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Van, Becca - Keira's Wolf Saviors [Pack Law 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting), page 1


Van, Becca - Keira's Wolf Saviors [Pack Law 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

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Van, Becca - Keira's Wolf Saviors [Pack Law 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

  Pack Law 2

  Keira’s Wolf Saviors

  Keira O'Lachlan, a wealthy heiress, is on the run from her brother, who intends to kill her and help himself to her money. Too afraid to leave a paper trail by accessing her bank account, she runs out of cash after about a month on the road. She walks into the Aztec Club in Aztec, New Mexico, and asks about a job.

  She is bewildered and nervous to find herself surrounded by three of the hottest men she has ever seen. Brothers Jake, Greg, and Devon Domain hire her to tend to the club's books, offering her a place to stay in the meantime. Without much choice, and intrigued by the brothers, Keira jumps at the chance.

  Will the three werewolves be able to woo Keira into their hearts and bed? Or will her brother and his cronies succeed in eliminating her?

  Genre: Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves

  Length: 36,128 words


  Pack Law 2

  Becca Van


  Siren Publishing, Inc.

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  IMPRINT: Ménage Everlasting


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  First E-book Publication: January 2012

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  To all the people who love the concept of werewolves. This one is for you.


  Pack Law 2


  Copyright © 2012

  Chapter One

  Keira O’Lachlan was seated in the beat-up bomb she had bought from a used-car salesman two weeks previously, staring at the sign swinging near the door of the Aztec Club, in Aztec, New Mexico. She was so tired her eyes felt sore and gritty. She’d been on the run for over a month now and knew she was at the end of the road. She’d just run out of cash. When she’d fled, she only had the chance to withdraw the daily limit from her bank account, and there was no way she could touch it and withdraw any more now. If she did, then he would know where she was, and she didn’t want that.

  Keira was twenty-two years old and had been living with her older adopted brother since the day her parents had been murdered when she was sixteen years old. She and her brother had never gotten along, but she would never have thought he would stoop so low. She had tried to remain friends with him, but he had made her life a living hell. David had been on the scene for six years before Keira had surprised her parents with her conception. Her mom and dad had believed they would never have children of their own, and when her mom had found out she was pregnant with Keira, of course they had been over the moon. Or so they had told Keira when they were alive. They had been gone for six long years, and she still missed them so much.

  Keira had fifty bucks to her name. It didn’t matter that she had a trust fund left to her by her parents. She couldn’t touch it. If she did, she would be in deeper trouble than she already was. She had traded in her late-model sports car for the old bomb she was currently driving.

  She didn’t want him to be able to find her by running a check of her license plates, so she had ditched the car her parents had bought her for graduation. She had cried a bucket of tears after she had driven away from that car yard. Her heart had ached and still was, after what she’d had to do. And because she had been so scared and desperate to get away and remain hidden, she hadn’t argued over the fact the car salesman had given her a straight swap for her car without adding any cash to the deal. She had just wanted to get away. She had even gone to a chain store and bought cheap clothing off the rack, so no one would know she came from money. Now she was in dire straits, too scared to access her bank account and with nowhere to go.

  Keira grabbed her purse from the seat of the bomb, took a deep breath, and headed into the Aztec Club. She was hungry, and she was going to spend the last of her money on good food, rather than the junk she had been eating.

  Keira pushed open the door and stepped through. The lighting was rather dim, so she stood in the doorway letting her eyes adjust. She then headed over to a small table close to the door and sat down. She could feel eyes on her but tried to ignore them as she perused the menu. After deciding what she’d order, Keira closed the menu and raised her head. She shifted in her seat when she noticed there were mostly males in the club and only a couple of females. She was uncomfortable with all the attention and was just wondering whether she should leave when a large male came to stand in front of her, blocking her view from the rest of the room.

  “What can I get you, honey?”

  Keira looked up, and up some more, until she met the greenest, most translucent eyes she’d ever seen. She squirmed in her seat when she felt her pussy begin to leak juices out to dampen her panties and her clit begin to throb.

