubt echoed in her tone and when he gazed up, his suspicion was confirmed. Narrowed eyes and a tilted head told him she questioned his reasoning.

  “Aye. How about those eggs?”

  He thought she might demand more explanation, but her expression relaxed. “Let me help you to a seat,” she said with a huff and wrapped her arm around his back. She wasn’t buying it but wasn’t pushing for answers, either.

  The feel of her against his side enflamed and eased him in turn. He had little patience for being injured and not feeling well, but he would suffer daily to have her hands on him.

  The sun bathed them in morning light as she pulled a metal stool out for him and he sat down. As soon as his arms rested on the steel counter top, he knew something was wrong. His skin heated, getting hotter by the second.

  “Eggs and bacon, coming right up,” Alex muttered as she opened the door to the refrigerator.

  He glanced down and noticed red blisters forming along his flesh. His face was burning, as well. His heart galloped in his chest, and just as he opened his mouth to get Alex’s attention, his hand caught fire. He roared in pain and jumped from the stool.

  Alex swiveled at his shout then dashed towards him. On instinct, he sent a blast of ice towards the area, putting out the flames as he scrambled over the couch, awkwardly landing on his head and shoulders. By the time she hurdled over the sofa, smoke furled from his burnt skin.

  He felt warm wetness trickle down his chin. His skin was blistered and burned, and his stomach cramped with hunger. Could this day get any worse?

  “You skin was literally on fire, for God’s sake. What the hell happened? Ah, dammit, you’re bleeding again,” she chastised and got up to grab a towel from the coffee table.

  “The sun,” he answered as it automatically popped into his head.

  Alex leaned towards him and pressed the cloth to his chin. She smelled incredible, like a flower dipped in vanilla. An image of a white orchid flashed in his mind followed by a female’s face.

  She had long auburn hair and intense amber eyes. She was crying. His heart ached to soothe her pain. Was this his female? He didn’t feel the same desire for her that he felt with Alex, so he assumed no. His mind reeled, trying to connect the dots, but he was left empty-handed.

  As another blast of Alex’s scent washed over him, his mouth watered and the ache in his gums intensified.

  “I swear I’m right,” she shared as she lifted the towel to check on his wound.

  His gaze fixated on the rapid pulse beating in her neck. Without warning, sharp fangs shot into his mouth, and he lunged. He wrapped his arms around Alex’s shoulders and sank his teeth into her succulent flesh. His maddened mind spiraled out of control.

  He momentarily processed that Alex was rigid in his arms, and frantically screaming for him to stop.

  A split second later, his eyes rolled back in his head as the rich, sweet taste of her blood filled his mouth.

  Chapter 6

  Breslin glared at Rhett from across the kitchen as he shamelessly flirted with a staff maid. Her hands curled into fists. It was this behavior that made lava flow through her veins. If he didn’t stop batting those gorgeous fire-opal eyes at Trisha, Breslin was going to sucker punch him. The male didn’t have a loyal bone in his body.

  His blatant disrespect was insulting. What made it even worse was that Breslin wanted to smack the gooey-eyed expression from Trisha’s face. The female loved every ounce of his attention, and it was pathetic. No, she wasn’t jealous, Breslin denied.

  An image of flames shooting from her hands and engulfing his treacherous body made her smile until she remembered he was a fire demon, and her flames would do nothing more than provide him an energy boost.

  “Shite. We’re on it. Be there in twenty,” Zander growled into his cell phone as he barreled through the double doors. “Time to lock and load. Those blue bitches attacked a cruise ship in the Sound. Bre, call Nikko and tell him to have the boat ready. Let’s go. We need to get to Bell Harbor Marina ASAP.”

  Breslin snapped into gear at the mention of the newest archdemons in Seattle, Cresil and Crocell. The fallen angels joined Lucifer’s army millennia ago but weren’t a problem for the Dark Warriors until recently. Breslin wished they’d stayed in the Underworld. They followed
no rules and were on a mission to expose the Tehrex Realm to humans, all the while, trying to capture Zander and Elsie’s daughter, Isobel.

  Everything the twins had done since crossing the portal to Earth was aimed at exposing supernaturals. The warriors spent more time playing cover-up for the demons’ antics than they did fighting them, and Breslin was tired of it.

  Breslin typed a quick text to Nikko, the vampire in charge of training the Dark Warriors, then ran out the front door and jumped into Bhric’s SUV. Glancing over her shoulder, she automatically looked for Bhric. She was about to call his cell and yell at him to shake a leg when she realized he wasn’t going to answer, and it hit her all over again that her twin wasn’t there.

  She wanted to jump from the car and race back to the house. Her heart pounded frantically against her chest and she couldn’t breathe. Before she could pull the door handle and escape, Kyran was in the driver’s seat and starting the engine. Mack and Rhett jumped in next and Kyran was backing out of the garage before Breslin could stop him.

  She tried to focus on the matter at hand, but couldn’t. She missed her twin brother. This was her first battle without Bhric by her side and Breslin wasn’t sure if she could do this. It felt wrong heading into combat without him. He was ice to her fire. She needed him.

  Instinctively, her soul reached out for his. The faint connection was still there, and she sensed he was lost and confused. The image of him walking down an endless tunnel flashed through her mind. She tried to mentally communicate with him, but couldn’t.

  “You coming?” Rhett asked, intruding into her efforts.

  Snapping to attention, Breslin perused her surroundings and realized they were near the marina.

  “Nay, jackarse. I figured I go for a coffee,” she snapped and climbed from the car the second it stopped.

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