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Vampire queen 8 bound.., p.10

Vampire Queen 8 - Bound by the Vampire Queen - Joey W Hill, page 10


Vampire Queen 8 - Bound by the Vampire Queen - Joey W Hill

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  It had unsettled him, how quickly this strange new place could drive a wedge between them. He needed to grasp that connection between them, reassure himself of it.

  She reared up against him, telling him what she wanted so that she was able to push him to his back and straddle him. Her hair tumbled forward over her shoulders, sliding along the still -damp blood staining her neck.

  No reassurance needed, Jacob. The magic between us is uniquely ours. Long before I had faith in it, you believed it was so powerful that nothing could destroy it. And you were right. Have been right, every time.

  Don’t taunt Fate, my lady. His blue eyes were dark as midnight.

  Trailing her fingers over his lips, she took away some of her blood and tasted it, winning a renewed flare of desire. His cock was hard inside her, but he held back now, letting her take the lead. His strength was returning exponentially, she could feel it. She would match that strength in him, play with it like her toy, as she was wont to do. Tightening her inner muscles on him, she gave him an arch look laced with arrogant challenge.

  Water nymphs, Sir Vagabond? You’ve been collecting punishments all day. Her green eyes fastened on his. I will take my climax, but you will hold yours, let your longing to spill your seed in my cunt grow until it rages.

  Chapter 6

  SINCE the growth of her Fae powers and Jacob’s turning, she hadn’t often exerted the sexual power of a Mistress over him. There’d been far greater concerns facing them. Plus, that theme ran through their relationship in many subtle ways, not always requiring the overt ones. However, something about this strange yet altogether familiar world, the way it made her feel recharged, like the queen she’d always been, activated it strongly, no matter the unusual timing or circumstances. She saw him register it, felt his thigh muscles tense beneath her, his beloved face settling into the expression she knew so well. His alpha nature resisted her dominance, but he would serve her, because that was what he’d pledged to her. Heart, soul and body.

  Clamping down on his cock, a tight, wet fist, she began to move slowly, rising on her knees so that the head almost slid out of her opening. Then there was the excruciating stimulation of it coming back in again as she descended. His gaze drifted over her throat, to the naked breast, the stiff nipple, the two marks his fangs had made, the smear of blood there. His nostrils flared, showing how much he wanted to lick it off. She kept her hand pressed on his chest, his heart thundering under it as she rose and fell. As the desire to release built, she arched, tossing her hair back so it fell against the bare upper thighs.

  Glorious pleasure, glorious power. And a glorious, magnificent man to share it with. It was his turn to rear up now, and he did, capturing her upper body, holding her as he licked away that blood on her breast. He also helped her move upon him, his expression a straining rictus, telling her how he was holding back, fighting his vampire nature as well as his male one. All for her.

  Perhaps that capriciousness Keldwyn had warned her about was infecting her. Jacob would say it was simple female nature, but suddenly she didn’t want him to hold back. She wanted him to release, wanted to face whatever they were about to face with the scent of his seed on her thighs.

  Command me, my lady. Let me give you what you want.

  Come for me. Come now.

  You first.

  They went together, as wild, feral creatures, his teeth scoring her throat again as her nails drew blood from his broad back. She shuddered, holding on as he finished just behind her, still pushing into her fast and desperate, his hands tight on her hips.

  She gripped his shoulders, rubbing her face in his hair, then up against his jaw like an animal in truth, liking the scent of him. He smiled at that thought, his lips pulling against her throat.

  “We’re not making much progress toward that castle,” he said at last. “But you did say we had time.”

  “Hmm.” When he adjusted so his back was comfortably braced against the tree, the shift of his cock still within her made her breath catch anew.

  She gestured toward a thin web of upper branches, through which they could distinguish the distant turrets of the Castle of Fire. “Notice anything?” His brow creased. “It’s moved. And it’s farther away.”

  “Even though we moved closer.” She shook her head. “I’ve been a queen for too long to tolerate games. I won’t chase her down. If she wants me tonight, she'll come get me. For now…” She arched back, a lazy movement that trusted his hands to cup her lower back and hold her steady as she looked up into the canopies of the ancient oaks spread over them, then back out into the meadow, where the unicorns were now grazing. “I don’t know what will happen once we get there, but this may be the only time we'll experience and enjoy this world at our leisure, without interruption.”

