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  “Instructor!” Luo Feng yelled in greeting.

  “Come here” Instructor Jiang Nian laughed, “I can’t believe you’re so fast. You’ve already reached what is required for a fighter. Let me introduce you, this is your senior, Yan Luo. Yan Luo, there’s no problem with telling him your name right?”

  “Nope” Yan Luo looked at Luo Feng and nodded, “This young man has already reached the fitness requirement for a fighter at such a young age. Maybe, in the future, we’ll have some sort of interaction”

  Jiang Nian looked towards Luo Feng and laughed: “Luo Feng, since you’re 18, you must’ve taken your high school exams right. Ignore the results of that, what’s the point of going to school? Just focus on taking the ‘Prospective Fighter’ exam. Oh yea, on July 1st, go to Tang Yang Zhou city’s Dojo of limits to take your prospective fighter exam. With your current strength, you’ll pass easily”

  “High school exams?” Yan Luo laughed, “Don’t waste your time in college. You have nice talent. No matter what you do, you must put your all into it. Right now, you must put all of your concentration in martial arts. Kiddo, when you become a fighter, join our dojo of limits. You’ll have a future by doing so.”

  These two fighters all held extremely high positions. The rich and the politicians of society were nothing to them.

  They were looking forward to young Luo Feng joining their ranks.

  Volume 1 Chapter 9: The Rights of a Fighter (part 1)

  *Different types of currencies are starting to be mentioned so I’ll write them out from now on. The ones that have been mentioned so far are, ‘Earth dollars’ and ‘Chinese dollars’.

  *A ping is 3.3 sq meters

  “Yan Luo is right!” Jiang Nian looked at Luo Feng and said earnestly, “Luo Feng, you improve at a very fast speed. In our Zhi-An region’s Dojo of Limits, you are probably the quickest learner as of now. You entered my Dojo of Limits at the age of 16. Now you’re 18 and you have already reached the boundary of a fighter. If you go to college and waste your energy there, waste four of your years there, then that would truly be a crime!”

  “You must know that you improve the quickest from age 16 to age 30. The older you get, the harder it gets” Jiang Nian said seriously.

  The four years of college are indeed the easiest period for a fighter to train himself.

  Wasting these four years to study, from a fighter’s point of view, is indeed a big sin.

  “Uh…..” Luo Feng was a bit stunned.

  God, looks like my exam failure wasn’t so bad after all.

  “Luo Feng, when you officially become a fighter, how about you join my Dojo of Limits?” Jiang Nian smiled, “as long as you become a fighter for my dojo, I’ll arrange a special private villa just for you. Of course, you can’t sell it. You’ll also have a salary of at least twenty thousand Chinese dollars per month”

  “A private villa just for me? A starting salary of twenty thousand Chinese dollars?” Luo Feng took a breath.

  Twenty thousand wasn’t much, but a private villa was way too extravagant.

  As of now, China has only six human headquarters in total. In other words, six major cities. Land is extremely valuable and precious, so a villa would have an extremely high tax imposed on it. One ping in a regular home would cost tens to hundreds of thousands. This led to many people living in cheap rental homes.

  Regular homes are already so expensive. A ping in a villa or mansion would costs a couple hundred thousand Chinese dollars.

  And private villas, as of now, are all restricted by countries. You can’t just live in them with money alone. You must have money, power, and a special position to be able to live in one. Considering the gigantic tax, one ping in private villa would cost millions.

  “A small private villa would be around 300 ping, which is easily 200 to 300 million” Luo Feng held his breath, “Even though I’m not allowed to sell it, but for a family to live in that private villa would make being born on this world worth it”

  Two or three billion, so what?

  Zhang Hao Bai’s father, a tycoon, probably would never be able to live in a private villa like this.

  “Luo Feng, my dojo’s privilege’s aren’t too different from the country’s special forces” Jiang Nian laughed, “The special forces’ fighters have a decent salary and special homes. The only thing they have that we don’t is a ‘Killing License’, which allows them to kill any regular person if the situation calls for it. Of course, they aren’t allowed to just randomly kill people, for they still have report the situation to the higher ups”

  “‘Killing License’?” Luo Feng heard of it before, that the special forces’ fighters have the right to kill someone.

