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Unbearable Passion - Total Abandonment: Billionaire Erotica Romance (Unbearable Passion series Book 4)

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Unbearable Passion - Total Abandonment: Billionaire Erotica Romance (Unbearable Passion series Book 4)

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  Book 4—Unbearable Passion

  Total Abandonment

  By: Scarlett Avery

  © Scarlett Avery 2014

  ISBN: 978-0-9938604-3-0


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  Book 4—Total Abandonment

  Chapter 1

  We stand in the middle of the Vegas airport unable to detach ourselves from each other.

  We’re both about to board our flights back home. Bryce is returning to Silicon Valley to open the New York office and move some of his personal belongings into his new home in the Big Apple. He promises he’ll be back in New York within the week and I hope nothing forces him to stay away from me for longer.

  We hear the last call for my flight and we both know we only have a few more minutes together. He smiles at me like a boy with a new toy as he brings my hand to his lips. “It’s only for a few days. You’ll see, I’ll be back in New York in no time.” He kisses me, a deep, lustful kiss that awakens my desire for him. “I love you,” he says, as he kisses the tip of my nose before resting his forehead against mine. “There’s something I think we should talk about before you go back home.”

  “What is it?”

  “Sofia, I don’t want you to continue working for Todd. I’ll rip someone’s head off for sure if another guy fucks you. I don’t know if I can ask this of you, but I can’t stand the thought of someone else touching you.” He curls his lips in a menacing way.

  “I don’t want any other hands touching me but yours.”

  “I know you might not be ready to let me know who caused you to take a position at the escort agency, and I understand you might need the money, but what if there was another way out of your situation that didn’t involve working for Todd?”

  “I’m capable of much more, but working for Todd was the fastest way out of my situation,” I reply with a pang of sadness at the fact I allowed things to get so out of hand in my life that sex for hire was the only way out.

  “Listen, I know first-hand how smart you are. Let’s find another, much more creative profession for you that doesn’t involve you having to put anyone’s cock in your mouth other than mine.”

  I can’t help but smile.

  “Seriously, Sofia. I may have paid for your service the first night we met, but we both know now I belong to you. You own my heart. You always have and you always will. You own me so bloody completely I had to keep buying your services and book you as many nights in a row as I could because I wasn’t going to let another guy touch you. You’re mine and I’m all yours.”

  He loves me. He really loves me!

  “I’m going to miss you, Bryce.”

  “We’ll be in touch every day this week. I promise. Now go on before you miss your flight and I’m forced to take you with me to Silicon Valley.”

  I run to get on my flight and only dare to look behind me once. He’s standing there watching and waves. I love him so much. This is going to be the longest week of my life.

  I feel like I’m walking on air during my first twenty-four hours back in New York. I’ve played our conversation over and over in my head and I have to pinch myself to confirm I’m actually awake. It feels more like a dream than reality to me still.

  I’m not sure what the future will look like, but I feel confident enough to walk into Todd’s office the next morning and announce I won’t be working for him any longer.

  “I’m not surprised. The way Bryce reacted to you from day one clearly indicated this was more than an arrangement. I’ve been doing this long enough to know when a man falls for a woman,” Todd says, as he shrugs his shoulder and waves his hand as if to brush something away from his face.

  “I want to thank you. You were patient with me and willing to give me a big client who turned out to be an incredible man,” I reply.

  “Listen, honey, if you need to, don’t be shy to call. Both Bryce and Dennis had incredible things to say about you. I know it’s wishful thinking on my part, but I want to keep the door open for you.”

  I gesture for him to lean down, kiss him on the cheek and hug him with all my strength.

  “You’re a great man, Todd.”

  “You’re pretty awesome yourself, kiddo. Now get out there and make this ma
n very happy,” Todd replies, as he hugs me tight.

  I spend the next two days running around tying up loose ends and sorting my affairs. Thank God, I’m able to use the generous amount of money Dennis paid me to taper off my financial hemorrhage. By the end of the second day, I’m physically and emotionally spent, but I’m so grateful because things are finally looking up in my life.

