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Vampire Queen 8 - Bound by the Vampire Queen - Joey W Hill

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  He noted that Lyssa was treated far more respectfully, other women forming a circle around her until she’d replaced the dress and could take their hands to start the turning, winding line of dancing again. However, this time, as she and Jacob came back together, they were maneuvered to the boundary of the dance area. With a smile and a blown kiss from the Fae couple nearest them, they were pushed over that line.

  Suddenly, they were alone in the forest again. Or not entirely. Jacob looked down and saw the circle they’d left. As the tiny figures continued to dance, several hands raised in affable farewell.

  Chapter 16

  “I’LL be damned.”

  Jacob looked up at his lady. She was breathing hard, and so was he, though he didn’t need to breathe. Her eyes were alive, that deep jade color that told him she was wildly aroused. He was more than willing to accommodate her, what with his tree branch erection and all.

  “There'll be no living with that first chap,” he said casually. “Now that he proved he could kiss his girl in a way that stops time for her and all the other lasses.”

  “I think she was the one who kissed him. Do you wish you could stop time for those other lasses?”

  “The only one I’ve ever wanted to stop time for was you, my lady.” Reaching out, he caught her fingertips.

  She drew close enough to pluck the petals off his shoulder that had fallen there during the dancing. It was a distraction that allowed her to brush her body against him.

  “You are a magnet for female trouble,” she informed him.

  Jacob lifted his brow, raked her with a suggestive gaze. “Like you don’t attract your fair share of overly zealous male attention.”

  “Not so much here. Except for the likes of Arrdol.” She couldn’t help the shudder, and his gaze darkened, his hand tightening on hers. “It bothers me that memory has such a hold on me,” she added. “A memory that is gone and done. It makes me angry that I froze like that. I should have done something.”

  “I expect she had her chambers heavily enchanted to prevent you. It might not have stopped you, but it would have drained your strength considerably.”

  “But I would have tried,” she said, and there was an edge to her voice. “That means something. I froze like a victim. And I will not ever be that.”

  “No, you won’t. You aren’t.”

  “Yet I seem to be fighting that feeling all too often these days.”

  He squeezed her hands. “Over two years, you lost your husband and your former servant. Your husband betrayed you, violated you with his best friend.” He paused, wishing he didn’t have to bring that one up, knowing that Arrdol had done that recently enough.

  “The Council betrayed your loyalty, you were a fugitive in the mountains for months. You had a child and lost your vampire powers. You’ve only recently had any time to feel the impact of all that, my lady.

  You need time. That’s all.”

  She sighed. “Time is something we rarely have, Jacob.”

  As they walked onward, the forest ended. They were in a clearing with a lush lagoon. Coming to the steep bank, they looked down on the water, where lotus blossoms floated across the mirrored expanse and the branch tips of will ow trees drifted in the current created by the breeze. They made him think of tree dryads, materializing enough to trail their fingers through the water to create ripples. Or dipping their hands in to pour the water along the smooth bark of their trunks, which would shimmer into sleek female bodies and back to trunks again.

  The magic of the place was heavy in the air, but there was a potency to it that warned Jacob. He laid his hand on Lyssa’s arm, instinctively shifting in front of her, watchful.

  Then he heard that whisper of song, and knew the danger of the place was not to her. Damn it. Sirens again. However, that whisper didn’t have the same pul on him as before, perhaps because it was the first time he wasn’t weak from blood loss. But it had a different note to it. It was a sigh of true pleasure, not one intended to ensorcell a man’s mind. At least, no more than any woman’s sigh of pleasure could grip a man’s attention.

  Lyssa caught his arm, drawing him down to a seated position on the bank, their presence concealed by the foliage there. She nodded to the far end of the lagoon that the will ow trees had hidden from their view.

  There were seven water nymphs, all long limbs and beautiful bodies in various shades of color… milky cream, chocolate brown, Dahlia’s deep ebony, golden… they had lotus blossoms in their hair, twined around their limbs and throat, mixing with intricate silver tattoos that curved around their arms, their upper bodies, their hips. As he watched them, Jacob was sure his lady’s gaze was as wide as his own. Not because of the nymphs, who were of course remarkable, but because of who was with them.