  She straightened. “This forest is ancient, and it provides dense cover from sunlight. The deeper you go in, the darker it gets. I’ve seen at least several trees that have above ground root systems we can turn into a protected alcove with more branches and foliage. We'll scout out a proper one for the morning sunrise. Tomorrow night, if she hasn’t come to find us, we'll find her.”

  She wasn’t one for idling. This was a strategy, and she could tell Jacob knew it. Beyond the message she was sending to the Fae queen, it would be a tactical advantage to understand this new world better. “And I want you to tell me more stories. While they may be embellished, some may be rooted in truth. I have a feeling I'll be able to tell the difference.

  There’s usually a rhythm or pattern to every society’s stories. It’s a dialect you can use, so to speak, for anticipating behavior.”

  As she stroked his hair back from his neck, he pursed his lips. “Since we’ve no idea of the welcome we'll get from the queen, your plan seems as good as any.” He glanced over at the nearest cove she’d indicated, its frame of heather and ferns. “And if my lady would pass some hours dreaming in my arms in such a place, it sounds too tempting to pass up.”

  “Ever the charmer. Come explore with me. Help me learn what is fantasy and fact.”

  “In this world, I don’t think there is a difference, my lady.”

  She hadn’t anticipated how right he was.

  After a reluctant separation of their bodies, they left the shelter of the forest and chose a different hill and meadow to explore, one where the silver and gold flowers gave way to lovely, delicate lavender blooms that reminded her of tulips. As they moved through the field, she saw Fae only minimally larger than the firefly Fae, but not larger than the spread of her hand. They seemed to be hovering over the tulips like bees considering honey collection.

  However, when he recognized what they were doing, Jacob brought her to a halt. His hand closing over hers, he pul ed them both into a careful, silent squat as he scrutinized the blossoms surrounding them.

  He spoke in a whisper. “My aunt told me what—at the time—I thought were silly, girlish stories about Fae mothers putting their babies to sleep inside flowers.”

  She followed the direction of his pointed gaze.

  Lyssa peered inside the cradle of a purple blossom, only to find a tiny bean-sized baby, sleeping deep.

  What she first thought was a baby blanket she realized was the baby’s oversized wings, folded carefully around the small body. The babe was a little girl, whose cornsilk soft hair was a darker shade of purple than her cradle.

  With a smile, Jacob brushed the stem of the flower, setting the bloom to nodding like a rocking cradle in truth. The babe cooed in her sleep, hands closing and opening near her face. At a warning noise, they looked up to see a Fae mother hovering just above eye level with her lavender wings. She also had purple hair, and snapping brown eyes. With her blue dress that fell in rounded layers around her bare feet, she looked like a flower turned upside down, but she buzzed in Lyssa’s face like a very annoyed bee, her arms akimbo.

  “Just got her to sleep, I did,” she hissed, her voice like stabs at a tiny piano’s keys.

  “Our apologies,
Lyssa responded in a whisper, giving Jacob a sidelong glance. The mother waved them off, putting an adamant finger to her lips. Jacob squeezed Lyssa’s hand, leading her out of the field and back onto the forest paths. Once there, Lyssa’s brow creased thoughtfully. “She wasn’t the least bit afraid of us harming her baby, two total strangers.

  She was merely concerned we might wake her.” Jacob caught her elbow, bringing her up short as a troop of gnomes, the tallest one not past Jacob’s knee, broke out of the brush. They were carrying a load of what looked like walnuts on a makeshift platform. The gnomes eyed them balefully, several of them grunting, but no other communication was encouraged. As they disappeared into the forest, they left behind a metronome movement of disturbed ferns.

  “We’ve tried to engage several Fae in conversation tonight,” Lyssa observed. “With the exception of the water nymphs, none of them seem to want to engage in conversation with us.”

