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His Secrets

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His Secrets

  His Secrets

  K. M. Bishop

  Copyright © 2019 by K. M. Bishop

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, including electronic or mechanical, without written permission from the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.

  This book is a piece of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

  This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This book may not be re-sold or given away to other people.

  If you are reading this book and book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then you should return it to the seller and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the author’s work.

  Published: K. M. Bishop 2019


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  Author’s Note

  His Secrets is a full-length standalone novel. At the end, I’ve included an excerpt from my Best Seller, Fake It For Me.

  His Secrets concludes at around 95% on your device.

  Happy Reading!

  XO, K. M. Bishop


  I’m engaged to a self-made billionaire.

  I thought I knew everything about him… but do I?

  Blake Maynard is perfect on paper.

  Hot AF, powerful, and a beast in bed.

  There’s just one problem.

  He’s got secrets.

  The kind that he’s been telling himself.

  His past is a mystery… so is his family.

  There’s a darkness within him that might swallow me whole.

  But I can’t distance myself from him.

  Blake is the love of my life.

  And I’m about to discover who he truly is.

  Will that be the end of our engagement?

  Or will the truth bring us closer than ever before?

  Chapter One


  I closed my eyes and let out a deep sigh. The erotic tingles began to move slowly up my spine until they found a snug spot just below my neck. I licked my lips and took another deep breath. This was what I’d been thinking about all day. I’d almost blown an important meeting because I was so distracted, but that was what my amazing girlfriend Tina Daniels did to me. She was all I thought about anymore. Well, that and making love to her the minute I walked through the door.

  Right then she was showing me exactly how my imagination had fallen short. Even my memory was no match for the exquisite power of the real thing. But at least it got me through the day--and some lonely stretches when she was unavailable.

  Tina’s sweet, seductive, and almost pouty lips were wrapped firmly around my manhood. Her hot, wet mouth was giving me the ultimate pleasure. I’d been with many women in my twenty-four years, but none had ever come close to giving me the mind-altering pleasure that Tina’s oral skills could. Her tongue danced delicately, maneuvering expertly against my girth. I was already at full mast, but somehow the skin stretched a little tighter and my erection increased just a little bit with every new teasing delight and sensation Tina bestowed upon me.

  I was a lucky man indeed.

  “That’s it baby…” I moaned. My breath came out in short gasps as I tried to keep my voice steady. It was shaky at best, a tribute to the overwhelmingly, beautiful sensations I was experiencing.

  I reached down and stroked her long, sandy blonde hair and combed it smoothly against the back of her head and down over her shapely shoulders. She was already naked, and I loved the sweet visual I was able to admire while she worked my shaft to oblivion.

  I pulled out of her mouth and with my hand I smacked her lips softly with the head of my dick. She smiled and licked her lips before lashing out slowly with her tongue, the point of it smooth and responsive as she licked my part from the base, slowly moving upwards until she reached the head where she opened her mouth widely and wrapped her lips around the mushroom tip. Her tongue quivered over the top and the bottom of the tip, moving quickly and then slowly before she pushed her head all the way down and swallowed me completely.

  “Ah…” I moaned. I was going to come soon. I knew it. But I thought I could hold on for just a little bit longer. If I did come early, I was sure I had reserves lined up so the party could continue, but I liked to hold the first one for her and I to go together.

  I pressed forward just slightly with my hips, feeding the tip of my cock down her tight throat. Ah… it was so wet, warm, inviting, it took over my entire being. My mind was going numb. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold on, but I knew that Tina wouldn’t mind if I did come soon. We’d been going at this for a while, and we hadn’t seen each other since I’d been away on business. I was glad to be back. This was what I’d been dreaming about ever since we parted ways at the airport three days prior.

  And I had not even relieved myself during that time, opting to save every bit of myself for my girl.

  I grabbed Tina’s head and held it down tightly to keep her mouth wrapped around the base. I was gripping her just enough that she could have easily squirmed free if it was too much, but just enough also that it added that next level to it. Tina loved to play. And some of her favorite playing involved a loss of control, being tied up and blindfolded. I wasn’t quite sure about taking things that far, but I’d been trying new things lately. This was one of the ways in which I was taking control (without really being in control so it stayed safe and fun), but it did worry me how far Tina was starting to push.

  I pulled out of her mouth and guided her to her feet. My lips found hers quickly and I kissed her hard and deep. She was so damn perfect. I was so in love with her. Everything about her was ten times better than any fantasy woman I had ever constructed when I was younger. Most people had their dream girls, but I was going to marry a girl ten times better than that.