  Angels. A good dozen of them. They looked like soldiers of some sort, because those that were still clothed wore the same uniform. A red belted half kilt, the buckle scrolled with what looked like a military designation. They’d been well armed, though their weaponry was currently laid aside. Knives, bows and arrows, long, gleaming swords. Even though the immortals Jacob had met—Fae and vampire— never suffered from soft bodies, these men were every inch warriors, a trained hardness to the muscles Jacob knew well. Some bore scars to underscore it.

  The wing color varied as much as the sirens’ smooth skin. White, ebony, brown like a hawk. One had an arbitrary scattering of crimson feathers among the white. Folded against their backs, the wings were like impressive cloaks, the tips crossing at their ankles, brushing the ground.

  They didn’t seem ensorcelled by the sirens.

  Instead, it was a mutual pleasure taking, a variety of intimate pairings and ménages. He saw one siren in between two of the angels, her hand gripping the battle kilt of the one behind her as he obviously rocked her on him, while the other entered her from the front, his wings spreading in impressive display to balance him, give their penetration a smooth, rolling rhythm that had her moaning. Her head fell back on the shoulder of the one behind, her other hand fastened on the belted strap across the front angel’s chest.

  There was some wooing going on as well. Or perhaps that was merely the aftermath, before the angels and sirens in question began again. Lyssa gripped his hand. Since they were sitting in the grass, he pul ed her between his legs, cinching her up against his still erect cock.

  Would you have me take you like this, my lady, while you watch?

  Yes. But I want to be in the water, among them.

  He would have advised her to be more cautious, but for two reasons. One, it wasn’t the first time he and his lady had dealt with angels. Intertwined with the heated sensuality was a familiar and undeniable… rightness, for lack of a better word.

  While their previous exposure with the beings had been brief, then as now, he knew in his gut these males weren’t a threat to his lady.

  Pressing a kiss to her hand, he rose, guiding her down the bank to the farther end of the lagoon. When they reached the edge, she dropped the dress to the side, and cut into the water. Her purr of approval told him the water was a good temperature for her, which typically meant it would be too hot for him. It was also shallow, almost to her chin, which was good, since vampires had no buoyancy. When he followed her, he found whatever enchantment existed upon the water, it matched his temperature preference as well. She moved into his arms, melting easily into a heated kiss, a continuation of the desire ignited in the Fae circle. They turned together, a slower form of that Fae dance, sinking even further into that meeting of mouths, the meshing of bodies. He reflected such a kiss did in fact slow time.

  It brings it to a complete, blissful stop.

  As he tightened his arms upon her, creatures moved past his legs with nibbling mouths and slippery fins, but they meant no harm. The lotus blossoms floated around them, brushing against Lyssa’s bare back and collecting in that shallow valleys, her hair tangling with the flowers. An occasional feather drifted past, dislodged from what was happening around the bend of
the lagoon. They could see the angels and nymphs, could hear the sounds of their pleasure, but at the moment, they were lost in one another.

  Jacob took them both under, so when they emerged her wet lashes were thick around her green eyes, her hair slicked back on her delicate skull. She wanted to renew that kiss, and climbed up his body to do so, holding him fast, his cock brushing the base of her buttocks as she sucked on his mouth, taking the sweet taste of the water away. When she nipped at him, she earned a growl from the animal in him as well. Skin to skin, bone to bone. He could feel every rib under his fingertips, the beat of her heart, rapid against his. Her legs constricted around him, muscles straining to hold him even closer. All that glorious wet hair, his fingers buried into it.

  “Easy, my lady,” he murmured. “No rush. Just this, all night long.” A night prolonged by Fae magic. He could feel her need to move past the earlier melancholy, giving her desire a sharp edge. He soothed it, with mouth and hands. As he worked his way down, he coaxed her to lie back, stare up at the night sky as he gripped her waist, holding her level on the water’s surface.

