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Veronica's Diaries 1 (Three Short Erotic Stories)

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  Jen could tell it was driving me crazy and put even more effort into her work. Larry couldn’t take anymore. He looked down at Jen eating my pussy and then back at his huge cock driving into her tiny ass and that was all just too much for him. He started shaking all over. He was filling Jen’s pussy with his hot cum. His hot cum set her off too. Jen started moaning and pushing her pussy back to get all of Larry’s cock inside her.

  Seeing Larry shake and listening to Jen’s moans of pleasure sent me into my second orgasm. I couldn’t believe it. We were all cuming at the same time. It felt like an orchestra had just reached the climax of a song. It was definitely one of the most amazing moments in my life.

  Larry rolled over on the floor. He was still panting like he had just got done running a marathon. Jen rolled over cuddled with him. She reached out her other arm and pulled me in close with her too. We laid there for a good 10 minutes and none of us said anything. We were all just taking in the moment and enjoying the experience.

  I sat up, gave them each a kiss and told them “Thank You”. I got dressed and let myself out the door. They were still lying on the comforter when I left. The night didn’t go as I had expected, but Jen definitely found a side of her in the bedroom I don’t think she knew existed. As I drove home I had to wonder if now maybe I might not only have some side adventures with Larry, but maybe with Jen as well.

  A Night Out

  It had been a while since I had any romantic excitement. Between my 2.3 kids and my career, I was a pretty busy girl. I knew that I needed some time away from my kids though. Just getting a night out once in a while helped me be a better mother. It gave me a chance to breath and worry about me for just a little while. Just those few hours of separation gave me the new energy I needed to be a great mom to my kids.

  I got everything all set for my night out. I lined up my great baby sitter. I had her come over a little early so I could spend some extra time getting ready. I took a nice long relaxing shower. I kept turning the water hotter and hotter until I almost couldn't take it. I took the shower head down and set it to pulsate mode. I slowly let the pulsating water massage my clit. I was already excited to go out and possibly have some real fun tonight.

  The thought of meeting some tall, dark, handsome man tonight who would sweep me off my feet was really getting to me. I started rubbing my nipples with my free hand and soon my pussy was calling for more. I stepped out of the shower for just a second, went to my secret bureau door and grabbed my massager, which luckily for me was waterproof.

  I aimed the pulsating water back at my pussy. It was so hot, but felt so good. I started going up and down my clit with the massager. It didn’t take long. I’d been absent of any real fun for a long time so within just a minute or so I could feel my orgasm building inside me. Then it hit me like a train. Wow, it was a good orgasm. I felt myself let out some loud moans and groans because it was just awesome. I turned off the massager and just laid on the floor of my tub letting the hot water spray my whole body. I was so relaxed, so at peace. It was a great start to what would be a fantastic night.

  I eventually got out, picked out a very flashy dress that I knew would draw lots of eyes. I specifically picked this black, sequence dress because it was short and it flashed side to side across my ass as I walked. I knew a lot of guys would have to turn and look when they saw me walk by. Just what I was looking for. It had been a while since I got any attention and tonight I was going to make up for it. I went downstairs, kissed the kids good bye and headed out for the evening.

  I decided to try a new dance club. I’d heard lots of good things about it but never had a chance to get there yet. I pulled up and the valet parking attendant was quite cute. His name tag said Luke. I gave Luke a wink and asked him to take nice care of my car. Then I handed him a nice big tip and he smiled. I could tell he was young and hadn’t been with an experience woman like me. I was liking this place already. I gave him my key and walked into the club.

  The club wasn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting the usual tons of flashing lights, extremely loud music, etc. The place was very elegant, dimly light and the music was definitely for dancing.

  I looked around and saw what looked like a bunch of people who all looked like they had their noses in the air. People were dancing and laughing and having a good time, but there was nothing crazy going on. At first I thought I was happily surprised to see it wasn’t the usual scene, but now I wasn’t so sure.

  I went up the bar and got a drink and started talking to the bar tender. He said his name was Sam. You could tell he got hired for his looks not his ability to make a drink. He was tall, had bleach blond hair like he just came from the beach. He was quite muscular too.

  We started talking about the club and whether he liked working there. He said it was alright, but as I had suspected, he said the people just saw him as their servant and didn’t pay much attention to him. About an hour went by and we kept chatting in between customers. When I had his attention, I got up and walked to the bathroom. I wanted to see if he was going to check out my ass as I left. About half way there, I turned around slowly and caught him checking out my ass. I just smiled and kept walking to the bathroom.

