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Just Like Cats and Dogs (Sanctuary Book 1)

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  He moved off the floor, making sure Gus was covered up, and padded to his wardrobe. He didn’t remember much about last night, but he remembered enough to know he had to leave. Now. Before anyone else got hurt, including him. He found a pair of sweats that had to be from when he was a teenager, pulled them on, and went to do his business. He met Gray in the hallway, the man bruised and bitten. Helena was dressed to go.

  “It’s time, huh?”

  Helena nodded. “Yeah. We don’t belong here.”

  “None of us ever have, but I have to stay.” Gray pulled him close. Sam hadn’t seen Gray in human form so much. Ever. “Brother.”

  Sam nuzzled Gray’s jaw. “Brother.”

  They all stood for a few moments, hugging tight, a close circle of outcasts. Then Helena pulled away. “I’ll go first. Say good-bye to Mom.” She touched his cheek. “You’re going to scar.”

  Sam shrugged. “It’ll make me look rakish.”

  “It’ll make you wear pancake makeup on stage.” Gray was such a bastard.

  “I don’t perform anymore. You know that.”

  “I know.” Gray rubbed noses with him. “Be safe.”

  “You too. Don’t bite at James.” He rubbed cheeks with Helena. “Love you.”

  “Hate you.” Helena winked, kissed him.

  “Bitch.” He smacked her butt. “Go on. I’ll go last, huh?”

  “We’ll both come, soon.” Gray headed for the door, Helena for Mom’s bedroom. He finally got to the bathroom, washed the blood off his cheek. God, it was going to be a good scar.

  He was on his way out when he met a naked Gus on the way into the bathroom, all wild hair and nut-scratching goodness.

  “Bathroom’s open.” He offered Gus a half smile, a nod.

  “Thanks.” Gus smiled too, brushing against him.

  Oh. Warm. That made him purr. Gus vibrated a little but went in and closed the door. When did that man turn into a hottie?

  He went to get his suitcase packed, his shoulder screaming at him, the stitches pulling.

  Gus came back out a few minutes later, wrapped in a towel. “You heading out?”

  “I think it’s safest for Mom, yeah. Helena is going too. Gray will go for a long run.”

  “That sucks.” Gus was looking all earnest and shit. That would never do.

  He chuffed softly, shook his head. “It’s the way the pack is.”

  “I know. Doesn’t mean I like it.” Gus grinned, those sharp canines bright. “Even if I’ve done just the same.”

  Sam grinned. “Tell Pete I said good-bye, huh?”

  “I will. He really likes your sister.”

  “She really likes him. They’ll make pretty pups.”

  “Yeah.” Gus raised a brow. “Not worried what the pack will say?”

  Why would he be? He wasn’t pack. He never would be. “She’s one of you. She changes.” A lot.

  “Yeah.” Gus shrugged, looking so uncomfortable it was funny. “You think there are any clothes around that might fit me?”

  “I bet.” It was sort of sad, really. He needed to go. Now. He found some of Gray’s old clothes, handed them over.

  “Thanks.” Gus glanced up, met his eyes. “You know Pete and Mom will look after your mother. Go on. Go.”

  He nodded, leaned over, nuzzled Gus once, quickly.

  “Good-bye, Sam.” Gus touched his cheek before turning away, and that was that.

  It was time to go.


  Jesus, the traffic in LA was a bitch. A lot of people loved it, saying it got their adrenaline pumping. Gus thought it was like hitting himself over the head with a big stick. Repeatedly. Still, he’d gotten a damned fine price for his double-terminated tourmaline at the gem show, which would keep him traveling for at least six months. That worked for him.

  He had no desire to go home unless it was for the mandatory gathering.

  Sighing, he rolled his head on his neck and headed for the In-N-Out Burger on foot. He was starving.

  There was a tall, lean man in the line in front of him, earphones in, body moving. Pretty.

  Gus watched for a bit, grinning at his body’s predictable response. Yeah, it had been a long while, even longer thanks to Sam. Gus had thought a lot about that pretty puss over the last eighteen years, to the point where getting his one-night stand on had been hard.

  The man’s nose twitched, almost scenting the air, then bright green eyes met his, a distinctive scar crossing the man’s face. Sam.

  “Hey, Puss. I was just thinking about you.” It was the truth, after all.