  “However, our dojo also has special rights. If any regular person messes with you, you can report it to the dojo. After the dojo’s investigators confirm the situation, they’ll go through the Jiang-Nan security department and immediately bring that person away” Jiang Nian laughed, “If you join our dojo, you’ll have money, position, everything! You can chase towards the limits of humanity all you want! The dojo of limits!”

  Jiang Nian pointed to Yan Luo beside him: “This is my disciple Yan Luo, who just recently killed a monster and earned nearly a hundred million earth dollars for it. If you convert it, then that’ll be around three hundred million Chinese dollars. If you work hard, with your talent, I’m sure reaching his level is not impossible”

  Luo Feng was dumbfounded.

  My gosh…..

  Just by killing one monster would net you so much money? Just what level of a monster did he kill?

  “Luo Feng, keep working hard. You’re truly talented, so don’t disappoint” Jiang Nian smiled and patted Luo Feng’s shoulder.

  “Kiddo, no matter what, don’t relax, for I believe that you have a chance to become a Warrior-level fighter. At that time, money, position, beauties. You’ll have everything!” Yan Luo laughed a bit, “At that time, I’ll be glad to go hunt some monsters with you. Haha…..” After saying that, the two fighters Jiang Nian and Yan Luo laughed as they left.

  Luo Feng was standing in the training hall, his thoughts in a mess.

  No matter if it was instructor ‘Jiang Nian’ or the mysterious red haired youth ‘Yan Luo’, Luo Feng could feel some sort of recklessness in their laughs and talks. Some sort of wildness!

  “Recklessness, wildness?” a smile started to emerge on Luo Feng’s face, “Yea, men should be reckless on this world and create their own path! The strongest fighter on earth said before, a soldier who doesn’t want to become a general is not a good soldier. A fighter who doesn’t want to become the best fighter, doesn’t have the heart of a fighter”

  “What’s the point of living your life with your hands and feet tied?”

  “You should create a sky shaking, earth shattering way for yourself!”

  18 years old is when the value of your life starts to stabilize. After meeting instructor ‘Jiang Nian’ and the mysterious fighter ‘Yan Luo’, Luo Feng’s thoughts completely changed.

  “I’ll do it!”

  “The strongest fighter, ‘Hong’, the second strongest ‘Thunder Lord’, created the Dojo of Limits and the Thunder Dojo, respectively. Even the five great countries have to treat them as equals. If they can do it…… then couldn’t a third person do it too?” Luo Feng smiled as he walked out the training hall.

  Boys have dreams, so go chase them!

  Youth is your capital!

  Youth represents the infinite possibilities that the future holds! Everything depends on your own hard work, FIGHT!

  Chapter 9: The Rights of a Fighter (part 2)

  June 28th, noon, bright sky.

  Luo Feng and Wei Wen were walking towards the third high school. Today is graduation day where they receive their graduation diplomas and acceptance application forms.

  “Feng, are you sure you can pass the ‘Prospective Fighter’ exam?” Wei Wen couldn’t help but to exclaim.

  “Yep, on July 1st,
I’ll go to Yang Zhou city’s dojo of limits headquarters——Limit Hall,to take my exam” Luo Feng smiled。

  In front of them was school.

  Luo Feng looked at the school yard ahead of him and saw a bunch of students. As he looked, he felt like his attitude has changed: “Hm? I used to think of myself as one of them. But now, I feel like we’re in two different worlds. They will go to college, work hard in their job, and have a family”

  “But my path is different from theirs” Luo Feng and Wei Wen entered the school and split up to their respective classes.

  Walking in the school hallway.


  “Luo Feng brother” A few other senior students warmly greeted Luo Feng.

  “I heard that when Luo Feng was taking his high school exam, he fainted in the exam room”

  “That’s too bad, fainting in the exam room” A bunch of people looking at Luo Feng from afar were discussing in a quiet voice.

