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Ignited by Passion

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  Ninety-six hours was the equivalent of four days. That’s how long she had known him and here she was thinking all kinds of naughty thoughts. There were still some things about Storm Westmoreland that she didn’t know, but she felt certain there was a fair amount that she did know. She had a feeling that the same description he had given his uncle earlier that day could also be used to describe him.

  During the ride up the mountain he talked about his family and she knew he was close to them and that all the Westmorelands had a special relationship. And she knew that he also had a love and deep appreciation for nature. That was evident when he had pointed out various plants and trees, as well as telling her about the different types of wild life that was found in these parts. And she had a feeling there were times in his life—possibly while working on one of his novels—that he sought solitude more often than others. But at the same time he would feel comfortable in any type of social gathering if that was where he wanted to belong.

  And she knew that although he would be the last person to brag about his work, she’d heard her girlfriends say countless times that he was an excellent storyteller. She even remembered one of her friends staying overnight at her place after reading one of his thriller-chiller novels, be cause she was frightened. That was one of the reasons Madison had decided never to read his books. She lived alone in her apartment and the last thing she needed was to start looking over her shoulder or waking up during the night at the slightest sound.

  Madison had discovered after reading the newspaper at breakfast yesterday morning that Stone’s latest book, Whispers of a Stalker, was still on the New York Times bestseller list even after twelve weeks. During the ride today, Stone had also shared with her information about his involvement on a national level with the Teach the People to Read program—a program aimed at fighting illiteracy.

  Another thing she believed with all her heart was that he was someone who could be trusted. She had felt comfortable with him from the first and the thought of them alone in this cabin, miles from civilization, didn’t bother her.

  Yes, she decided to admit, it did bother her, especially when it stirred something inside her each and every time he looked at her with promises of untold pleasures in his eyes. Pleasures she’d never had before.

  She walked to the window and looked out. It was dark and everything around them appeared black and still. She had actually seen a bald eagle fly overhead, but she might have missed the experience if Stone hadn’t pointed it out to her.

  “What are you thinking about, Madison?”

  Madison quickly spun around, holding shaking fingers to her chest. She hadn’t heard Stone approach. In fact she had been listening to the sound of the water running during his bath and wondered at what point he’d turned it off.

  He was standing in the middle of the kitchen wearing another pair of jeans and a T-shirt with the words, The Rolling Stone, boldly displayed across his large, muscular chest. His hair was damp and she felt like crossing the distance separating them and rubbing her hand over his head. And that wasn’t the only thing she wanted to rub her hands over, she thought as he held her gaze. His eyes blazed with a deep heat. She may not be experienced in some things, but she could definitely recognize sexual desire in a man; especially this man. It had been in his gaze the first time his eyes had met hers.

  “So, you want to keep whatever it was you were thinking a secret?” he asked with a rueful smile.

  Madison sighed, turned back to the window. “I was just thinking how quiet things seem outside and yet I know there are plenty of animals out there that make this area their home. In a way I feel as if we are invading their territory.”

  She felt the heat of him when he came to stand beside her. “Invasion is fine as long as we don’t do anything to destroy their natural environment.”

  She nodded and turned and almost collided with him. She hadn’t been aware that he had been standing so close.

  “There’s something else I’ve discovered about invasions,” he said, holding her gaze.

  Madison knew her control was about to be tested. “What?”

  “It can make some people rather uncomfortable. Like right now. I am invading your space, aren’t I?”

  Madison nodded. Yes, he was invading her space but she didn’t feel uncomfortable or threatened by it. Instead she felt an incredible magnetism, an intrinsic sensual pull to him.


  She inhaled, pulling air into her lungs before answering, “Yes, but I don’t mind sharing my space with you, Stone. Are you ready for dinner?”

  She watched as a smile curved his sensuous lips. “I’m ready for a lot a things.”

  She didn’t want to read between the lines but did so any way. Visions of just what those other things might be danced around in her head. She tried holding on to the decisions she had made yesterday morning about their relationship and discovered she was having a hard time doing so. She cleared her throat. “I’ll put the food on the table.”

  Without giving him a chance to say anything else, she walked off toward the kitchen cabinets to take down a couple of bowls.

  “The stew’s good, isn’t it?”

  The sound of Stone’s husky voice drifted across the table and was as intimate as a caress. Madison glanced up from eating her stew and met his gaze. A part of her shivered inside from the visual contact. More than once she had caught him staring at her, and against her will her body had responded, each and every time.

  Common sense demanded that she fight her interest in him, but it was hard to dredge up will power or common sense around a man like Stone. “Yes, it’s delicious,” she said trying not to feel the warmth that was spreading through her belly.

  Stone pushed his bowl aside, licking his lips. “Too bad we don’t have anything for dessert.”

  Madison swallowed, eyeing his lips with interest. Oh, she could think of a few things she had definitely developed a sweet tooth for over the last few days. His kisses topped the list. “Yes, it is, isn’t it?” she decided it was safer to say.

  “I’ll help you with dishes,” Stone said, getting to his feet.

