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Van, Becca - Her Norland Warriors (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

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Van, Becca - Her Norland Warriors (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

  Her Norland Warriors

  Jessamine Flanagan is on her way to the resort planet of Paradiso, but she never makes it. After the engines on the spaceship fail, Jess is abducted by the three large warriors who rescue the ship's passengers.

  The warriors who take Jess—Hakon, Dagr, and Loki Sigmund—are the leaders of the raiding party and the southern realm on the planet Norland. Back on their home planet, the huge, sexy warriors claim Jess is their bond mate, but in a world where females are scarce, the men must keep Jess hidden from the other warriors who would claim her as their own. Hakon, Dagr, and Loki must try and convince Jess that her heart and body are safe in their hands—forever.

  Will they succeed?

  Genre: Futuristic, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Science Fiction

  Length: 36,336 words


  Becca Van


  Siren Publishing, Inc.

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  IMPRINT: Ménage Everlasting


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  First E-book Publication: January 2012

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  To Gloria and Jake, the best in-laws anyone could have.



  Copyright © 2012


  Year 2401, Planet Earth

  Jessamine Flanagan sighed with relief when she felt the engines of the large public space transport vibrate beneath her. Finally they were gearing up for flight. She was now twenty-two years old and had spent the last four years of her life working hard in her mother’s antique shop. She had saved every precious bit of money she could get her hands on, determined to have at least one experience of traveling to the famous holiday spaceport of Paradiso.

  Jess had been surprised to find the space transport nearly empty, even if it was early in the week. She’d heard the transports to Paradiso were always filled to capacity. She gave a mental shrug and sat back in her seat, relaxing for the first time in weeks.

  She loved her mom, but she was getting really bored at working such a dead-end job. There was no way she could climb a corporate ladder, and much to her mother’s disgust, she had no ambitions to make a career for herself. Maybe she should have been born back in the olden days of the nineteenth, twentieth or twenty-first centuries, instead of the twenty-fifth.

  Jessamine was different from most of her acquaintances. She was tall at five foot eight, had red hair and a voluptuous body. She wasn’t overweight, but her wide hips and full breasts, with a small waist in between, made her feel insecure, compared to her blond, blue-eyed acquaintances. Jess didn’t really have any true friends. She was such a shy person and had trouble opening up to strangers, but when she was riled, everyone knew to look out. She wished her mom had had the money to have changed her DNA just as her mom’s friends had done. Instead Jess was as natural as the day she had been conceived.

  Jess had never met her father. He had died serving planet Earth in the interplanetary wars, which had been over since the day she was born. Greed and religion always seemed to cause fanatics to stand up for their cause. Jess could understand people having their religion, their faith, but to create war because of their beliefs was just totally wrong as far as she was concerned. Some things never changed no matter what century one lived in.

  Jess kept her eyes closed as her mind drifted. She couldn’t wait for her vacation to start. She’d heard so many wonderful things about Paradiso. She was going to do every activity she could find, because she knew this was her one and only chance to visit the resort space portal. She sat back in her chair and let her mind drift as the space transport finally lifted off. She was finally going on holiday.

  Chapter One

  “Hakon, we have the transport on-screen. There is smoke coming from the engines,” Dagr Sigmund told his brother.

  “Do a scan and see how many people are on board,” commanded Hakon.

  “Scanning complete,” called the automated voice of the First Fleet Ship of Norland, affectionately called One by its crew. “Fifteen females on board Space Transport Five, and five male crew members.”

  “Shit,” Hakon spat. “Fewer people are now traveling to Paradiso since word of our pirating has gotten out into the stratosphere. It’s hardly worth the nanocrystals needed for energy”

  “I agree, brother, but they are lucky we were here. Now we will be able to help them all. If we hadn’t been here, the passengers and crew could be killed if the ship catches fire or they could have ended up floating around in space without ever having been found,” Loki said.

  “I think after helping them out, we should stop our pirating for a while. The stratosphere messages are running rife about our kind. Our race is getting a bad reputation, and I don’t like that. How are we ever going to find mates when other humanoids are afraid of us? We don’t really nee
d to steal anymore. We have more than enough of our own money, and tradition can go to hell,” Hakon grated out.