  “Like the mountain pixies,” Jacob recalled. When he and Lyssa had sought refuge in Keldwyn’s territory in the mountains, a cadre of pixies had fixated on Lyssa. They’d sit upon her when she was in her winged Fae form, chattering, stroking her hair or skin, but they didn’t want her to talk to them at all.

  The few times she tried, they paused, looked at her, then continued speaking among themselves as if she was an interrupting child, speaking gibberish.

  “Around Keldwyn, they were very watchful, deferential.” Jacob leaned against a tree, then shifted as the tree gave an irritated groan, the branches rustling overhead. “My apologies,” he said courteously. “I should have asked your permission first. Good thing we had an accommodating tree earlier,” he added to Lyssa, to her great amusement.

  “Maybe the intuitive sense is far more developed here. If so, most of them should be able to tell if we mean harm or not, and since we don’t, they’re just ignoring us. Since I haven’t been acknowledged by the queen, maybe they’re not allowed to interact with me until that occurs. Which suggests they know who we are and why we’re here.”

  “That could be disturbing or helpful.” They walked some more, saw another group of gnomes tending a small herd of goats in a rocky field. A female gnome with pretty white hair and lively dark eyes in her round potato-like face was seated on a rock, her short legs dangling as she brushed one goat’s beard, tying ribbons into it. Like all the others, she ignored Jacob and Lyssa.

  When Lyssa felt dawn approaching, they returned to the resting spot for Jacob they’d chosen, a shallow but well -protected alcove beneath one tree’s half-exposed root system. They further reinforced and prepared it for the sunrise. Since the soil was soft, Jacob bade her wait while he took some fallen leaves and carpeted it, to keep her from getting the soil on her clothes. Then he settled in, putting his back against the wall of earth, and invited her to come into his shelter and take a position between his thighs and bent knees.

  “How about another story?” she asked.

  He tugged on her hair. “You’re worse than Kane, figuring out ways to delay bedtime.”

  “He’s only successful because his father spoils him.”

  “Me? You’re throwing stones in a glass house.” He snorted. “I’m surprised you don’t know these stories, my lady. Was it painful for your mother to talk about your father and his world?”

  “It was dangerous. We both know how vulnerable a vampire child is. My life, those first few years, depended on hiding behind the protection of the vampire world, when the Fae were trying to find and kill us. My father had agreed to his sentence as a condition of letting my mother escape the Fae world, but once she left and bore me, apparently the Fae felt killing us to reinforce the lesson about the two species breeding was more important than honoring my father’s bargain. Eventually, something changed and we were no longer hunted, but not before they kill ed her servant, the one who posed as my stepfather in Japan. As you may remember.” He did. His first lifetime with her, a samurai guard to a young vampire girl child. The screaming and blood, his roaring command at her maidservant to grab her up and run… It was when Jacob died for her for the first time as well. She’d grown up under the shadow of possible assassination. It was no wonder she’d been mature far beyond her years, almost a queen from birth.

  Lyssa’s hands closed on his forearms, and she pressed her face into his neck. He could tell she was listening to his heart, that reassurance of life, and he laid his head down on hers as she spoke against his flesh. “They hunted us for decades after that. She couldn’t risk any show of love for my father, even simple bedtime stories about his people. She was the one who taught me to hide any evidence of my Fae blood. It was to appease both races, and that saved my life. When they eventually stopped trying to murder us, the Council believed it was because their spies confirmed I wasn’t demonstrating any Fae capabilities. I wasn’t growing up as a stark example of a mutation between species.”

  She drew a breath. “It seems odd that it was so long ago, yet I can still feel the pain of that. Maybe all this has sharpened the edge of it again. Soon after the attempts stopped for good, my mother chose to meet the sun. I think the ultimate cause was grief.

  The loss of my father, the strain of protecting me, of having to be on her guard constantly. There was no one in her life she could ever trust, not truly. My father had the largest part of her heart, and his loss was a sorrow that always haunted her.

  “For years I was viciously angry at how the Fae had treated her, though rationally I knew it was the Fae leadership of that time, not the entirety of the race.” She gave a small, bitter half chuckle. “I was trained to be rational, no matter the emotions I felt.