  Sam grinned at him, chuffing softly. “Gus. It is you. I thought I knew that scent.”

  “Am I stinky?” He might be. He was sporting wood.

  “No. You smell like home.” Sam’s cheeks went red hot, and the kitty looked away, moved up in line. “What the fuck are you doing in California?”

  Gus smiled, moving up a little closer than he should, maybe, feeling Sam’s body heat. “Gem show. You?”

  “Choreographing a television special.”

  Edible. The man was maddening. “Cool. Imagine that, huh?” Gus used to have the urge to kick this man’s ass. Now he wanted entirely different things.

  “Yeah. You here long?”

  “I’m a free agent. I can stay if I need to. How long are you here?”

  “Another ten days.”

  “No shit?” He moved up when Sam ordered, smiling at the girl behind the counter. “I’ve got his too.”

  He thought he felt Sam purr. This was the weirdest situation since… well, since Sam’s dad’s funeral. What was it about this kitty that turned his world upside down?

  “I’d like a triple burger, no fries.”

  “Low-carbing it?” Gus had to chuckle at that. He was going to get two of the biggest burgers himself.

  “Just hungry.” Sam nodded. “Tired of salads.”

  “I bet. LA has to be harsh in your business.”

  Sam grabbed a Styrofoam cup of coffee as he nodded. “A gem show, huh?”

  “Yeah. I was meeting up with a collector. Tourmaline.”

  “That’s a blue one or a green one?”

  “Pink and green. The one that goes from one color to another?” They sat, both of them breathing in the scent of burger.

  “Oh, that’s cool. The collector—are they making something from it?” He could see Sam’s nose twitching, reacting to the mouthwatering smell.

  “I don’t know. It was a big piece. They’ll probably put it in a vault or something.” Gus was a digger. He didn’t really care what people did with them once he delivered and sold. He just liked to haul rocks out of the dirt.

  “How weird.”

  “It’s worth a chunk of change, huh? If they want to squirrel it away, why not?” He dug into his food; why stand on ceremony?

  “I just don’t get putting pretty things away where you can’t play with them.”

  Ah. The kitty was showing. “I bet you have lots of sparkly shit.”

  “You know it. I’m a huge fan.”

  He could just see that long black kitty rolling around in a pile of pillows, batting at stuff dangling from the ceiling. It made him laugh.

  Sam’s eyes twinkled for a second, and then the big burger was engulfed. Chomp. Hungry kitty.

  “You want another one?” He waited to ask until Sam was done licking his fingers, which made Gus’s eyes cross.

  “Nope. That was perfect.”

  Gus loved how Sam said that word. Like Eartha Kitt in Batman. Rowr.

  Then there was the way Sam scented him, like he was a drug. Maybe he was. He wondered what Sam would do if he put catnip in his aftershave.

  “You’re having evil thoughts.”

  “Am I? How can you tell?” He grinned at Sam hugely.

  “You’re awake?” Sam snorted, laughing at him.

  “Oh, you shit.” It was probably true, but still.

  “Now, now, no claws, Puppy.”

  “You’re the one with the cl
aws, Puss.” He glanced down, and all the food was gone. “You wanna go somewhere?”

  “I do. I have one of those long-term hotel suites. I walked over.”

  “Wanna show it to me?” He wanted Sam. Crazy as it was, Gus wanted Sam right now.

  “Let’s go.” Sam stood up, and he followed, like there was a leash tugging his cock. Gus hummed a little, a happy wolf sound. Yeah. Damn. Sam moved like a dream, ass moving side to side, leading him down the street. Gus wanted to howl like one of those cartoon wolves. That was a fucking stunning sight. How the fuck did goofy, gangly Pussy Boy turn into that?

  Gus figured he should just be thankful right now. He could ponder the whole universe thing after. Maybe. He was not much of a ponderer.

  “We’re on the third floor.”

  Sam unlocked the door with his key card, started moving up the stairs. Gus trotted up behind, eyes never leaving that fine ass. Thank God he was sure-footed. It took fucking forever and no time at all to get into the room, the scent of Sam fucking everywhere.

  His whole body shook with the control it took just to reach for the man and not throw him down.

  Sam turned to him, nose twitching. “You smell like sex. Are you going to growl if I pounce?”

