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Vanilla Boy Toy (BWWM Interracial Romance / Erotic Short Stories)

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Vanilla Boy Toy (BWWM Interracial Romance / Erotic Short Stories)

  Vanilla Boy Toy

  By Ava Griffin

  Copyright © 2013 by Ava Griffin


  All rights reserved. No part of this e-book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the expressed written permission from the author and publishing company. We have unique tracking codes embedded, designed to detect illegal distribution of this e-book and the download links. Do not risk breaking international copyright infringement laws and getting yourself in major trouble. Fines start at $150,000 and include a possible prison sentence upon conviction.

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  This book is intended for anyone who loves reading BWWM (Black Women, White Men) short stories. It is very important for me to get your feedback.

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  --Ava Griffin

  Table of Contents


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  Table of Contents

  Amazing Vacation In Zanzibar

  Casino Lands On Black

  Big Pipes

  Vanilla Boy Toy

  The Pool Cleaner

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  Amazing Vacation In Zanzibar

  We had gone to our regular vacation destination in Zanzibar East Africa. This was our favorite destination because the people there were so friendly and the weather was just perfect for a tan. My wife and I also headed to that particular destination because we could do whatever we wanted without being judged by anyone. We are a couple that loves to swing but we come from a very conservative community. Convincing another couple to swap their spouses with us doesn't end up well.

  So instead of swinging, we decided to find a few young people who were willing to have sex with us at a fee. This was very easy and we didn't spend much time looking for them. Tonight, my wife was getting busy in the adjacent hotel room while I sat, waiting for my date to arrive. We usually booked two different hotel rooms every time we checked in to a hotel so that we could give each other some space. When we got back home, she would show me any new things that she learned from her encounters and I too would show her what I learned.

  I heard a slight knock on the door. "Come in!"

  The door opened slowly and in walked a petite and very pretty black girl. She was wearing a short black dress and six inch red heels. My wife and I are both white. Irene is a mere 5'4 and weighs about 130 pounds and I'm 6'2, 220 pounds. This girl was about the same size as my wife only that she had generous hips. Her waist was quite small and her breasts were not as big as my wife's. Her eyes were lowered.

  I stared at her for a moment. She looked intimidated. I stood up.

  "Don't be afraid. Come in."

  She closed the door behind her. Her eyes were still lowered. What was wrong with her? I almost started believing that they had brought a virgin to me or they had brought a girl who was trying her hand in this sort of thing for the first time. I was getting irritated now. I didn't pay for this.

  "Is this your first time?"

  She raised her eyes and looked straight into mine. A slow smile formed on her face. She had gray eyes. Was she wearing contacts? She slowly slid the straps of her dress down her shoulders and let the dress drop to the floor. I swallowed whatever was stuck in my throat.

  My gaze travelled from where her dress lay on the floor all the way up to her face. She was smiling at me; dimples forming on both her cheeks.

  "Mr. Smith," she said in a sweet Angelic voice. "I am here to please you. So tell me if you like what you see."

  She turned around and bent over to touch her toes. It's then that I realized she wasn't a small girl. She was a grown woman who pretended to be a shy girl. It was part of her act; it's what won over her clients. I looked at her round ass as she slowly stood up. It was gorgeous; better than my wife's. I know African women are well endowed when it comes to hips and ass but what the hell is this huge ass doing on this petite woman? It is supposed to be smaller, like my wife's!

  She grinned as she walked over to me. She yanked down my khaki shorts together with my boxers. She smiled down at my hard on.

  "I guess you don't really have to say you like what you see. Your member here already said it."

  She began stroking my cock. Her hands were warm and soft. Her touch was gentle too. She pushed me onto the bed. I struggled to unbutton my shirt but she gently pushed my hands away and slowly unbuttoned it herself. She still hadn't removed her heels. I have to say, no one has ever seduced me like this.

  She leaned over and began planting small kisses on my chest; pausing a bit to nibble on my nipples. I grabbed her hips, her ass. She pushed away my hands.

  "You Mr. Smith, need to control yourself!" she tied my hands on the bed posts.

  "Please, call me Dustin."

  "Dustin?" she said trying out the name. "Well, you can call me Aisha."

  "You're Muslim??"

  "Dustin, let's not get religious."

  "Right," I replied. After all she didn't come here to discuss; just to show me some action and so far so good. I loved it.

  She planted small kisses down my hairy chest all the way to my dick. She licked my dick slowly. I had it circumcised a few years ago once I found out that most East African girls do not like a man who is not circumcised especially those who come from Kenya. Apparently they have some custom where all men have to be circumcised.

  Aisha began sucking on my balls. She slowly licked my dick up and down. It was so hard I didn't think I could take it anymore. I tugged on her loosely tied binds and grabbed her by the hips. I flipped her over so that she lay down on her back. She stared at me startled. It's then that I realized she wasn't even ready for my cock.

  I spread her legs and began licking her pussy. She moaned and pushed up her pussy against my mouth. I spat a little saliva on my fingers and slid them inside her tight pussy. She was easy and she came in a few seconds.