  She taught me that, too. However, my refusal to learn anything about the Fae, continuing long into my maturity, was my one small rebel ion, and of course a foolish one, since it’s best to know all one can about friends or enemies. Quite often during a thousand years, they swap sides.”

  She shrugged. “Time passes, and when I might have learned more, I was busy with other things with my own people. So that’s why I don’t know many stories.”

  “But she did tell you something, because you started growing roses.”

  “Yes. I’d see her sitting in her bedroom next to the rose he gave her, fingers whispering over the petals.

  It wasn’t until later I learned his fate, and then I realized she was imagining it was him, her fingers touching the rose bush he’d become. One night, her loneliness and sadness must have overcome her, because she came to me in my bed. When she was wrapped around me, her mouth against my ear so no one else could possibly hear, she whispered that I should never doubt how very much my father had loved me.”

  He loved us more than his own life, his own happiness. And that is a very great love indeed.

  She tilted her head back. “So I am no longer an angry child, Sir Vagabond. Tell me what I need to know. Tell me the things you think are more fact than stories.”

  Jacob lifted a shoulder. “Fae lore is so varied, my lady. There are commonalities among regions, of course. It’s said the original Fae were like gods, with great powers. They worshipped the Goddess Danu, and were called the Tuatha de Danaan. Their king had an array of magical weapons that made him undefeatable. A spear and bow no enemy could survive, a cauldron that gave limitless amounts of food to a moving army. A harp that, when played, could drive a person to suicidal despair or euphoric happiness.”

  Jacob shifted her deeper into the vee between his thighs, his hands spanning her waist, stroking her hips. “As man and Fae drew apart, those Fae disappeared into the earth. Others say that the remaining Fae diminished in size, becoming smaller and smaller . Like the little mother and her baby. They rode on grasshopper or squirrel mounts. I think it’s far more likely that they’ve always existed in a variety of shapes and sizes. At one time, almost any otherworldly creature was considered part of the Fae. Hobgoblins, giants, trolls, gnomes…”

  “For a man who doesn’t trust the Fae, you know a lot about them,” she teased, caressing
his jaw.

  “It’s the reason I don’t trust them,” he pointed out.

  “Just imagine the stories I heard about vampires.” She smiled at that. “Yet, you came looking for me.”

  “Well, Gideon did say I was the pretty brother, not the smart one.”

  “Only a smart-mouthed one.” She tugged his hair, but settled down comfortably enough, stroking his knee. The sun was going to rise soon. She surveyed their surroundings carefully, gauging whether any of the sun beams could penetrate their position. He wasn’t deep underground, but the forest was ancient and dense. He should be fine as long as the sun here followed a predictable east to west track. She felt his reluctance to close his eyes and leave her on guard duty.

  “Sleep, Jacob,” she said firmly. “It’s no different than when we were in the mountains. One watches while the other sleeps, so we each get some rest.”

  “In which case, you sleep first, my lady. I'll need more sleep as the day moves toward noon. You sleep now, and I'll sleep from noon to dusk.” Despite her concern for him, it made sense. Plus the blood seemed to have restored him. Adjusting to slip her arms fully around him, she pill owed her cheek on his chest again. She sighed as he banded his arm more securely around her back, fingers stroking her hair along her spine. Then she started humming.

  Jacob recognized one of the lullabies he used to lull Kane to sleep. Being young vampires, both he and his son had to go to sleep right before dawn, something she sometimes teased him about.

  However, it was one of the best times of day, for often he would cradle Kane in his arms as they lay in their wide bed. The babe would play with fingers and toes, his own and his father’s, and sometimes Jacob let the little fangs pierce him at the wrist or throat, a small sip of his father’s blood. While he held him, he’d hum the songs, rock him, eventually shift him full onto his chest so his heartbeat could help the child fall asleep.

  Enjoying the feel of him there, Jacob would drift off that way as well, his arm tucked around him. He’d awake briefly when Lyssa came to put the babe into his crib. As she did, she’d press a maternal kiss to each of their brows. Sometimes he’d lift his head to meet her mouth for a far more suggestive mating, trying to coax her into the bed with him for a while.

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