  “No.” His hands flexed. “Please do.”

  He didn’t even see Sam move, but suddenly his arms were full of man, his lips covered in a wild, knee-buckling kiss. His back smacked against the door, his breath leaving him in a rush. He held Sam up, lifting a little so they could rub together.

  Fuck. Fuck, he’d never been kissed like he was being devoured. Not until now. Gus held on for all he was worth, letting Sam have him, tasting what Sam had to offer. Yummy.

  Sam was all arms and legs, wrapped around him, clinging to him. Gus broke to breathe but didn’t bother to say anything. He just pulled Sam back in for another kiss, as scorching as the first, and Sam’s tongue flicked inside his lips, moving quickly, fucking his mouth as Gus’s hips started to move, his cock so hard he was starting to ache.

  Sam’s body was like liquid sex, matching his movements, so frigging flexible.

  “Fuck. Could eat you alive.” Oh. Yum. He tossed Sam toward the bed.

  Sam landed gracefully, sprawled out for him, and Gus ate the man up with his eyes, as promised, then moved to start on the clothes. Sam stripped down easy, letting him see the long, lean, scarred body. Gus frowned a little. Scarred. He traced one across Sam’s belly.

  Sam arched, purred.

  “Pretty kitty.” Just for shits and giggles, he bent and licked along the same path.

  “Rowl.” Oh. Oh, that was a hot little sound. Hungry.

  He blew a stream of air across Sam’s belly button. He watched those muscles quiver. He wanted to know if Sam would buck if he scratched the small of the man’s back. Damn. He couldn’t wait to find out. He flipped Sam like a cheese omelet and got his fingers down under the waistband of Sam’s jeans. And he scratched.

  “Gus!” Sam’s ass went up, back arching impossibly, and the man’s fingers clawed the bed.

  Hot spot. Woo and hoo. Gus scratched harder, watching the gyrations with glee.

  “Fuck. Fuck….” The scent of pure male need hit his nose, made him want to howl.

  “You. God. Sam.” His cock jerked, his balls drawing right up, and he wasn’t even naked yet.

  “Yes….” Sam twisted, that mouth landing on his again while those hands tore at his clothes.

  “Shit.” He ended up on his back on the bed without any clue how it had happened so fast. Sam had his cock out of his fucking jeans, that tongue lapping at him, just a little too hard to be comfortable.

  “Sam.” The single word came out broken, Gus’s breath hitching.

  Too green for color TV eyes sparkled for him, then his cock was engulfed in blazing wet heat, and Gus shouted, his hips jerking before Sam grabbed them to keep them still. He tangled his fingers in Sam’s hair, panting. Everything about Sam was “too”—too hot, too rough, too good, too much. Good thing Gus could be a man of excess. Damn. He fucked Sam’s mouth, that sandpaper tongue making him dance.

  Sam took every fucking inch of him, lips wrapped around the base and pulling hard. Gus pushed up and up, his belly like a board, his cock like stone. He was just gonna blow.

  One hand palmed his nuts, pushed them, rolled them, and that was all she wrote. Gus heard his growl ring through the whole room and hoped to hell no one called animal control. Hotels could be dicey when he was having the kind of night he was now.

  Sam’s deep purr was lower, softer, but it vibrated all around his cock.

  “Oh God. Sam. Puss. What do you need?” He stroked the soft dark hair, his fingers moving idly.

  “Touch me. More.” Sam nuzzled and licked his way up.

  “Yeah. I can do that.” He could so do that. He stroked Sam’s skin, learning its texture, the heat of it.

  The sounds Puss made were fucking amazing, almost as good as watching Sam writhe. There was something about the way Sam moved, about how starved he was for touch. Poor kitty. The man was covered in scars—old ones, new ones, scratches, bite marks—not that Sam let him explore any one for long, the way Sam moved. Gus let his hands follow them, though, like connect the dots. God. Smooth where there were no scars. There was a tiny line of silky hair above the long, curved cock.

  His fingers felt damned rough in return, his calluses catching on the short hairs. Fuck. Look at Sam move.

  “Mmm-hmm.” Sam vibrated with purrs.

  Gus finally wrapped his hand around Sam’s cock, jacking it a little, feeling the length and width of it. Fucking A. Pretty.