  After a light dinner and a long hot bath, I crawl into bed hoping I’ll be able to catch Bryce since we haven’t had a chance to speak to each other for a few days. I rest my head on my pillow and close my eyes to rest for a few seconds when my real phone rings. I recognize its distinctive ring tone and decide I’m just going to let it ring when I suddenly remember that I gave Bryce my actual number before we left the Vegas airport and this explains why I keep missing him. I jump out of bed and run across the hall to snatch the phone from the desk in my office.

  “Hello?” I answer.

  “Playing hard to get?” Bryce’s voice is rich and soothing, like a glass of aged rum. “I thought you were avoiding me. You kept texting me from your other phone, but since you gave me this number in Vegas, I responded on this phone.”

  I’m such an idiot.

  “Bryce, I totally forgot. It’s been a busy few days. I’ve missed hearing your voice. How are you?”

  I can’t hide my grin. I’m secretly pleased he’s tried so hard to reach me.

  “I’m good. I’m packed and nearly ready to come back to New York. I have my initial team ready to move the second my assistant finds us an office. I’m counting the days.”

  “Guess what?” I ask, excited to share the good news about Todd.


  “I met with Todd yesterday and told him I wouldn’t be working for him any longer. I’m not sure what I’ll do next, but I’m not sure I can be with another man and then be with you.”

  “Good girl. I’m happy to hear that, baby. How did he take it?”

  “He took it well and wished me the best.”

  “Awesome. I’ll be in New York in a few days and we’ll figure something out. I know tons of influential people,” Bryce says confidently. “How was your day?”

  For some reason his question arouses me. “I just took a long hot bath to help me forget how busy the last few days have been and how much I miss you.”

  “I can’t tell you how much I’d rather be lying next to you instead of being surrounded by all these packing boxes.”

  “I’d like nothing better.”

  “What are you wearing?”

  I look down. “An old tank top that’s too large to fully hide my breasts, so my boobs are swinging in the wind. Too bad you’re not here to cup them,” I say, knowing I’ll get a reaction from him.

  “So you’re going to play me like that, are you?”

  “Well, you asked,” I say, as I turn on the speakerphone so I can free up both hands.

  “I guess I did. Are you only wearing a tank top?”

  “Yeah. I was in bed with my eyes closed thinking of you when you called. I’d planned on touching myself as I relived our Vegas getaway.”

  “Hmmmm. Why don’t I help? Spread your legs, Sofia.”

  I contort my body in order to quickly remove my boxer shorts. There was no point ruining his fantasy.

  “Don’t touch yourself yet,” he interrupts. “I want to be the one guiding you.”

  “I’m all yours,” I say, my heart beating a mile a minute as I become aroused by our conversation.

  “I’m kissing your neck in that sensitive spot that turns you on so much.”

  “Oh, yeah…”

  “My hands are teasing your breasts. I’m squeezing your nipples as I kiss your mouth. Do you like the way it feels?”

  “It feels amazing.”

  “I grab your breast with one hand as I bite your other nipple. I love your big boobs. Mmm… You’re making me so hard.”

  I grab the sheets to help tame my burning desire.

  “I wish you could feel how hard my cock is right now. I want to feel your full lips around my penis.”

  “I want your cock deep inside my mouth.”

  “I know you do, baby. You’re so good at sucking my cock.”

  “I love sucking your cock. It turns me on and makes me wet.”

  “Are you wet right now?”

  “Do you want me to touch myself and let you know how wet I am?”

  “Bad girl. You know I’m going to have to punish you for your cocky response?”

  “Oh, no, what are you going to do to me?”

  “My mouth is moving down and now I’m kissing your soft stomach as I’m caressing your beautiful thighs. Your skin is so soft and you smell so good.”

  “Oh, Bryce, I love feeling your strong hands all over my body.”

  “I’m kissing the inside of your thighs now with slow gentle kisses. I’m moving closer… closer… And now my mouth is kissing your pussy. I push open your legs with my hands to play with your hard clit.”


  “Make me come with your mouth.”

  He does that so well.

  “Slow down, baby. I’m not there yet. Touch your clit. Is it as hard as I think it is?”


