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Van, Becca - Re-awaken Me (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting), page 12


Van, Becca - Re-awaken Me (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

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  “I thank each and every one of you for waking me up inside. For breaking down the walls I had built up around myself. Mason, Randy, Chip, will you marry me?” Pip asked.

  * * * *

  Pip didn’t know what to expect, but to be swept into a hug, all her men surrounding her body, touching and kissing her as tears of joy ran down their own cheeks, was not it. She had never felt so secure and loved in her whole life. And she was determined to enjoy and relish every single moment with the loves of her life.

  She didn’t know whose arms scooped her up until the other two men moved back, allowing their brother to carry her down the hallway to the master bedroom. Chip placed Pip almost reverently on the mattress and followed her down, covering her body with his own as he took her mouth with a kiss so gentle and full of love, more tears coursed down her cheeks. Chip weaned his mouth from hers. She watched as he moved away and began stripping his clothes from his tall, muscular body. Her pussy clenched with unrequited desire as he revealed himself to her. Her eyes moved to the side, and her breath rasped out of her mouth when she saw that Randy and Mason were totally naked.

  “We love you more than anything or anyone else on this earth. Yes, we will marry you, baby. We want to spend the rest of our lives living with you, fighting with you, loving you, and making babies with you. I love you, squirt,” Mason stated then took her mouth with a ravenous hunger. He finally withdrew his mouth from hers. Pip saw Mason move to her side, giving Randy a chance to get close to her.

  “I love you so much, sugar. More than I can ever put into words. It would have killed me if you had walked away from what we could have between us. I can’t wait to begin the rest of our live together,” Randy stated, moisture in his eyes as he stared into hers. She leaned up as he leaned down and gently took her mouth, thrusting his tongue between her lips and teeth, building the fire that had slowly been burning between them all since they had entered the bedroom. He slowly wound the kiss down until he was sipping at her lips and then finally withdrew. He moved to her other side, leaving room for Chip to lean over her body.

  “I have never been in love with anyone in my whole life. Until you. I loved you as a pesky kid, one I loved to tease and torment. But the day you walked back into our lives will be forever in my memory. I will love you beyond my last breath. I never want to let you out of my sight again. Seeing Alex hitting you, hurting you, was like someone stabbing a knife into my heart. I will never, ever let anyone else hurt you if it’s within my power. I love you more than words can ever express. I will look forward to each and every day we get to spend together for the rest of our lives,” Chip stated.

  Pip sighed as Chip leaned forward, wrapping his arms around her waist and drawing her body up against his. He slid his lips over hers, slipping his tongue into the depths of her mouth, sparking her embers of desire. He pulled back from her, removed her clothes, and ran his hands over the length of her back and hips and then slid one arm around to her front. He cupped the weight of one of her breasts in the palm of his hand, and she delighted in the feel of his slightly rough skin against her own. He kneaded one mound and then the other. He slowly left her breasts and smoothed the palm of his hand over her torso and belly until he reached her naked mound. He moved that fraction of an inch lower, lightly touching the pad of his finger over the sensitive, protruding bundle of nerves at the top of her slit. He slid his finger down to her creaming hole, gathering some of her juices, then back up to her clit. He gently swirled the pad of his finger over her clit, enhancing her pleasure.

  * * * *

  Chip felt Pip thrust her hips into his finger and smiled against her neck. He licked his way up and down her throat, paying particular attention to the sensitive spot just beneath her earlobe, as well as the spot where her neck met her shoulder. Her moans of pleasure filled his heart with more love than he thought possible. He set about showing Pip how much he cherished and loved her with his touches and body. His brothers joined him in pleasuring their woman.

  When they had stroked her body to within an inch of her life and they had her on the brink of orgasm, Chip couldn’t stand waiting any longer. He grasped her about the waist and gently lifted her over his lap and rigid cock. He stared into the depths of her eyes as he slowly lowered her onto his hard dick. He joined her moan of pleasure as he filled her depths, her body gloving his rock-hard cock perfectly. He held her still, pulling her hips down with his hands, staring intently into her eyes as Mason prepared her ass for his own penetration. He watched her pupils dilate to their full extent as Mason began to push his hard cock into Pip’s ass.

