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Make Me Feel

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Make Me Feel

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  Make Me

  Part 6

  Make Me Feel

  Beth Kery

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  An InterMix Book / published by arrangement with the author

  Copyright © 2016 by Beth Kery.

  Excerpt from Since I Saw You copyright © 2014 by Beth Kery.

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  InterMix eBook edition / May 2016

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.



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  Excerpt from Since I Saw You

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  Chapter One

  Harper had feared the idea of a rope restraint, worried she’d find the experience degrading and scary. But of course Jacob challenged her fears with his low, seductive voice and patient description of what he’d do. Then the process began, and she found the anticipation almost unbearable.

  When he’d told her he planned to fuck her hard once she was restrained, forbidden arousal had shot through her. She’d also noticed the towel he brought, and thought she knew what it signified. He planned to come on her again. It excited her beyond belief, the idea of being the helpless target of his lust, the prospect of watching him lose himself to pleasure.

  Besides, it took only a minute of watching him methodically binding her legs to make her realize she was witnessing a sexual art. He maneuvered the rope with deft expertise, applying constant surface tension with his hands. His tightening of knots somehow never burned or chafed her skin. He bound her very firmly, but there was never discomfort. She experienced only a slow, delicious surrender as more and more of the black silk rope covered her skin.

  Finally, he stood next to the bed and looked down at her, his expression tight and unreadable. But his eyes seemed to burn her as they completed a tour of her naked, bound body.

  He’d looped rope from her ankles all the way up her lower leg, each pass also capturing her upper leg, so that her calves were held very snugly against the back of her thighs. Only her knees and feet were free of rope. He’d wound the rope around her forearms and wrists, as well. With the aid of his expert knot tying, her hands had been restrained to rope just above her knees. She was spread wide. Her dark red pubic hair and pale stomach stood in stark contrast to the black of the rope. Jacob could see more than her. Much more. As he stared between her thighs right now, he looked directly at her open, aroused sex.

  She couldn’t help but see the beauty of his work. The black rope against the canvas of her pale skin struck her like some kind of Japanese sex art: clean, sleek . . . and oh, so utilitarian.

  “Do you want to struggle, Harper?” he asked, his heavy-lidded gaze traveling the length of her body to her face.

  The question took her by surprise. She felt strangely secure in the restraint. There was a surprising amount of rope on her. She found the weight of it somehow comforting. Maybe because it was clear there was no escape. Not that she wanted to escape, but . . .

  “No,” she said. “Do you want me to?”

  “No. It’s different for everyone. Some like to struggle. It arouses. I’m glad you don’t want to. This time. You’re ready to submit from the get-go, aren’t you?” he asked thickly.

  He reached between her thighs and dipped his forefinger into her slit. She gasped as he penetrated her. “You like to be tied up, period. Don’t you? You’re so damn wet,” he grated out. He bent, lowering over her bound form, and slid his finger out of her vagina. He pushed the ridge of it between her labia, rubbing her in a bull’s-eye fashion. Her feet twitched upward in the air at the exciting sensation. She saw his heavy erection flick upward behind the thin, insubstantial fabric of his pajama bottoms. He grunted and reached beneath the low waistband, whisking the length of his cock out of the garment. She moaned. His cock was swollen and flushed, the surface tension of it seemingly as taut as the ropes he’d put on her body. For a tense, thrilling moment, he jacked himself firmly from root to tip, twisting his hand slightly just below the fat, delineated head with each pass. All the while, he stimulated her clit. She stared at him, lust-drunk. She felt so much in those moments, and was helpless to do anything but allow it . . . to drown in it.

  He straightened after a moment, his mouth shaping into a snarl. He cupped his firm, round testicles on the last pass of his hand, squeezing them tautly, the stalk of his cock rising high in the air. Heat flashed through her. He’d been right to turn up the air-conditioning. He withdrew his finger from between her lubricated labia, and she suppressed a whimper.

  “I’m going to have you now.”

  Her breath hitched at his grim proclamation. He shoved the pajama bottoms the rest of the way down his long, powerful legs. He stood next to the bed. She watched anxiously as his flagrant erection bounced slightly in the air when he stood. He reached for the bedside table drawer. A moment later, he rolled a condom onto his protruding cock.

  He was going to fuck her without mercy now.

  She thought she’d die from the sharpness of her anxious excitement. He reached into the bedside drawer and withdrew a length of black fabric. He stepped toward her.