  She cleared her throat before she could speak, ordered a Caesar salad with chicken and a black coffee,
then watched as the man walked away from her. He was huge. He had black, collar-length hair, wide shoulders which tapered down to slim hips, and a muscular butt. His legs were long, and she could see his muscles rippling beneath his jeans as he walked away from her. She let her eyes wander to his ass and then up his back. He turned his head, and she felt her cheeks heat as he gave her a grin and a wink. She’d been caught out ogling his butt.

  Keira lowered her eyes to the table and fiddled with the menu. She felt so uncomfortable and out of place here, but she didn’t know what to do. She wondered if the club needed any extra waitstaff, and she planned to find out before she left. She needed money and a place to stay. She had been living in her car since the moment she had left her hometown of Seattle, Washington, and hadn’t looked back since.

  Keira shifted in her seat again. She could still feel them all watching her, and since she had never been on her own, except for the last month, she was scared out of her wits. She wanted to grab her purse from beside her and run. Her nerves were stretched so tight she wondered how she was still functioning. She reached for her purse and was about to leave. She slid to the edge of her seat in preparation to rise to her feet, but she froze as her denim-clad knees collided with a pair of muscular legs.

  “Are you all right, honey? Did you need something else?”

  “No. I’m good,” Keira said and made the mistake of cricking her neck to look up into the man’s face. He was so sexy that she felt her pussy throb.

  “Here you go. Enjoy your meal,” the man said as he placed her food and coffee on the table.

  “Um, I was wondering if you need any staff. I haven’t worked in a place like this before, but I can cook or wait tables,” Keira stated hopefully.

  The man sat down opposite her in the small booth and studied her. She felt his eyes slide over her body and knew she was blushing again. She had always been quick to blush, and the heat in her cheeks let her know whenever she did. She cursed her pale skin and fair coloring. She hated that she was so shy and nervous around strangers.

  “What’s your name, honey?”

  “K–Karen,” Keira replied. “Karen Jones.”

  “My name is Jake Domain. Pleased to meet you, Karen,” Jake said and extended a hand in greeting.

  Keira took his hand and pulled back quickly when she felt warmth tingle up the length of her arm. She felt her breasts swell and her nipples pucker and wondered what the hell had gotten into her. She’d never reacted like that to a man before, and she wasn’t sure she liked it.

  “Why don’t you eat your food, and we’ll discuss what sort of work you can do,” Jake said.

  Keira nodded and picked up her fork. Once she began eating, her hunger took over, and she didn’t stop to talk until she’d finished the last mouthful. She looked up and smiled sheepishly at the man sitting across from her.

  “Sorry, I guess I was hungrier than I thought.”

  “Don’t worry about it, honey. Now that you’re done, why don’t we get down to business,” Jake stated. “Where are you from, Karen?”

  “Washington State.”

  “What are you doing in New Mexico?”

  “Uh, I just wanted to explore the country,” Keira replied, not meeting Jake’s eyes as she lied to him.

  “What did you do before you came here?” Jake asked.

  “Does it really matter?” Keira asked, because she couldn’t think of any answer other than the truth.

  She watched as he leaned back in his seat, his arms folding across his wide chest as he studied her. Keira felt like a bug under a microscope. He was looking at her through narrowed eyes, and she could have sworn she saw his eyes glow. She blinked and looked again. No, they weren’t glowing. I’m just letting my imagination run away with me. Keira sipped the last of her coffee and placed the empty cup back on the table. Jake was making her feel uncomfortable, and she didn’t know where to look. He didn’t seem to have any trouble. He just kept right on staring at her.

  “Do I have lettuce stuck in my teeth or food on my face?” Keira asked irritably.

  She watched as Jake smiled at her. Creases formed near the corners of his eyes, and he had sexy dimples showing at the corners of his mouth. God, he was hot. He was at least six foot three of pure, hard muscle. His biceps bulged, and she had to urge to reach out and run her fingertips over his skin. She wondered what his sinewy muscles would feel like beneath her hands. Keira shook her head and blinked. She couldn’t believe where her mind was wandering. She’d never had this sort of trouble before.

  “If I’m going to hire you, I’d like to know what your skills are,” Jake replied.

  Keira looked down at the table and fiddled with her cup. She was so nervous and horny, she couldn’t stop fidgeting.

  “I’m a bookkeeper,” Keira replied, giving a half truth. In fact, she was a fully qualified accountant, but for some reason she didn’t want him knowing that. Then she realized why. If he had the notion to check on her and ran the false name she’d just given him, he would know she had been deceitful from the start.