  He and his brother held still, giving their woman time to adjust to being shoved so full of cock. When she began to rotate her hips, trying to get them to move, Chip knew she was ready for more. He placed a light kiss on her lips then gently turned her face to the side, where Randy was waiting patiently for Pip to be ready for more of their loving. He nearly burst out laughing with joy and love when their woman eagerly lowered her head and sucked his brother’s cock into her mouth. He watched as she got into a rhythm of lowering her head then sucking her cheeks in tight as she slid back up the length of Randy’s cock. When Randy gave him the silent signal, Chip looked over Pip’s shoulder to Mason.

  The sight of his brother’s face twisted as if he were being tortured was the catalyst to unleash his control. The last straw was when Pip clenched her pelvic-floor muscles, squeezing his cock in a firm, hard ripple. He was totally lost. He pulled out and thrust back into Pip’s body, his balls slapping at her ass as the flesh of his abdomen hit against her mound and lower belly. The resonance of their woman moaning out her pleasure around his brother’s cock was the sweetest sound he had ever heard. He and Mason picked up the pace of their pumping hips, their harsh breathing broken by Pip’s mewling and slurping as she sucked Randy’s cock.

  “Pip, I’m gonna come, sugar. If you don’t want a mouthful, pull off now,” Randy rasped out in a gravelly voice.

  Chip couldn’t help but give a chuckle as he watched Randy’s eyes roll back in his head. He knew just what their woman’s sexy little mouth could do to his control. His chuckle turned to a groan as Pip clenched her pelvic floors once more, and Randy’s roar of release drowned out the sound. He knew their woman was close to the edge of her own release, and she was trying to take him and Mason with her. Well, this time he and Mason were with her all the way. Her pussy rippled along the length of his cock, like small waves intent on reaching the shore, each wave larger and stronger than the last.

  “That’s it, darlin’. You’re so close, aren’t ya? I love the feel of your muscles rippling and milking along the length of my cock. Your sweet little cunt is so wet. I can feel your juices dripping onto my balls. Give it all to me, Pip. I want you to come on my cock and drench me with your juices. Oh yeah, darlin’. Give it to me. We’ve got you, we’ll keep you safe. Come for me, darlin’. Now, Pip.” His eyes locked to hers as her internal muscles clamped down hard, released, and clamped again as the wave of her climax shook her body, taking him into the shore with her. He yelled her name as he pushed his cock into the depths of her pussy one last time as the climax washed over him, knowing his brother was with them all the way.

  Pip slumped on him, and Mason leaned on Pip in a tangle of satiated bodies and limbs. He didn’t want to move, and since Mason was so still, he guessed his brother felt the same way. He had a lifetime of loving to look forward to, and he knew the honeymoon part of their relationship would never wane. There was too much love and desire between all of them for the passion to ever diminish.


  Pippa sat down on the swinging bench seat on the back deck, breathing in the clean, crisp, country autumn air. She watched Chip and Randy working on the extension to the house, their torsos naked for her visual delectation, making her cream her panties. She relaxed for a moment, drinking in the sight of her husbands, their muscles rippling as they worked on putting the finishing touches to the wood cladding on the outside of the exte
nsion. If she had her way, she would have unbuttoned her blouse to entice her men into giving her a little loving. But it was not to be. Someone else had other plans for her today, and she had no say in what she wanted.

  Pip let her mind drift back over the last year of her life. She had never been so happy. She’d sold the Shelby News to Nate. Now that she’d been brought back into the land of the living, kicking and screaming, she knew her heart just wasn’t into being the boss of a newspaper. Nate had, of course, been delighted in taking over ownership. A month after the sale of the paper, she had stood up in front of a minister in church and married Chip on paper. Later that evening, she had married her other husbands, pledging her heart and soul to all three of her men, in her estimation in the eyes of God. Their private ceremony had meant just as much to Pippa if not more than the ceremony in the church. The love she had felt had not only been from the men surrounding her. She felt as if the hand of God himself, as well as her parents, had approved of the unconventional relationship the four of them shared together. Pip had never felt so full of joy, hope, love, and peace. She knew it was what was meant to be. She never knew a heart could feel as if it were overflowing with such an abundance of love, and it was still just the beginning. Pip shifted on the seat, grimacing. She was having a damn hard time getting comfortable right now and knew she would have to say something soon, but she didn’t want to disturb the peace, harmony, and love filling her at that moment.

  Pip didn’t know if she’d made a sound or if her men had seen her grimace, but all of a sudden, they were both by her side, their hands stroking over her arms and her burgeoning stomach.