  Fuck, I’m so turned on.

  “Good. I love it when I feel your hard clit against my tongue. I’m licking and gently sucking that your hard little spot of yours. You’re so wet. Ergh, you taste so fucking good.”

  “Please make me come,” I beg, as I play with my hard node.

  I can’t take this anymore.

  “Not yet. I want to make you come, but I also want to feel your warm mouth around my cock while I eat your pussy and suck on your clit.”

  “Mmm… Your cock is so hard and so fucking beautiful,” I pant. “I’m squeezing the tip with my lips and I can taste your sweet nectar. I love how slippery you feel against my lips.”

  “Oh, fuck, stop teasing me,” he groans. “Take my cock in your mouth, baby, and suck me dry.”

  “Ahhhh. Ohhh. Ahhhh,” I moan, as my body begins to tremble uncontrollably.

  “You suck my cock so well.”

  Fuck, I need to come.

  “Pound your cock to the back of my throat. Pound me faster!” I feel like I’m in a hot sauna. My body begins to spasm as I massage my clit vigorously. “Come in my mouth, Bryce. Ohhh, fuck,” I let out as my body quakes with a mind-blowing orgasm.


  Bryce is silent on the other end, but I can hear his heavy breath through the speaker.

  “That’s almost as good as being inside you,” he says, as I pick up the phone.

  “Are you still moving here at the end of the week?” I know from our past history unpredictable circumstances can keep him trapped in Silicon Valley.

  “Yes, I am. I’ve made arrangements and unless the President of the United States himself requests me for a top covert operation meeting, I’ll be by your side in New York in a few days.”

  I want to be excited, but until he’s here lying next to me, there’s still a chance he might have to push back his move.

  “Sofia? What’s wrong?”

  “Nothing. Well, I’m lying. In the past things haven’t been so smooth when it comes to you being able to leave Silicon Valley.”

  “Honey, I know, but you’ll admit that the Derek fiasco was pretty major and I had to stay put to save my company. This story is behind us and honestly I can’t think of anything that would prevent me from moving. If it makes you feel better, I’ll turn down the President when he calls and requests my presence.”

  “Okay, I’ll trust you. I’m going to sleep now.”

  “I love you, sweetness, and I can’t wait to fall asleep next to you and wake up with you wrapped in my arms.”

  The softness of his voice makes me feel like a warm molten chocolate cake inside. I lay the phone next to my head on the pillow and close my eyes.

  He loves me. He really loves me!

  I replay his words in my head as
I drift off.

  Chapter 2

  Bryce keeps true to his promise and moves to New York. The first few weeks are intense. Bryce has to move his team into a new office and he also has to move into a townhouse he’s renting. Watching him manage all the people who are making this move effortless reminds me of the perks money can buy. Bryce doesn’t lift one box and when it comes to organizing his new home, he barely breaks a sweat. He flies in his assistant who supervises everything and Bryce only has to agree on décor colors and styles.

  Vivian, Bryce’s assistant, finds an amazing office and works with a few top designers to transform this old warehouse into a modern yet comfortable office space.

  During the renovations at his newly purchased penthouse, Bryce stays with me and I’m able to fall asleep each night by his side and wake up nestled into his body each morning. To my surprise, we get along beautifully. I really didn’t think that such a rich man could live comfortably in my relatively modest home.

  If I were a betting woman, I would have lost a lot of money if you had told me that a few months after Bryce hired me to accompany him to an event, he’d end up in my home. This has been the craziest journey of my life, but I wouldn’t exchange it for anything in the world.

  I think I’m living a dream until Bryce starts obsessing over the lighting fixtures installed by the designer Vivian hired to spruce up the New York headquarters of Linden Corporation. It’s strange to see such a successful man become so annoyed with light fixtures, but I have to admit after seeing them I understand Bryce’s obsession because they are truly atrocious. I’ve known of Justin Leaver from the days when I still had my development company. I’ve always thought his work was interesting, but sometimes it felt forced. Bryce didn’t consult with me when he hired this guy so I didn’t want to voice my opinion, but I have to agree with him on those ugly fixtures.

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