  If she would have me…

  I reached down and scooped Tina up in my arms. She giggled at the surprise and leaned her sweet face closer to mine as I carried her over to my large canopy bed. I let go and dropped her on the mattress. She laughed as she bounced up and down from the flop.

  I stood there a moment and watched her. She was so beautiful, so sexy. My cock was hard and ready to be inside of her. I had to have her. I’d been thinking of nothing else for days and it had been brutal to keep from masturbating during our time away. I was proud of myself for the restraint.

  And now I was being rewarded for it.

  Suddenly, Tina reached up with her feet and laid her right foot on top of my dick and her left foot on the bottom, sandwiching me between her feet. This was new…

  She was alwa
ys keeping me guessing. That was one of the things I loved most about her. Tina began to move her feet back and forth in random order. I leaned back and placed my hands behind my head. This was nice. The rougher texture of the bottom of her feet and the smooth, paper thin skin of the top of her other foot created a very interesting and pleasurable dynamic.

  With each massage her toes would end the move by scraping against my ball sack, sometimes pushing and sometimes just rubbing. As I closed my eyes, I could feel the difference in the two sensations more closely.

  “Wow…that is great,” I said.

  “Good,” Tina said. “How does that feel?”

  She was now pushing against my sack with her bottom foot, just applying enough pressure to make it uncomfortable, which turned me on. I wasn’t sure why, but something about my most vulnerable body part being at her mercy brought out feelings that within me that cried out for domination. I’d never had any fantasies of it, but it was intriguing.

  “You like that? You like those nuts being crushed beneath my foot…?” Tina goaded me.

  I giggled slightly. “Yeah baby… that is good…”

  Suddenly, Tina moved on the bed. I opened my eyes to see her leaning over and placing her head on my cock once again. This time she was using such tight pressure, her teeth were scraping the skin up and down just enough to be painful, but it still felt great.

  Tina went all the way down and then pulled up off my cock quickly. She flopped around on the bed and bent over.

  “Drill me…” Tina purred. She whipped her head around and gave me the sexiest look.

  I climbed onto the bed and buried my cock in her tight, wet pussy. She gasped as I entered her tight walls, my flesh pushing hers back to allow full entry. Oh, she was so tight... her wetness felt like some kind of oil. It seemed to massage itself into the skin of my appendage and give me intense pleasure. I had no idea how I wasn’t blasting my load all over her inner walls yet, but somehow, I was holding on.

  I reached up and grabbed her long hair, wrapping a good handful in my fist to make it taut and then I began to buck my hips to plunge my hard dick in and out of her.

  “Yes!” Tina exclaimed as I quickened the pace.

  She was getting so wet. I was able to shove my cock so deep within her tightness, I could feel the load manufacturing deep within my scrotum. My sphincter was tightening as if putting pressure on my prostate to blast off the load that was more than ready to explode.

  I grabbed the sheets beneath us. I pulled my cock out and wiped it dry. Then I shoved a bit of it inside of Tina’s wetness to absorb the moisture. As I removed the sheet, I could see she was still glistening. I put the sheet up to my nostrils and inhaled deeply. It had trapped Tina’s wonderful scent and I let it linger in my head a few seconds.

  I licked the sheet and sucked the tiniest bit of the moisture out of the fabric. Her taste was like nothing I’d ever had in my mouth before. Every time was almost like the first time and it filled my head with the kind of pleasures that a hallucinogenic drug might have.

  I dropped the sheet and shoved my cock back into her tight wetness. This time I pushed myself up higher on the bed and planted my feet. I was now straddling Tina between my legs. Her perfect ass was pressed right against me. I admired her tight, brown back door as I continued to plunge into her wetness.

  From this angle she felt even tighter and her moans began to get louder. I was still clutching her hair in my fist tightly, and now I was pulling it a little bit as I fucked her with everything I had. My muscles were all strained, sweat was pouring out of my body, I felt a bit faint, and I knew that I was going to come any second now.

  But suddenly, I had a craving I could not ignore. And my body desperately was crying out for a little bit of a break. I had to change it up.

  I moved out of the doggy style position and quickly whipped my body around so that Tina’s beautiful face was right in front of my member now. I plunged it deeply into her mouth. Her lips wrapped around me tightly as she gleaned off the mixture of our exotic juices.

  I began to hump in and out of her eager mouth with surprising ferocity and vigor. Tina gladly accepted it all, even moving her head with the rhythm, trying to match my own intensity.