  I grabbed my cock and slid it into her pussy. I slid it in only two inches in and a low moan escaped her lips. I continued to press my cock inside her pussy and she spread her legs as far apart as she could. Slowly but surely I worked my way into her vagina until I could feel my pelvis smashing against her vagina.

  I slid out my dick only three inches and then gently smashed it against her vagina. She moaned. I could have sworn she had a small orgasm from that thrust but I wasn't really sure. I thrust into her again and again and she began squealing, panting and gasping as she rocked her pelvis against me. With one final thrust she stiffened and I felt her pussy clench around my dick in small contractions.

  I waited for her to come down and went right back to work again. I slammed against her clit and I knew any time now I would cum. I could feel my balls churning and the head of my cock start to swell. It wasn't very long before I had my orgasm. I rolled away from her and collapsed on the bed.

  "Are you satisfied Dustin?" Aisha asked.

  I looked at her. What exactly did she want to do with my dick? I envisioned her mouth on my dick and immediately I got a hard on. She looked down at my pulsating member and smiled.

  "I think it's obvious you haven't yet had enough."

  She put her mouth right to work and began sucking my dick. She massaged my balls and concentrated on the nerve filled spot right un
der my dick. I could feel an orgasm building up and I warned her that I was about to cum. She worked harder at giving me an orgasm and I just laid back. She really did give fantastic head.

  I couldn't take it any longer and I pushed her head away. I started fucking her doggy style. This was always my favorite position. I spanked her ass and watched it bounce up and down. This made me even hornier and I spanked her again.

  She squealed and urged me to ride her even faster. I pumped my dick inside her pussy as hard as I could. Just then, the door opened. I looked over my shoulder and saw my wife. She was dressed in a short white dress and her hair was really messy. She closed the door behind her and walked over to the bed.

  "Mrs. Smith?" Aisha asked nervously.

  Irene smiled. "Don't worry honey. Carry on."

  She sat on a chair that was positioned near the bed and spread her legs. She wasn't wearing any panties. Her clean shaved pussy was exposed and she began fingering herself.

  "Carry on Dustin. Fuck her hard."

  I stared at my wife for a moment. She had never seen me fucking another girl and this felt a little bit awkward. Aisha backed up her ass against my pelvis; an indication that she wanted me to finish. I started thrusting deep inside her. She groaned. Every time my pelvis bumped into her ass, it bounced up and down.

  "Girl you really have a big ass." My wife complimented Aisha as she continued to finger herself.

  As a joke I spanked her and watched it bounce up and down again. My wife smiled and inserted three fingers into her pussy. The sight of me fucking another girl seemed to turn her on. She thrust the fingers in and out of her pussy really fast and hard. She threw her head back and enjoyed the pleasure she gave to herself.

  I thrust as hard as I could into Aisha. I knew I would cum at any moment. With one final thrust I slammed deep into her pussy and felt my ass tighten as I blew my entire load into her. I heard my wife moan as she too had her orgasm. I already knew that Aisha would pay me another visit before this trip was over. Man was she a good fuck.

  Casino Lands On Black

  I have always loved gambling and every year my girls and I just have to go to Vegas. The city is always buzzing with activities and since we usually have a lot of money, we have many activities to choose from. We entered a famous casino owned by Simon, a well known New York businessman who decided to try his hand in the casino business.

  People however preferred to call him Liu. I never knew why he preferred to be called that but rumor has it that he has always been a huge fan of Lucy Liu movies and mostly preferred Asian girls. If only he could get a taste of what a black girl like me could do to him, then he would forget all those other women.

  As usual, we always preferred to play table games. A game of black jack or poker were our favorites and tonight I wanted to play poker. I was a good cheat at the game and I have never been caught. I once made $10, 000 just from cheating. I was hoping tonight my luck would be the same. The girls did not want to play so they decided to mingle and flirt. I told them that I would join them later when I felt that I had had enough.

  So here I was at the table waiting for the big blind. I closely watched all my opponents. It's amazing how people can really reveal their hand. The game was going really well and luck was on my side. As usual, I relaxed and waited for the hand that had a good card. Once I found it, I hid it under my dress. I planned on doing this until I have cards that will give me a win.

  Half an hour into the game, I felt a firm hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw a white lady, probably in her late twenties, blonde hair and soft blue eyes.

  "Excuse me ma'am," she said, "you need to come with us."

  Standing behind her were two men in suits. My heart was racing and I knew I had been busted for cheating but I decided to play dumb. "Is there a problem?"

  "Yes and I think you know what the problem is. The manager wants to see you. Please come with us."

  By now the players had stopped playing and were looking at the little drama that was unfolding in front of their eyes. Since I didn't want to cause a scene, I obliged and followed the woman. I desperately reached for my phone in my purse to call my friends but one of the two men snatched it away from me.

  "Hey," I protested. "I need to make a call. My friends need to know where I am."

  "Don't worry. We will make the call for you."

  "How do I know you will do that?"

  "You don't."