  “Yes, I think we will have to take a break from raiding, brother. Our followers will be very disappointed since it’s the only way our males have been able to find bond mates. Some have been very lucky to find the one meant for them while out on raids, but I agree. We need to stop our pirating. Plus, I am getting damn sick and tired of traveling,” Dagr agreed with a sigh.

  “Okay, let’s get this baby hooked to our gravity laser. On the count of three—three, two, one, engage. Reel us in, One,” Hakon commanded.

  “Fifty meters, forty meters, thirty meters, twenty meters, ten meters and counting. Locked and depressurized, commander,” the disembodied voice of One stated.

  “Okay, let’s get these people off their ailing ship and out of here before it blows us all to smithereens. See what they have in the cargo hold. Maybe we can salvage some of the goods. Go, go, go,” Hakon commanded as the door slid open.

  Hakon, his brothers, and his men converged through the now-open doors to the space transport, their stun guns on the lowest setting.

  The pandemonium that broke out amongst the passengers was laughable in Hakon’s eyes. He stepped through the airlock and scanned the ship. The crew members were trying to keep the hysterical passengers calm, and they stopped and turned toward him and his followers.

  “Thank you, God.” A male crew member of the public transport stepped forward. “Are you here to help us?”

  “Yes. Get everyone onto our ship as quickly as possible. This baby could blow at any time,” Hakon replied.

  The humanoids were so much smaller than he and his Norland warriors. Norland men were all well over six foot five and were brawny of shoulders, arms, and chests. Pretty much every single inch of them was pure warrior. The crew of the public transport ushered passengers through the airlock with quick, efficient ease, for which Hakon was grateful. A couple of his men had already checked out the cargo hold and informed him there was nothing they would want to steal. Hakon checked to make sure no one was left on board. And then he saw her.

  Hakon’s eyes were drawn to the fiery red hair and lusty smile on the woman sleeping peacefully in her seat. How she could sleep through the alarms shrieking and the screeching passengers was a mystery. He moved forward, determined to get to her before one of his crew members did. He stood over her, looking down, taking in the sheen of fire on top of her head and spilling around her shoulders. She had luscious round breasts, which were straining against her peasant blouse, a tiny waist, and long, slender legs encased in black pants. She was exquisite. He yearned for her to open her eyes. He wanted to know their color. As if that thought penetrated to her mind, her lashes fluttered, and then she was looking at him. She was beautiful. Her eyes were an unusual light green. Her face was so pale, her skin a creamy white. Her lips were a natural coral pink, and her bottom lip was so full, it looked like she had a permanent pout. Hakon felt his cock twitch in his pants as desire raged through his body.

  Hakon held his hand out toward her, hoping she wouldn’t be afraid of him, because he knew in that moment she was their bond mate. He knew just by looking into her eyes and by her scent, even though he hadn’t touched her yet. He held his breath as she reached for him, placing her hand in his.

  “Hello, who are you?”

  Hakon shivered, his whole body tightening at her touch and the sound of her soft voice. He could feel her curiosity and uncertainty beating at him as she waited for him to answer, but he could also feel her body awakening at his touch.

  “I am Hakon Sigmund, and you are?”

  “Jessamine Flanagan.”

  * * * *

  Jess’s eyes traveled over the massive man standing before her. She noted he wore tight black leather pants and heavy black boots. The only covering on his chest was a sleeveless, open, black leather vest. She could see a sword-like type weapon strapped onto his back, the handle sticking up above his wide shoulders. She let her eyes drift down to his chest and studied the runic-like tattoos covering his left pectoral muscle, which disappeared into the leather vest. There was also another tattoo around his bulging bicep. She slid her eyes away from him when she saw movement from her peripheral vision, and noticed many more men dressed in the same fashion of the man standing over her. But what caused her to become alarmed was some of them were directing women from the passenger area of the ship, and then they were gone.

  “What’s going on?” Jess asked uncertainly.

  “We are taking you to our home planet of Norland. Your ship is in trouble. You were lucky we happened to be in the area. We have need to hurry. The ship could blow up any moment. Everyone is already off this ship. Come, I will guide you,” Hakon answered.