  Luo Feng’s fitness level has already reached the level of a fighter. His excellent hearing allowed him to hear every word of the students’ discussions.

  Senior (5) class is Luo Feng’s class.

  “Luo Feng’s here”

  “Brother Luo” There were quite a few students already there and they all warmly gave their greetings.

  Luo Feng laughed and nodded.

  Most of these old students have a decent relationship with Luo Feng, but some of them dislike Luo Feng. They act warm, but there are still some old students in a corner quietly discussing: “Luo Feng’s grades were so good, and he’s an elite member. Who could’ve thought that such a thing would happen; fainting in the exam hall. Such bad luck”

  “This is life, who can you blame?”

  In the past, Luo Feng was the class’s most favored person.

  Good grades and skilled in martial arts. Now that such a thing has happened to this genius, many of the ordinary students will have a moment of happiness! Even though they are in a decent relationship with Luo Feng, humans feel happy when they see someone who was so brilliant in the past fall down. Thinking——Even you have these kinds of days!

  “Handing out diplomas, handing out diplomas. And acceptance application forms. Everyone come get them” The three class officers held the diplomas and application forms and walked towards the podium.

  “Wang Yin”

  “Liu Xia Long”

  The officers yelled everyone’s names one by one and handed out the diplomas and application forms.

  “Luo Feng!” Following this sound, the entire classroom became silent. Virtually everyone’s gazes landed upon Luo Feng.

  Everyone knew that Luo Feng fainted in his exams.

  All you need to know to find Luo Feng’s grades is his ID and examination certificate, which aren’t a secret. Students have checked his grades long ago and knew that he missed the dividing line by four points.

  “Luo Feng” Class Officer Qu Lin handed the diploma and acceptance form to him.

  “Feng, Feng, let’s go” Wei Wen was standing in front of the class entrance.

  “Wait for me” Luo Feng easily rolled up the acceptance form and threw it into the trash.

  The originally loud class immediately quieted down!

  Every student in the class froze. This is the acceptance form you fill in after exams! Who would dare throw that away?

  At this time, a ‘Ma Que Ban’ girl yelled out of shock: “Luo Feng, how could you throw that away? You aren’t going to fill in your acceptance form?”

  “How could Luo Feng become a specialist. I guess he’s going to redo a year and take the exam again next year” Discussions and debates immediately fired up.

  Wei Wen, who was standing at the entrance, glared: “Become a specialist? Redo? You guys can figure this out, Feng is going to take the ‘Prospective Fighter’ exam, why take some bullshit specialist class or even redo?”

  “Don’t say so much, let’s go”

  Luo Feng pulled Wei Wen and left with him.

  The students all said at once, What? Prospective Fighter exam?

  “Luo Feng’s going to take the Prospective Fighter exam? For real? He isn’t that good is he”

  “I guess that Wei Wen was just bluffing. Luo Feng just became an elite member last year, how could he take the Prospective Fighter exam this year?

  Subconsciously, none of the students were willing to believe that Luo Feng has achieved the fitness level of a fighter.

  A fighter…….

  That is a supernatural existence.

  Volume 1 Chapter 10: The Prospective Fighter exam (part 1)

  “Dad, Mom, I’m going to the city’s ‘Dojo of Limits’, so I might not come back to eat lunch today” Luo Feng stood up after drinking a large bowl of gruel and eating three pieces of bread, “Just wait today for my good news today. After I pass the exam, I’ll call right away”

  Gong Xin Lan laughed and then glanced at Luo Hong Guo: “Hong Guo, did you hear that? You better have your cell phone on you at all times, or Luo Feng might not even be able to contact you”

  “I’ll be sure to bring my cell phone” Luo Hong Guo laughed.

  “Ok, I’m leaving now”

  Luo Feng winked at Luo Hua, who laughed and gave a thumbs up in return.