  “I’m going to blindfold you for this first part.” Maybe he noticed her flash of disappointment. She’d been anticipating watching him lose control while he took pleasure in her body. “I told you, this part is just for me.
Selfishness has its place, Harper,” he added more softly. Her gaze flicked to his face. What he’d said was so strange. He knew she despised selfishness in men. So why was it that his deliberate, planned selfishness sent a shiver of forbidden excitement through her?

  No sooner had she nodded in agreement than he was whisking the scarf around her head. He didn’t tie it tight. Her eyes opened behind the soft material, but she was well and truly blinded. A frisson of panic splintered her intense arousal. Then she felt the mattress lower as he came onto the bed. He touched her bare knees, letting her know he was between her thighs. She felt his weight shift forward between her widely spread legs. A choked sound escaped her throat. Her body started to vibrate subtly with nervous arousal. The anticipation was killing her. But he didn’t make her wait long.

  His fingers spread her slit, and she felt the steely pressure of his cockhead at her entrance. He kept one hand on her knee and rolled her hips back slightly to get a good angle. He started to penetrate her.

  “Oh God,” she moaned, lifting her head off the pillow.

  “Hush,” he ground out, and he pushed his cock several inches into her. She gave a broken cry. His other hand came up to her knee. Her flesh resisted his swollen member one moment, and then melted around it the next. He sawed his hips firmly, fucking her for a moment with the first half of his cock. A low growl vibrated in his throat.

  “Your pussy is hot. And sweet,” he growled. She had a vision of him watching himself pierce her, his eyes glittering with lust, his hard, beautiful mouth twisted into a snarl. Heat rushed through her at the imagined image.

  “Yeah, that feels good,” he rasped.

  He thrust harder, and she gasped. She felt his hands come down on the mattress next to her head. For a moment, he didn’t move, his pelvis and balls smashed tightly against her outer sex, his cock fully submerged. Harper panted, overwhelmed by the sensation of him throbbing deep inside her.

  “Harper,” he rasped.

  “Yes?” she managed in a quivery voice. It was strange the way he’d said her name. It wasn’t really a question. More like a declaration . . .

  A satisfied one.

  “Press your knees a little further into your chest with your hands,” he ordered tensely. Like her feet, her hands were free. She did what he’d demanded, grimacing slightly at the increase of pressure. His cock pressed impossibly higher and harder into her at the new angle. He must have thought the same thing, too, because he grunted in pleasure.

  “This is going to feel so damn good,” he said.

  He drew out of her and immediately plunged back. She cried out, but he didn’t pause. His pelvis began to slap against hers in a taut, rapid rhythm. She lay there, helpless in the restraint as he pounded into her. She screamed. It wasn’t something she could stop. The pressure building in her was too intense.

  “Can you take it, Harper?”

  He continued to fuck her as he snarled the question. She heard him say it through the cries of excitement that were popping out of her throat every time he crashed into her.

  “Yes. God, yes,” burst out of her when he drove deep.

  “Because you have to take it. You’re mine.”

  Oh God. Her eyes clamped tight behind the blindfold. It was unbearable, but she wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything. Her entire world became the friction of his driving cock. It was like he was igniting a fire in her. She felt his feral focus on her, sensed it as if it were as real as an encompassing embrace. His grunts of pleasure and satisfaction only added fuel to her volatility.

  He was so swollen and hard in her. She thought his arousal might verge on pain. She knew perfectly that he would explode first. And that, too, was fuel on the flame.

  He drove deep. She felt his cock lurch viciously inside her. She gritted her teeth together, stifling an anguished cry. She wasn’t ready for him to leave her. Not yet. But he was about to come, and she craved that, as well.

  A moment later, he jerked his cock out of her. She felt his elbow against her bare knee, and the subtle sensation of movement at the joint. He’d removed the condom and was jacking his cock. He grunted savagely, and her body tensed tight as a wire.

  Her belly leapt at the first splash of his warm semen on her skin. She lay there, panting and undone, listening to the ominous, low growls that rattled his throat as he continued to ejaculate on her stomach, ribs, and lower breasts. It was the climax to a claiming, more than anything, and she suspected Jacob knew that. Her thought was confirmed when she felt him fall forward after a tense moment, both of his hands planted on the mattress next to her head.

  “Mine,” he repeated between ragged breaths.

  Harper didn’t reply. In that moment, it seemed ridiculous to comment further on the obvious.

  * * *

  Even though she couldn’t see him, his harsh breathing joined them, somehow. So did the feeling of his testicles pressed tightly against her outer sex and the feeling of the warm liquid coating her belly and ribs. Slowly, his breathing evened and his semen began to cool. He pushed himself off the mattress. She waited breathlessly. Then came the sensation of the soft towel pressing against her skin, drying her of his ejaculate.