  I put on some fresh perfume and let my boobs push out of my dress just a little further. When I came back to my seat, he immediately noticed my breasts. I could tell I was totally going to fuck him before the night was over. As the night went on, I could tell he was getting more and more anxious for the club to close. He knew what he had in store for him.

  It was finally closing time. As I watched the minutes slowly tick by the last 10 minutes, I could feel my panties getting soaked. I couldn’t wait to rip off his clothes and ride him. Finally, the club was closing. We walked outside and met the valet driver. Maybe it was the drinks I had, I’m not sure but Luke was looking really good too.

  When he came back with the car, I smiled at him and said “Luke, why don’t you join us?” Luke got all giddy and said “Really?” I looked at Sam and he said he didn’t mind. Luke got in the driver’s seat and Sam and I got in the back seat. Sam suggested we go to his place. That sounded great to me.

  I could tell Luke was having hard time keeping his eyes on the road. He kept looking back at us to see what we were doing. Sam was all over me. We were kissing and he already had 2 fingers in my pussy. My pussy was loving it too. Luke could hear me moaning.

  We pulled into Sam’s apartment complex and walked up to his apartment. Sam unlocked the door for us and got us each a nice drink. I sat on the couch and Sam sat next to me. He didn’t wait long, he started back in right where we left off in the car.

  Luke didn’t know what to do. He was just standing there watching. I don’t think he knew if he was really invited or not. I pushed Sam’s head into my breasts and told Luke to come over. I could see the nice bulge in his pants. As he got closer he went to sit down and I told him not to. I reached out with my hand and started rubbing his cock. I undid his pants, pulled all his clothes down and started sucking his cock.

  Sam took my dress off and started sucking on my hard nipples. He was loving my tits. Then he moved down and removed my panties. He kissed his way back up my legs and started licking my clit. Wow, this was awesome. I was sucking Luke’s cock and Sam was licking my pussy. This was even more fun than I had planned on.

  Sam stood up and took off his clothes, he got in front of me preparing to put his stiff cock in my pussy, but I stopped him. I could tell Luke was less experienced and I wanted him to have me first. Plus I knew that would drive Sam crazy.

  I got Luke’s cock all slippery from giving him head. I told Sam to come over where Luke was and told Luke to fuck me. He looked completely shocked and nervous. I started sucking on Sam’s cock and waited to feel Luke inside me. Luke definitely wasn’t very experienced as he was almost shaking as he put his cock inside me. It felt really good to be sucking one cock and getting fucked by another one.

  Luke calmed down and started to really give me a goo
d fucking though. My pussy was getting wetter and more and more excited. Suddenly I couldn’t take it anymore, I came all over Luke’s cock. I looked over at him and I could see he was very happy with himself for making me cum so quickly.

  I could tell Sam couldn’t wait much longer. I pushed Luke back gently and told Sam to sit down on the couch. I put one of my legs on one side of him and my other leg on his other side. I pressed my boobs into his face and told him to suck on them. I reached down and guided his large, bulging cock into my pussy. I slowly slid down the whole length of his shaft. He loved it.

  Luke watched me ride Sam. Luke was stroking his cock and watching us. Luke wasn’t going to last much longer. I brought him over behind me. I got up on my knees for a second and put Luke’s cock in me. He really liked looking at my small ass. Within 30 seconds on fucking me from behind I felt him pull out and blow his load all over my ass. The feel of his warm cum on my ass made my pussy even wetter.

  Luke got a towel and cleaned me up. I slid Sam’s cock back in my pussy again. He started sucking on my nipples again. I moved my ass back and forth, up and down, all over the place to drive his cock crazy. I could feel his cock getting bigger. His cock was so big now that I could feel it really giving my pussy a workout. I couldn’t believe it, I was so close to having another orgasm. I couldn’t tell who was going to go first, Sam or me. I kept riding him faster and faster. Then I felt his hot cum spraying inside my pussy. It was too much and I came again.

  Sam tightened up like he was having a muscle spasm. It must have been a good orgasm for him as well. I slid off and we all laid there for a few minutes in complete silence. Then I got up, got dressed, kissed Sam goodbye, and gave Luke a ride to his house. Luke walked into his house with a little jump in his step. I didn’t know if I would ever see Luke again, but one thing was for sure, he wouldn’t be forgetting this night for a long time.



  Ava Griffin, Veronica's Diaries 1 (Three Short Erotic Stories)



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