  Early in the morning, Luo Feng left the small Southern shore region and road the #11 subway line to ‘Zhong-An road station’ and then transferred to Yang Zhou city’s center region. After leaving the subway station, he walked for ten minutes before arriving at Yang Zhou’s Dojo of Limits headquarters——Limit Hall。

  Luo Feng left home at around 6 AM. By the time he arrived, it was already almost 8 AM.

  “This is the legendary Ming-Yue sector?” Luo Feng stood in front of the huge door in the quiet sector. This sector’s name is ‘Ming-Yue sector’ and is where the Limit Hall is located.

  “This man, this is the Ming-Yue sector, don’t come close”

  Just at the small sector’s entrance, there was a row of six soldiers wearing their uniforms and holding real guns and ammo. You can tell from one look at their uniforms….. that they aren’t part of the police, but part of the army. One of the soldiers shouted: “Sir, please stand back. Once you enter the yellow lined area, we have the right to shoot and kill you on the spot!”

  “Just like the legends” Luo Feng thought to himself in his heart.

  Ming-Yue sector in Yang Zhou is where the Dojo of Limits’ headquarters is located!

  Not only is the Limit Hall here, but also many fighters’ homes.

  “According to the rumors, the people that live here are the fighters and their families! Even the police don’t have the right to come in as they please” Luo Feng marveled in his heart.

  “Everyone” Luo Feng stood at the small sector’s entrance and spoke, “I am the Dojo of Limits’ elite member ‘Luo Feng’. I came here today to take the Prospective Fighter exam”. The Limit Hall holds the Prospective Fighter exam on the first day of every month.


  From the guardsman’s lounge an old, bald man walked out with a computer in his hand, “Young man, you came quite early, it isn’t even 8 AM yet. Taking the Prospective Fighter exam at such a young age, your future is limitless. Ok, let me check your ID and elite member ID”

  Luo Feng handed them over.


  A message came up on the computer’s display after scanning the identifications.

  “18 years old?” This old, bald man looked at Luo Feng in shock and then laughed, “Brave enough to take the Prospective Fighter exam at 18 years old. Not bad, I hope you pass it today”

  “Thank you sir” Luo Feng replied.

  “Let him in” The old, bald man waved his hand.

  The small sector’s electronic door opened automatically. At this time, a soldier holding an assault rifle stepped forward and followed Luo Feng: “Sir, I will bring you to the Dojo of Limits. After you enter the sector, please do not run around
! You only have the right to enter the Limit Hall and not the fighters’ homes. If you break this rule, even if I don’t make a move, the people patrolling the area will” This soldier even sneered at Luo Feng while telling him this.

  “Of course” Luo Feng slightly smiled and nodded, but was surprised inside.

  There indeed was a cooperative relationship between the country and the Dojo of Limits. At least the core of the Dojo of Limits will be heavily protected and guarded.

  “Wow, every building is a private villa” Luo Feng looked around. Except for the center of the sector, which was the large, tall Limit Hall tower, everywhere else was a private villa. Between the villas were fake mountains, pools, and lawns.

  Chapter 10: The Prospective Fighter exam (part 2)

  Ming-Yue sector, inside the Limit Hall. Right when Luo Feng stepped inside the lobby of the Limit Hall, the soldier went back.

  “Sir, are you here to take the Prospective Fighter exam?” Inside the hall, a beautiful young woman smiled, “Sir, please sit over there. When it’s 10 AM, take the exam with the others.”

  Luo Feng nodded and walked towards the side of the lobby. There was a small bar there with a waiter and a bartender.

  “Hm?” Luo Feng scanned the spots and saw that there were already three people sitting at the bar.

  Two of them were having a discussion while the other one was sitting silently on a sofa.

  “Look at all of those villas. That is the benefit you get from joining the Dojo of Limits as a fighter” A young man wearing a white shirt and pants said, “As long as you become a fighter and join the Dojo of Limits, you’ll get a free villa and you’ll be able to live here….. Heh, look at this environment, it’s so comfortable”

  “Of course the fighter sector is different from all the other sectors outside. Look, a new person is coming” The three people saw Luo Feng. Luo Feng slightly nodded and sat on the sofa at the side.

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