  Madison considered his offer and quickly decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea. Earlier she’d told him that she didn’t mind him in her space but at the moment she needed him out of it to get her mind focused. “There’s no need. I only have a few items to take care of anyway.”

  “You sure?” he asked.

  “Yes, I’m positive. I’d think you’d want to retire early. Today has to have been an exhausting one for you.”

  Stone’s throaty chuckle swirled over her like a sensual mist, absorbing her, snarling her and making desire ripple through her. “No, usually I have an overabundance of energy. It takes a lot to wear me out.”

  She recognized his words as similar to ones she’d spoken earlier that day. She came to her feet and gathered their dishes off the table. Deep down she was aware of the electrical tension that was beginning to short circuit in her body; however, she was determined not to go up in smoke.

  She walked over to the kitchen sink, feeling the heat of Stone’s stare; she tried hard to ignore it. His very presence and the scent of him taunted her with the unknown and, al though her back was to him, she was aware of every move he made and every breath he took.

  Her pulse rate increased when she heard him get up from the table and cross the room to stand less than two feet behind her, and for a few moments he stood silently, not saying anything, not doing anything. Then he took an other step, reducing the distance separating them and she quickly turned around.

  Their gazes collided. His was so intense the force of it ripped through her, sending a sharp sexual longing to her belly, between her legs and to her breasts, making her nipples harden in immediate response.

  Then she felt herself moving, taking a step forward and reaching out to drape her arms around his neck. She heard the growl he made, deep in his throat, just moments, mere seconds, before he claimed her mouth
with a kiss that seduced any resistance she may have had out of her.

  The heated, yet gentle thrust of his tongue as it slipped between her lips had her whimpering in pleasure, and he toyed and teased with her tongue while sharing his taste and the intensity of his hunger. She was trying hard to understand what was happening to her. Then she decided, why bother. Who could possibly understand how Stone was making her feel? Who could understand why her heart was beating five times its normal rate and how the heat of him was branding her all over, especially in the area between her legs to the point that she felt her panties getting wet. And when he pressed his body up against her, bringing her closer and letting her feel the magnitude and strength of his arousal, she emitted a soft moan. He was stoking a flame within her and she was a willing victim. She didn’t want to dwell on the decisions she had made yesterday morning. The only thing she wanted to think about was how he was making her feel.

  She felt him pulling his mouth away and thought, no, not yet and tightened her arms around him, keeping their mouths locked, as her tongue became the aggressor, doing what his had done to her earlier. She licked the insides of his mouth from point A to point Z, exploring, tasting, consuming as much of him as she could, but still feeling it wasn’t enough. Her body had broken free of any restraints and was raging with an intense sexual need that only he could fill.

  He broke free from their kiss and she whimpered in protest until she felt him lift her top and his mouth latch onto one of her nipples. She had forgotten she hadn’t worn a bra and the touch of his tongue to her breast, sucking, flicking and licking was like he was getting the dessert he talked about earlier. She moaned deep in her throat as coils of sexual need tightened deep within her.

  He pulled back slightly and she felt herself being lifted effortlessly into his arms. “I want you,” he whispered, his voice hot next to her ear.

  She wanted him, too, and reached out and pulled his mouth back down to hers. Tonight they were in a cabin deep in the wilderness and succumbing to the call of the wild. She felt out of control with him and knew whatever he wanted to do she wanted to do, too. Never in her life had she wanted or needed a man with this much intensity. She hadn’t known such a thing was possible.

  He lifted his mouth from hers and she felt herself being carried swiftly out of the kitchen and straight into one of the bedrooms, the one he had planned to use. He placed her on the bed and immediately went to her clothes, pulling the top over her head and easing her sweatpants down her legs.

  Heat soared through her as he removed her panties and she knew he was aware just how wet they were. But he didn’t say anything, merely tossed them aside. His gaze was still on her, penetrating and compelling. Then he reached out and skimmed his hand across her femininity, as if using his fingers to test her readiness and the degree of her need. She groaned, threw her head back and opened her legs to give him access and he took it.

  “Damn, you’re hot and wet,” he murmured hoarsely against her ear as his tongue moved over her face to lick the perspiration off her throat and he worked his way up to her chin. He inched his way farther upward and his tongue parted her lips, seeking her taste once again.

  But after a moment, that wasn’t enough for him. His mouth began moving lower like he was obsessively hungry for her. His tongue worked its way past her breasts and down her chest to her navel, torturing every inch of her in the process. Then he reached the very essence of her heat and used his mouth and tongue to drive her mad in a very intimate French kiss.

  She screamed as her body shook with a force that had her digging her fingers into his shoulders to stop the room from spinning, the earth from shaking and her body from splintering in two. The feel of his mouth on her touched off an explosion but still he wouldn’t let up. It was as if he was determined to have it all and, in the process, give her everything. Her body was thrown into an orgasm of gigantic proportions that had her nearly sobbing in pleasure and before she could recover from that first orgasm, his mouth and tongue was busy sending her whirling into a second as he once again pushed her over the edge.