  “Are you in trouble? Do you have the law after you?” Jake asked.

  Keira looked up at that question and answered him honestly. “No. I don’t have the law looking for me.”

  “Do you want a refill, honey?” Jake asked, pointing to her empty coffee mug.

  “Please,” Keira answered.

  “Devon, bring the coffeepot,” Jake called.

  Keira noticed the man behind the bar reach for a coffeepot and disappear out the side door, and then he was striding toward her table. He was just as handsome as Jake, but he was even bigger. His hair was a dark brown, and his eyes were hazel. He filled her cup and just stood staring down at her.

  “Devon, this is Karen Jones. Karen, this is my brother, Devon,” Jake introduced.

  Keira shook the proffered hand and flinched as the warmth of his skin sent tingles up her spine. She felt goose bumps break out and pulled her hand back quickly. What the fuck, Keira? Stop being such a slut. How can I be attracted to two men at the same time?

  “I’m pleased to meet you, Devon,” Keira squeaked out as she lowered her eyes. She heard a low rumbling sound and looked back up at Devon. She could have sworn she saw his eyes glow for a minute. Get a hold of yourself, girl. You’re going crazy.

  “The pleasure’s all mine, sweetheart,” Devon replied.

  Keira jumped when Devon placed a hand on her shoulder and nudged her over. She slid into the corner of the small booth and watched as Devon sat down beside her. She felt nervous energy travel through her body and wondered if she was about to snap.

  “So, what are you two talking about?” Devon asked.

  Keira couldn’t prevent her body shuddering in reaction to the deep, gravelly voice which seemed to flow over her and go straight down to her pussy. She crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together, trying to ease the ache in her cunt.

  “Karen was asking about a job. She’s says she’d do anything, but she was a bookkeeper in Washington,” Jake answered his brother.

  Keira jumped when she the door nearby crashed open. She turned her head, and her eyes met the brown ones staring at her, and then she looked at the two Domain brothers. She turned back again and studied the new man. He had similar features to Jake and Devon, and she wondered if he was their brother. He had to be at least six foot six, and he literally bulged with muscles. He pinned her to her seat with his heated stare. She lowered her eyes to the table, picked up her coffee with two hands, hoping the shake in them wasn’t visible, and sipped the dark brew. She didn’t need to look up to know he was standing over their table. He pushed Jake and sat down in the booth. Keira felt so crowded and claustrophobic. She felt her heart give a thump in her chest, and her breathing escalated. She could feel the new arrival’s eyes on her but was too afraid to look up.

  “Karen, this is our oldest brother, Greg. Greg, this is Karen Jones,” Jake introduced.

  Keira peeked at him and gasped as he pinned her with hi
s eyes. His eyes were glowing as he stared at her, and even though she wanted to look away, she couldn’t seem to manage the task. Her brain was fried.

  She watched as Greg reached across the table and took her hand in his. Her hand looked so small and pale engulfed in his massive fingers. She tried to pull away, but he wouldn’t allow it. She looked up again and felt herself drowning in the depths of his now-glowing amber eyes.

  “Pleased to meet you, Karen. I hear you’re looking for work,” Greg said.

  Keira wondered how the hell he knew that. He had only just arrived, so he hadn’t heard the conversation she’d had with his brother.

  “Yes,” Keira squeaked then cleared her throat. “Yes, I am looking for work.”

  “It just so happens we need a bookkeeper for the club. You’re hired, honey. We can even let you stay in one of the rooms upstairs. Where’s your car? I’ll help you get your stuff,” Jake said as Greg stood up.

  “Out the front,” Keira replied. “Thank you for giving me a chance. I won’t let you down.”

  “We know you won’t, baby. Come on, we’ll all help unload and get you settled in,” Greg stated.

  Keira wondered what was with all the endearments. She’d never had anyone call her such things, except for her parents. She was wary of these three men. They seemed too eager to want her around. But her libido was overriding her brain, and she was just too damn curious and turned on to say anything just now.

  Keira sighed as Devon moved from the seat and reached for her hand. He helped her to her feet, but when she tugged to get her hand free he wouldn’t let go. She wondered if she was jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

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