  “What…what did you say?” Jess asked, fear creeping into her voice as she noticed the stench of smoke and the lack of crew and passengers.

  “I said…” Hakon began, only to stop when Jessamine held up her hand.

  “I know what you said. Sorry, I was just a bit startled. Lead the way,” Jess replied as she stood up.

  My God, the man is huge. He had to be close to seven feet tall, if not taller, and his chest and shoulders were so wide, she couldn’t see around him. He was looking at her as if she was a meal to be devoured. She backed away slowly, until her butt hit the wall of the space transport. Shit, she was in trouble. She felt her breasts swell and her nipples harden. Her pussy clenched and leaked juices onto her panties. She took a deep breath, gathered her courage, and stepped toward him with her head held high and her back and shoulders straight.

  But as she got closer to him, she felt her body softening even more. Why she baulked and did what she did, she didn’t understand herself. She hurdled over the seats and took off running. She didn’t get very far. She slammed into another immovable object but didn’t fall back on her ass as expected. The mountain grabbed hold of her arms, and she looked up and up and up. Oh shit, another giant of a man. They had to be brothers. They had similar features, the same shoulder-length black hair and aquamarine blue eyes. This man wasn’t as tall as Hakon, but he was just as wide. He smiled down at her, wrapped his arm around her waist, and slung her over his shoulder.

  Jess slumped down over his body as he carried her from the ship, through the airlock, and onto their transport. She berated herself for becoming hysterical, but harangued her body for its unusual response to the giant Hakon and his relative.

  * * * *

  “She is the one, isn’t she, brother?” Dagr said, using his mind speak, portraying his thoughts to both his brothers.

  “Yes. We are lucky we found her today. It could have been many lunar cycles before we could have found our bond mate. If we had not found the ailing ship, she could have died.” Hakon sighed.

  “She is very nervous, but also very brave. She will deal well for our bond mate,” Loki said.

  “Yes, she is very afraid, but look deeper, below her fear. She is also aroused by our bodies. She will suit us and our appetites very well,” Dagr stated with a mental grin.

  “She has no enhancements like many of the other females taken to our planet. I am glad our bond mate is different from all the others,” Hakon stated.

  “I can’t wait to see our bond mate’s naked body. She is so small, but not tiny like all the others. We won’t have to treat our bond mate like she is fragile. We will be able to love her as our females were intended. With unrequited passion,” Dagr declared.

  “Let’s get out of here. We need to get our bond mate home and see that the other humanoids are sent on their way. The sooner we get her used to us and settled, the sooner we can bond with our mate,” Hakon stated.

  Chapter Two

  Jess was sitting in the galley of the ship with the other rescued passengers and crew. They were all talking about the narrow escape they had just had. They had no sooner hit hyperdrive when there had been a bright flash and a loud boom. The public transport she and the others had been on had blo
wn up and was now scattered throughout space. She and the others could all have been dead. They had all been shown the facilities, and Jess had been shown where she could sleep if she was tired. She wasn’t tired, though. She’d already slept for quite a while once they had left Earth’s atmosphere. She was still in shock. She and her fellow passengers had been told by the tall, muscular, handsome Hakon that the Norland men needed bond mates, but she had no idea what that meant, and she’d never even heard of Norland.

  Jess got up and paced restlessly, then walked over to what she hoped was a food and beverage simulator and pushed a button. She sighed with relief and picked up the full cup of liquid. She took a sniff and then a taste. She would swear her eyes rolled back in her head as she tasted the delectable fruity drink. She wandered to the door and meandered her way through the hallways of the unfamiliar ship. She opened another doorway and peeked into a large bedroom. She was curious about this race that she’d had no idea existed. She looked around and, when she saw no one about, entered the room.

  The bed was big enough to accommodate ten people, but she supposed that was due to the gigantic height of the Norland men. She moved about the room, pushing buttons indiscriminately, and jumped back when a concealed door slid open with a whoosh, giving her a fright. The amount of clothes hanging in the hidden cupboard was ludicrous, and they were all the same. Pair after pair of black leather pants and vests. Why would anybody need so many clothes?

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