  Moments later, while she lay there trying to learn how to breathe all over again, he stood back away from the bed and began removing his shirt. She barely had enough strength to prop her elbows on the bed to watch him, studying how well defined his chest was and how a thin line of dark hair led a path downward, past the waistband of his jeans.

  She continued to watch, fascinated, and knew at that moment she had never seen a more perfectly made male body. She could stare all day and not tire of seeing it. She held her breath as he slowly eased down his zipper. Then he pulled off his jeans and briefs, letting her see all of him. Her gaze immediately went to his shaft—thick, large and hard, protruding like a statue from the bed of dark curls that surrounded it. She almost swallowed her tongue.

  “I want you,” he said huskily, coming back to join her on the bed after putting on the condom he had taken from the pocket of his jeans. “Come here, baby, and let me show you how much.”

  She eagerly went into his arms and felt her body shudder when her bare skin made contact with his. He took her into his arms and kissed her again. It was as if she hadn’t had two orgasms already. Her body was getting aroused all over again. The ache began throbbing between her legs and she knew it would take more than his mouth and tongue this time to satisfy what ailed her there.

  He evidently knew it, too. She heard his low groan as he eased her back against the pillows. “I want it all. I want to give you something you’ve never had before,” he whispered huskily in her ear.

  She opened her mouth to tell him that he’d already given her something she hadn’t ever had before, twice. But he kissed her, silencing her words, drugging her senses and stirring up a need within her that demanded more. Their gazes held, locked and she became ensnarled by the heat in his eyes.

  Stone inhaled deeply as he struggled to maintain control. He couldn’t last much longer without getting inside of her, needing to be there as much as he needed his next breath. He had tasted her and now he wanted to mate with her, become a part of her, thrust deep and stay forever if there was any way that he could. He moved his body over hers, not breaking eye contact.

  “Let me ease inside,” he whispered huskily, and she shifted her body to accommodate his request. Then he leaned forward, captured her mouth and kissed her again, wanting to convey without words just how he felt. He rotated the lower part of his body, letting his shaft caress her, seek her out and he found her wet, slick and hot.

  He lifted his mouth as his hands gripped her hips. When she began closing her eyes he knew he wanted her to look at him, he wanted to see the expression on her face the moment their bodies joined. “Open your eyes. Look at me, Madison. I want to see you when you take me in.”

  Her gaze held his and her fingers began stroking his shoulders as she parted her legs for him. Not able, nor willing to hold back any longer Stone eased inside of her. He sucked in a deep breath and his hands held her hips in a firm grip as he continued going as deep as he could, feeling the muscles of her body clench him, take him, claim him.

  And then he established a rhythm, slow and easy; the fast and hard thrusting in and out in an urgency that enveloped them. He groaned deep in his throat as he gave her all of him and took all of her in the process. He felt the tremors that began radiating through her body when he in creased his rhythmic pace, stroking her, as well as himself into an explosion. He threw his head back and felt the muscles in his neck strain, and when she screamed his name, he lifted her hips to lock her legs around him to share in the orgasm that was overtaking her.

  He growled out her name between clenched teeth and when the shudders began wracking her body, he felt it; something he had never felt before. Passion yes. Satiated hunger—that, too. But there was something else he felt and when he buried his face against her neck, he pushed out of his mind whatever it was. The only thing he wanted at that moment was to share in the aftereffects of such a beautiful mating.
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  He shifted his weight off her and pulled her into his arms. He somehow found the strength to lean up and look at her. A smile, a deep, satisfied smile, drifted across her lips and the gaze holding his was filled with joy and wonder. Utter satisfaction. And he knew they had shared some thing special and unique. They had shared passion of the most unbridled and the richest kind, and he knew that be fore they left this cabin they would do so again, and again and again….

  Chapter 7

  Stone lay propped up on his elbow as he gazed down at the sleeping woman beside him in the bed. What Madison had said yesterday had been true. She possessed an over abundance of energy and it took a lot to wear her out.

  He couldn’t help but smile when he thought of the number of times they had made love during the night; her body taking him in, clenching him, satisfying him and demanding from him all that he could give. And he had given a lot; all he had and they had made love until exhaustion had wracked their bodies. It was only then that she had fallen asleep in his arms, her limbs entwined with his. He’d man aged to get some sleep in, as well, but now he was wide-awake and fully aroused. He wanted her again. He glanced down at their bodies, seemingly joined at the hips and liked what he saw. He liked it too much.

  Taking a deep breath, full realization hit him and he accepted that he had shared something with Madison that he had never shared with any other woman. A lot of himself. No, he had shared all of himself. For her he had let his guard down.

  His gaze dropped back down to her and latched on to her bare breasts. This attraction he had for her was nothing but lust, he tried convincing himself, but then he remembered how he felt emotionally, each and every time she had screamed out his name while swept up in the throes of ecstasy. Okay, he admitted he would always remember last night, but he refused to get hung up on it and start reading more into it than was there. He had wanted to introduce her to passion, and he had. No big deal. He had wanted to show her how two levelheaded individuals could suddenly be come overtaken with desire, a desire so consuming that it could stir uncontrollable passion between them. And he’d done that, too. The only thing left was for them to find her mother and Uncle Corey.

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