  A moment later, she heard the bedside table drawer open. The blindfold slipped off her head. She blinked dazedly. The mattress gave as he sat next to her. She stared up at him, hungry for the image. Starving for it. He looked down at her, his expression solemn. He held her stare, but she was aware of his hand moving over the rope restraint, tactilely checking that the rope held secure and that his planned releases were intact.

  “You’re comfortable?” he murmured.

  The dull ache between her thighs, the feeling of the cool air tickling her aroused, wet sex nudged at her awareness. “Yes,” she whispered, panting shallowly. He’d built a boatload of sexual tension in her. Her nipples were tight and hard, and the soles of her feet simmered.

  A smile flickered across his firm mouth. “All except for this?”

  Her eyelids fluttered at the sensation of his fingers brushing softly against the pubic hair over her mound. Too softly. Her sex clenched tight. She moaned miserably. God, she was right on the edge.

  “Don’t worry,” he said soothingly. “I’m not trying to torture you. Just tell me what you want, Harper.”

  “To come,” she said shakily. “Please make me come.”

  His hand covered her entire mound. She cried out at the forceful pressure. He circled his arm subtly. She gasped, her head coming off the pillow as the first harsh shudder of orgasm shook her. After a mindless moment of flooding sensation, she became aware that he watched her fixedly as he worked every last bit of tension and pleasure out of her body.

  She exhaled, her head falling back on the pillow. He continued to stimulate her, but slower now, making her shiver in post-orgasmic bliss. She opened her heavy eyelids. Their stares held as his hand continued to move between her thighs.

  “You’re beautiful,” he said quietly.

  She smiled. She was too worn out to speak.

  He lifted his hand and stood next to the bed. She rolled her head, watching him. He lifted the towel from the bedside table and used the corner of it to wipe off his hand. He tossed down the towel.

  “That’s how wet you were,” he commented dryly, referring to his glistening fingers. He turned his attention to her bound wrists. He quickly loosened the knot that bound her arm to her leg. He released her other arm, as well, then drew both hands over her head.

  “Bend your elbows and rest them on the pillow,” he instructed gruffly. “Take a comfortable position.”

  When she’d done what he’d asked, he tied her wrists together, binding her hands above her head. Then he stood next to the bed, gazing down at her, and she couldn’t help but wonder with a mixture of rising excitement and anxiety what else he had in store for her.

  Her gaze ran the l
ength of him. He looked hard and awesome, both intimidating and calm at once. His cock was long and firm, neither erect nor flaccid, but at some in-between stage. She had a vivid fantasy of sliding him into her mouth in that state, and feeling him harden against her tongue, his girth beginning to stretch her lips wide . . .

  “Don’t look at me like that, Harper,” he said, his tone a silky remonstrance. He reached for something on the bedside table and sat next to her on the bed. She heard the click of a cap and stared at what he held in his hands. It was a bottle of light pink lubricant. He spread some on his fingers and then closed the cap. He set the bottle aside.

  “Your nipples,” he said thickly, reaching for her. “I’ve never seen them so hard as they were when I was inside you. It was driving me crazy,” he mused. He rubbed the lubricant onto a nipple. Her back arched slightly off the bed at the stimulation. With her hands tied above her head, he had free access to her breasts, which she recognized was what he’d intended. He turned his attention to the other nipple, rubbing it deliberately with the lubricant.

  Watching his intent focus—and feeling the result—made her flex her hips downward on the mattress in mounting excitement. He lifted his other hand and pinched and massaged both nipples at once. She moaned, incredulous as need swiped at her again with a sharp claw.

  As if her moan was his cue, he suddenly knelt by the bed. He took a breast into his palm and slipped a nipple into his mouth, torturing the flesh with his agile, firm tongue and precise suction. Perspiration shone on the valley between her breasts. He swiped his tongue along it before he sucked the other aching nipple into his hot mouth. She laid there, a captive to her own arousal, her breathing growing rough. He switched again, sucking her other nipple into his hot mouth.

  The moment stretched as he awakened her flesh to a state of sharp excitement yet again. She called his name in dazed dissatisfaction when he lifted his head a while later. He calmly reached again into the bedside drawer and withdrew what she recognized as a bullet vibrator. She heard the slight buzz as he turned it on. He reached between her thighs, pressing it against her clit. She cried out sharply as simmering pleasure swamped her.

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