  My body felt wrecked as if I was pushing myself beyond my normal capabilities, but the lust within me had taken over to such a point that I could not control myself. I loved this woman so much. Her body was a temple that I worshipped as if my very next breath depended upon becoming one with her.

  I pulled out of her mouth and grabbed her hips with my sweaty hands. I flipped her over and spread her legs wide as I climbed between them. I entered her once again and pushed her legs over my shoulders, allowing her ankles to drape against my ears. I pushed myself up into a half push-up position to gain some more leverage and I plowed deeper into her wet pussy.

  My mouth was against hers now. We were both gasping for breath, but I kissed her hard on the mouth. The need for oxygen was becoming a problem for both of us, but I didn’t care. Tina’s soft, warm lips and her hot mouth, her breath entering my body—it was the extra bit I needed to send me over the edge.

  I let my hips fly with total reckless abandon as I pumped in and out of Tina’s pussy.

  “I’m gonna come soon…” I moaned. My teeth were clenched, my voice strained, and I was still running out of air. My body was taxed beyond what it should have been put through, but I didn’t care. I had to release this load into her.

  That was all I cared about.

  Tina leaned up and kissed me hard on the mouth, forcing her tongue deep into me. I kept my mouth wide open, just allowing her free reign to explore with her oral visage.

  During this sweet distraction, Tina suddenly flipped me over and she was now on top. Her large, double D breasts hung softly against my face. They were full, and soft. She often thought they weren’t firm enough, but I told her that I loved them this way. They were perfect. I loved a soft woman. And Tina was like melting into the highest cloud in Heaven.

  I opened my mouth and cupped one of her large, fat nipples into my mouth. She moaned softly and smiled as she continued leaning over. She was in the perfect position as she bucked her hips back and forth to propel my dick in and out of her. I could feel her moisture rolling down my shaft and tickling against my sack beneath.

  Her body was bouncing hard up and down against me, almost painfully against my testicles with each impact.

  I reached behind her and cupped her tight ass with one hand on each cheek, allowing my fingers to part the lovely crevice that separated them. My index finger was now pressing gently against her asshole, teasing it just enough.

  Tina pressed her tit against my face, feeding the nipple and areola into my mouth. I opened my mouth widely to accommodate. I loved the taste of her skin, the feel of her tight, hard nipple, accompanied by the perfection of her pussy slipping around my hard cock.

  “Yes!” Tina moaned.

  I felt it coming. I knew she was close. Her body tensed up and she pulled back, yanking her breast out of my mouth with a loud plop.

  She was now leaning back and riding me hard cowgirl style. Her hips were gyrating at a furious pace like a rabbit. My sack was being annihilated by the force of constant slapping of her ass against me, but I was too distracted by the sweetness of her tightening, pre-orgasmed pussy to care.

  “Fuck!” Tina yelled as she came hard.

  Her body began to quiver and as she tried to keep up the tirade of bouncing on top of me, her muscles would no longer respond. They were being taken over by the adrenaline of the climax. Her whole body was going into a higher state of being it seemed.

  And I wasn’t far behind.

  I felt myself come hard completely out of the blue. I knew it had been coming for a while, but suddenly it was there. It erupted out of my cock with such force it felt like the most amazing orgasm with a fleeting moment of gut-wrenching sharp pain, as if a knife had suddenly ripped out of my body on its own accord.

a split second later there was nothing but exquisite, almost terrifying, out of control pleasure. My entire body wrenched as it braced for the impact of this monumental orgasm. I felt the tingling and almost butterfly-like effect floating up my entire nether region in waves, pulsating into my lower abdomen.

  My head flopped back against the bed and my back arched as I came inside my sweet love. Tina was still holding on reeling from her own orgasm. But now there was a look of total satisfaction spreading across her face as I pumped every drop of my thick juice into her body.

  I felt her inner walls accepting it, as if trying to absorb every bit of my fluids and drain me completely dry. I was more than happy to let her.

  After it was over, we lay there in the dimly lit room, both of us resting and recovering. It was almost five minutes before either of us could hold an intelligent sentence together. Our bodies were spent.

  “In case you weren’t sure before, I missed you a bit,” I said finally.

  Tina giggled as she curled up even closer to me, resting her sweet head on my chest. I ran my hands through her hair, allowing my fingers to get a little bit entangled in her bangs. Beads of sweat rested on her forehead.

  “I noticed that,” Tina said. “Oh, I missed you. These out of town road trips are just too much.”

  “Well, you will just have to come with me next time,” I said.

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