  When a wingtip touched the water to his left, he raised his head. No more than an arm’s length away, an angel was in the water with them. He had a handsome, intent expression, framed by golden brown hair. His wings were folded close on his back, so mostly Jacob saw broad shoulders. His eyes had no whites, all solid dark pupil, so it was impossible to read his expression, except that Jacob felt no threat from him.

  His lady’s gaze shifted to the winged male. As she did, the angel reached out, twined fingers in her dark hair, working his way from there to support the back of her neck with one hand, holding her level for Jacob.

  “It’s easier this way, no?” he said. His voice was as compelling as the sirens, only without the destructive grip of obsession. It evoked trust, desire and command all at once. “I am Raphael, my lady.

  And it seems you might have need of one more to help your servant give you pleasure.” Lyssa shifted her gaze to Jacob. Interestingly, her servant waited to see what her will would be, with no undercurrent of possessiveness or resentment. But then he knew her so well, saw the way she reacted to having the both of them so close, so willing to meet her needs. And his intuition reached even deeper than that.

  A while back, Jacob and his brother Gideon had shared Lyssa, at her invitation. It had been the polar opposite of the nightmare Arrdol had resurrected within her. She was ready to banish the latter, wanted to enjoy being enveloped in male attention.

  More than that, she wanted the feelings that came with it. The neediness, the greed for life, to take more than the usual offering. She needed that tonight. If she could grasp that elusive feeling, she’d have the strength to tell the Rhoswens and Vampire Councils of the world they could kiss her regal ass.

  They had no hold on who and what she was.

  Jacob’s lips curved, and he sunk lower, taking himself to the water line. Levering himself between her knees, he spread them with wet hands sliding along her thighs. Raphael moved to stand just above her head, his hand still beneath her neck, but he flattened his other palm on her sternum, spreading his fingers so they followed the rise of her breasts in ten distinct lines of sensation. None of them made contact with the nipples, but from the caress and kneading of just that much of the small curves, the nipples became more erect under his and Jacob’s intent gazes. Jacob put his mouth between her legs then. In his mind, she saw his enjoyment of the mix of the water with her slippery heat. Incredibly responsive to having a mouth on her cunt, particularly Jacob’s, she arched up like a mermaid, making the water ripple out from her body. Raphael slid his hands under her shoulders and dropped lower in the water himself, leaning back so she was braced on his chest, but at an angle where she could see his large hands on her breasts, Jacob feasting on her with his mouth.

  Jacob curled his tongue over her clit, licked, slid slow and deep into the channel beneath, then came back out again, teasing the labia with lashes of his tongue and pressure that had her working herself against his mouth, a reaction always sure to make him hard as a brick wall. Raphael gripped her breasts together, then gave the nipples one hard flick with his thumbs that had her crying out. Her mind was being taken over by swirling reds, no words. But Jacob knew what she wanted. After the Fae circle, she was close, so close, but she wanted nothing less than him inside her.

  Inside me…

  Raphael lifted her and Jacob accepted the gift, curving his arms around her back and hips to bring her close. As he did, Raphael moved in behind her.

  His wings spread out, brushing the skin with a shivery, tingling sensuality as they curved forward and shadowed her on either side. They brushed Jacob’s shoulders. The angel pushed her hair to one side and placed a single kiss on her throat, as if he knew the significance of such an erogenous place for a vampire, full powered or not. Lyssa shuddered in Jacob’s arms, held him tighter, her eyes closing.

  Her mind was that maelstrom again, hard to decipher, but he held her low on her hips, watched Raphael put a kiss lower, along her spinal column.

  She trembled.

  Jacob tipped her face up and kissed her again, long and deep, using his tongue to tease her mouth.

  Raphael slid his hands along her waist as Jacob gripped her hips, curving over her bottom. The water was slippery, a natural lubricant with all the plant life and its oils spilling into the water, though her pussy didn’t need it. As she adjusted, she inadvertently captured his cock head. It lodged in that opening, and he pressed his hand against her cheek, making her eyes open, stare into his.