  “Are you all right, Pip?” Randy asked with concern.

  “Are you in pain, darlin’? Do you want me to rub your feet, or maybe your back?” Chip asked as he scooped her up into his arms.

  “Well, that would be nice, but I don’t think any amount of massaging is going to help this time,” Pip stated then tried hard not to laugh when the looks of sheer panic flitted across her husbands’ faces.

  “Randy, call Mason then grab Pip’s bag from the closet. I’ll bring the car up close, and then we can get her settled and be on our way,” Chip stated then took off at a jog, not letting her say anything.

  Pip serenely waited until her husbands finished their tasks and had her safely and comfortably reclining on the backseat of the vehicle before she spoke. “As much as I like ogling my husbands’ rippling muscles, don’t you think you should pull on a shirt so the hospital staff can do their jobs without being distracted by such handsome, hot male flesh?”

  “Shit, get me a shirt, too, Randy,” Chip yelled as Randy leapt from the vehicle.

  Randy was back in moments, flinging a shirt into the front of the vehicle for his brother. He lifted Pip’s legs and feet and slid them onto his lap. He pulled her slip-on shoes from her feet and began to massage her arch.

  Pip wasn’t sure if the massage was supposed to be soothing her or Randy, but the contractions she had been hiding from her men all day were now too intense for her to keep to herself. She groaned as her enlarged uterus contracted, pain shooting into her back and stomach. She knew she had probably waited a bit longer than she should have to inform her husbands of her labor, but she knew what big marshmallows they all were, so had kept her condition to herself until the last possible moment.

  Pip wasn’t surprised to see Mason at the hospital entrance, waiting for them with a contingency of medical staff at the ready. If she hadn’t been in so much pain, she would have laughed. Mason had the midwife and nurses looking like they were waiting for trauma victims rather than a pregnant woman about to give birth. Mason leapt to the back door, opened it, and had her seated in the wheelchair before she had a chance to speak. He wheeled Pip down the hallway to the delivery suite, Randy’s and Chip’s footsteps following closely behind.

  As much as Pippa wasn’t looking forward to enduring more of the escalating pain, she couldn’t wait to bring her baby daughter into the world and hold her in her arms. They had a lifetime to nurture and love the little girl about to enter the world, and Pip knew their baby girl would have her fathers wrapped around her tiny fingers the moment she was born.

  The entourage arrived at the door of the delivery suite, and the medical staff entered the room first, holding the door open for Mason to wheel Pip through. The midwife turned to Mason, a smile on her face as she spoke for the first time since Pip had arrived at the hospital.

  “Who is the husband staying to help Mrs. Sage through the birth?”

  “We are,” Pip’s men answered together.

  Pippa couldn’t stifle her giggle at the look of confusion on the midwife’s face. She decided she would be the one to clear up the confusion, once the latest contraction eased up enough to let her speak.

  “They are all my husbands and the fathers of my child,” Pip stated firmly, her chin held high, as she expected recriminations and intimate questions. She watched as the midwife and nurse looked from one of her husbands to the other, and then both their gazes landed on her. She expelled the breath she didn’t even realize she had been holding when they both smiled at her.

  “You are one lucky woman, Mrs. Sage,” the midwife stated as she bustled around the room, making sure Pip was comfortable.

  “You have no idea,” Pip replied with a smile as she looked at her husbands.

  Pip gave birth to a seven-pound baby girl an hour later. Her men were the best support a laboring woman could have asked for until they held their baby daughter in their arms. Pip sighed and drifted off to sleep. The sight of her husbands melting like marshmallows over an open fire, gazing down at their daughter in their arms, was one of the memories she would cherish for the rest of her life.




  My name is Becca Van. I live in Australia with my wonderful hubby of many years, as well as my children, a pigeon pair, (a girl and a boy). I have always wanted to write and last year decided to do just that.

  I didn’t want to stay in the mainstream of a boring nine-to-five job, so I quit, fulfilling my passion for writing. I decided to utilize my time with something I knew I would enjoy and had always wanted to do. I submitted my first manuscript to Siren-BookStrand a couple of months ago, and much to my excited delight, I got a reply saying they would love to publish my story. I literally jump out of bed with excitement each day and can’t wait for my laptop to power up so I can get to work

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  Becca Van, Van, Becca - Re-awaken Me (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)



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