  We headed towards the suit of the hotel in the casino. The lady knocked and someone on the other side told her to go in. We walked in while the two men in suits remained outside. The door shut behind us but I remained beside the blonde lady.

  Seated on the other side of the desk was Liu. My heart skipped a beat. I couldn't believe I was face to face with the real Liu. He looked more handsome with a square jaw and deep set eyes. Laugh lines formed around his brown eyes.

  "What is your name? He asked.

  "T-Tanya," I stammered.

  He stood up from behind his desk and walked over to me. He was tall. Very tall.

  "So Tanya," he said holding my face up by the chin. "You look like a decent girl who wants to have fun and party. Why are you stealing from my casino?"

  "I-I," I stammered. He suddenly appeared to be a very intimidating person. "I don't know."

  "You don't know?" his eyes lingered on my face for a while. They turned from harsh to soft. They exchanged a glance with the blonde girl and he walked back to sit on a leather sofa that was positioned against a wall.

  The blonde girl pushed me in front and I stumbled nearly falling down.

  "Hey watch it you bitch!" I snapped.

  The girl raised her hand as if to strike me but Liu raised his hand. "Stop. She is harmless." He turned to me. "This here is April. She is very kind and hospitable if you show her respect."

  I looked at her from head to toe and rolled my eyes. "Well so am I. Look Mr. Liu if you are going to charge me or punish me or whatever I suggest you do it now because I do not have all day!"

  "Oh, you are paying. But not in the way that you expect."

  April came and stood behind me, snaking her hand around my waist. I pushed it away but she quickly grabbed my hand with cat like quickness and surprising strength.

  "If you want this to end well, you will do as I want," Liu said as he began to unbuckle his belt.

  April proceeded to caress my breasts all the way down to my hips. Liu on the other hand removed his shirt and pants and sat there, caressing his hard dick. April unzipped my dress and had to tag it down past my hips because it was a really snug fit. My black strapless bra clung to my breasts which were now heaving from all the heavy breathing.

  She reached out and began caressing my breasts and tugging at my nipples. Whatever the hell was going on it was really turning me on. After caressing my breasts for a few seconds, she unhooked my bra and threw it to the floor; revealing my tits.

  A slow smile formed on Liu's face, obviously from the site of my tits. April began kneading them and I felt my nipples hardening. Liu removed his boxers and began stroking his cock. It wasn't as long as I had anticipated but it had girth. No wonder all those Asian girls wanted to be fucked by him.

  April pushed down my thong and I willingly stepped out of it. She grazed her fingers on my clit and along the slit on my pussy but she never slipped them in. She began rubbing and stroking my clit. Liu was stroking his cock even harder this time. April got down on her knees in front of me.

  "Spread your legs," she demanded.

  "Excuse me?" I asked.

  "Oh please Tanya just cooperate," Liu spoke.

  I reluctantly spread my legs. April's tongue and lips worked my pussy. She held my ass firmly so that I couldn't escape. She sucked on my clit and a low moan escaped from my lips. Liu was now rubbing his dick even more vigorously. April's mouth felt so good against my pussy I came within seconds. She stood up.

  "Come here," Liu urged.

  I hesitated. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me t
o suck his dick. April mistook my hesitation for being defiant and she pushed me. I stumbled and fell on my knees and my head landed on Liu's laps. She grabbed my hair and was shoving my face towards Liu's cock.

  "Okay, okay," I said raising my hands in surrender. "I'll do it just stop tugging at my hair. This is a very expensive weave I'm wearing!"

  Liu chuckled. I felt him motion to her with his hand and I felt the pressure on my neck and the tug on my hair instantly end. I stared at Liu's dick. It had purple veins and its head was pulsating; almost like it had a life of its own. I lifted the cock with one hand and placed my lips round the head.

  I tasted his salty pre-cum as I struggled to accommodate his entire dick into my mouth. It took a few gags but eventually I did it. I bobbed my head up and down on the shaft. I suddenly felt April's hands squeezing my ass. I bobbed faster on Liu's dick and April began to stroke my clit. My moans were muffled with my lips wrapped around Liu's cock.

  "Oh God, Yes! Yes!" Liu groaned.

  Suddenly I felt the warmth of his cum in my mouth. I tried to swallow but I couldn't so most of it flowed down my lips and fingers. With each thrust, a fresh flow of cum shot into my mouth and trickled down my lips and fingers.

  April continued working on my clit and I felt her slip two fingers inside my cunt. Liu reached down and grabbed one of my tits; squeezing and pinching on the nipple. He suddenly stood up and pushed April away. I felt his hard dick penetrate me. He thrust into me, gently. He grabbed my hips as he did so.

  "Cum for me darling," he said as he spanked my ass.

  A few more thrusts and I came. My body shook violently as the contractions in my pussy rocked it. He was still pumping into me and his grunts were an indicator that he was going to cum again. A minute later he still hadn't cum and it seemed to be taking forever. A final violent thrust caused him to dig his nails even harder into my hips. He poured shot after shot of cum deep inside my pussy. He withdrew from me and began to get dressed.

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