  “What do you want, my lady? Do you want us both inside of you?”

  “Yes.” Her voice was throaty, eyes intent on his. “I want that.” She bit her lip as Raphael shifted his grip so it overlapped Jacob’s on her hips.

  “A slow slide down,” the angel murmured in her ear. His wings folded fully around them now, enclosing them in a wall of feathers that brushed the skin and made the moment even more magical and unexpected. Any other male touching his lady usually raised Jacob’s ire. Whether or not it was because this male was a heavenly host, Jacob could sense how his lady, so blessed with natural sensuality, wanted them both; how much she wanted this moment. He could deny her nothing. There were perhaps thousands of angels named Raphael in honor of the archangel, but if it was him, Raphael was gifted with the power of healing. And Jacob knew Lyssa could use a touch of healing tonight.

  Perhaps they both could.

  The love he bore her, and she for him, was so clear. The angel was a carnal male, capable of being aroused by a woman like Lyssa, wanting to fuck her like any other male, but there was a broad love and acceptance in him as well that reinforced Jacob and Lyssa’s love for one another.

  Lyssa made a pleasurable noise as Raphael put his fingers inside her tight rear entrance. When he seated her more deeply on Jacob, he was pushing her down further on his fingers as well, preparing her.

  “Relax and surrender to males who love you, sweet queen. It’s not a matter of giving up, giving in to your exhaustion. It’s a matter of letting it go. Let it all go. Experience this moment, every moment, in its shining clarity. Let the healing power of it inside of you.”

  He arched her back then, those soft, mesmerizing words replaced by something more urgent as Jacob bent and captured her breast in his mouth. Raphael nipped her throat, his hair brushing over Jacob’s head.

  She let out a small cry as Raphael replaced his fingers with himself, and began to enter her, sharing the limited space the two channels had, one of them already occupied by Jacob. Her fingers bit into Jacob’s shoulder and he increased the suckling at her nipples, even as he adjusted himself inside of her, ready to stroke when Raphael was positioned.

  Now they weren’t alone in the water. The sirens and the angels had gravitated toward them, the various groupings swimming, kissing, twined around one another.

  “Do not worry. I can neutralize the effect of the sirens on you, Jacob.” Raph
ael lifted his head to give him that one reassurance, those dark eyes flickering. It was timely, because one siren brushed Jacob’s back, then slid beneath the water. He made a noise in his throat, his mouth still on his lady as the siren’s hands spread his legs so she could suck one of his testicles into the teasing heat of her mouth.

  Her fingers played between his buttocks, a brief tempting stimulation before she emerged and turned herself against his back, her generous buttocks braced on the upper rise of his as an angel apparently lifted and reentered her, using Jacob’s anchored stance as a brace.

  It pushed him farther into Lyssa, and of course Raphael responded in kind. Another angel had done the same with his siren, bracing her against Raphael, so now the angel turned his head to kiss that female as well, taking advantage of her lips as his hands stroked down Lyssa’s arms, gripped her slender biceps, and he rocked forward into her.

  Lyssa cried out, and Jacob stared into her eyes as he pushed in from the other direction, taking her up high, not quite letting her go over the edge, just building her with all the heated stimulation around them, knowing she needed it to go on as long as possible. The brush of feathers against their skin, the vivid reality of flesh meeting flesh in urgent need…

  Soft singing was going on somewhere on the bank, that ethereal beauty of the siren’s song that he could now hear with a clear mind. It was yearning, desire, the ultimate search for ecstasy and peace at once.

  He and Raphael could give her that, leaving her no fear or uncertainty, only pleasure. She’d learned a long time ago that full control wasn’t always possible.

  But lack of control didn’t mean loss of control. It was that which had plagued her since her transition, and the situation with Arrdol had underscored it. Tonight, though, only pleasure was ruling her.

  Lyssa raked her nails down Jacob’s chest as the sensation built. The siren was undulating hard against his back, responding enthusiastically to what the angel was doing to her, which felt like a great deal of powerful thrusting.

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