  “Oh. Good hands. So good.” Sam’s hips moved like the man was hearing music. Dancing. That was cool. Gus watched, tightening his grip a little, moving from tip to base and back again.

  Those muscles rippled, jerked and danced as Sam fucked his fingers.

  “I—Jesus.” He pushed down with his free hand, pressing his palm up against Sam’s balls.

  Sam bucked, heat shooting up between them. Puss was wild, lost in pleasure, eyes wide, and Gus couldn’t imagine how anyone on earth could resist this man. Gus moaned, bending to taste Sam’s come, just to see how different it might be.

  Spicy. Sam was wild, spicy. Fucking hot.

  Gus groaned, his cock already recovered, the smell of Sam making him need, making him ache, and he pressed down for a full body rub. Sam hummed, nuzzled into him, and started grooming him, tongue sliding over his chin, his jaw.

  “Hey, now.” That felt good, but Gus had to admit he needed more.

  “Hmm?” Sam rolled him, mouth on his belly. Gus stiffened for a moment, but there was no malice in it, no intent he could find beyond pleasure. The purring got louder, Sam’s body rubbing against his.

  “I need, man. I need you to touch me.” He took Sam’s hand, putting it where he wanted it.

  “Still needing?” Sam’s hand was sure, the touch firm and so fucking warm.

  “Yes.” He bucked a little, the feeling huge, amazing. He thought he might just explode.

  “Smells so good.” Sam’s hand worked him, tugging all along his prick.

  “Want. I… wow.” The word didn’t begin to describe it. Sam was focused, curious, exploring him thoroughly, and Sam nodded, kept up that steady, slow pressure.

  Gus couldn’t keep his eyes open. He squeezed them closed, his jaw hard, his teeth gritting. Sam’s free hand slid over his thigh, spreading him a little wider. His belly sucked in, his cock jumping, and Gus let Sam touch him in places where no one else had in a very long time.

  “Good.” Sam bent low, nose tracing his abs, almost tickling him.

  He shook a little, both with laughter and need. “Don’t tease the savage wolf, Sam.”

  “Teasing assumes I won’t blow your mind, Gus.”

  “I’m ready to be blown.” Wait. Had they done that already?

  “Good.” That was a satisfied little smile, Sam’s tongue finding the tip of his cock again, licking almost med
itatively, and Gus chuffed, remembering Puss’s fascination with gnawing his tail just so.

  “You make me feel that way, yeah.” Sure, he’d always been able to go at a moment’s notice, but this was special.

  “Won’t hurt you.” Sam touched him, so light that his body ached for more.

  “I know. I know, man. I’m just—” Not used to it? A wolf?

  The touch moved away, and Sam focused on his cock again, fingers pressing him down into the mattress. He made this noise that was half growl, half whine. He couldn’t ever remember needing like this. Sam’s fucking tongue was going to make him lose his mind, make him lose his humanity. He curled up around Sam’s head, panting, holding on by a string. When that lightning quick tongue slapped the tip of his cock, it burned all the way down.

  Gus shouted, his body buzzing like he’d touched a live wire, and he shot over Sam’s face, as uncontrolled as a kid.

  “You’re damned good at that, you little tease.” Gus felt like a million bucks.

  God, those eyes were dancing. Laughing at him.

  “How do you feel about snuggling, Puss?” He was a fan, and he was ready.

  “I’m a cat. I nap like a master.”

  “I bet you do.” Gus pulled Sam up, wrapping both arms around the man. “Let’s catch some zees, then.”

  Sam purred softly, nuzzled his collarbone, then went boneless, melting against him. He stroked Sam’s spine, listening to what sounded like purrs. Weirdly hot.

  Everything about this man was weirdly hot.

  If he was smart, he’d run.

  Too bad he wasn’t real bright. Not real bright at all.


  Sam woke up wrapped around a warm, naked, bare body.



  He’d lost his fucking mind. Good Lord.

  He chuffed softly, nose buried against Gus’s skin.

  “Mmm. Tickly.”

  The man smelled good. Better than tuna. That was something. He liked tuna a lot.

  “Hey. Good—” He peered at the clock—3:00 a.m. “—morning.”

  “Hey. It is good.” Gus stretched a little, and it was like floating on a bumpy raft.

  “Mmm-hmm. You have to leave early? It’s my day off.”

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