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Veronica's Diaries 1 (Three Short Erotic Stories)

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Veronica's Diaries 1 (Three Short Erotic Stories)

  Veronica’s Diaries 1

  The Call

  By Ava Griffin

  Copyright © 2013 by Ava Griffin


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  --Ava Griffin

  Table of Contents


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  Table of Contents

  Floor 7 1/2

  The Call

  A Night Out

  Floor 7 1/2

  My name is Veronica and I'm your typical divorced, big city girl with 2.3 kids. I got divorced about a year and a half ago. My ex-husband was a tech geek who paid more attention to his job and his computer than he did me. His loss. Ha Ha! He never really got to know the best side of me. I can be a real pussy cat when I want to. Just ask some of my old college boyfriends.

  Needless to say, because I have a successful career and 2.3 kids to look after, there hasn't been much excitement in my life since the divorce. That all changed one night when I noticed our building had a new night time security guard though. I noticed he couldn't take his eyes off me every time I walked by him to go to the elevator. I usually just smiled and said hi to Chris.

  Chris was fresh out of college. He was having a hard time finding a job in his degree, but since he was in the military, he used that experience to land the night time security guard job at our building. As you can probably picture, Chris had a very toned body from all the exercise he got in the military. His hair was short and brown, he had thick but styled eyebrows and a smile that made me warm all over. He had big lips that looked firm, yet soft as velvet.

  I had imagined over the last few nights when I went to bed about those soft lips of him slowly sucking on my hard nipples. I would lay in bed after all my work was done. I would turn my heated blanket on high to make my body temperature as hot as possible. Within minutes of thinking about his soft lips, I could feel the beads of sweat between my breasts. I would run my hand up and down between my breasts imagining it was his hard cock. Slowly, I would use my other hand to tease my pussy. I ran my hand all around it but would never let myself touch my clit.

  The excitement would build and build as I grew more and more eager to touch myself. Then at the last possible minute I gave in and had an amazing orgasm. It felt like an ocean wave had washed onto my pussy as it was dripping wet. I turned my blanket off, rolled over and continued the story in my dreams.

  The dreams were great, but I wanted the real thing. It had been so long since I had been with anyone, I could hardly remember what it really felt like. I knew that on this particular Thursday night I had to stay late for work and had arranged for a sitter for the kids.

  Thursday came and I could barely do my work that day. Every 10 minutes my mind would wander to what I had planned for the evening. I could feel my pussy get extremely wet. Several times I even felt a bead of my warm juices run down my leg. This excited me even more. It was so hard to work. I couldn't wait to leave, but unfortunately, I had to work later than usual because I wanted to make sure Chris would be alone at his desk.

  Finally, the end of the work day came. I just about skipped all the way to my car as I could hardly control my excitement. I drove to our building, parked and walked slowly to the entrance. I wanted to make sure Chris was alone and would get my full attention. As I walked in I noticed Chris was bored and quiet tonight. I thought to myself, "Not for long". Ha Ha! He caught me laughing at myself and smiled. I simply looked over at him and winked.

  As I walked by his desk I made sure my ass moved a little more from one side to the other than usual. I could feel his eyes looking me up and down. I had chosen a summer dress that was short enough to show my thighs, but still professional for the office. I had a button up blouse on that I knew could be undone very easily.

  I stepped into the elevator and turned around. As the doors were closing I saw Chris staring at me. He saw that I saw him and quickly looked away. I waited until the elevator got to almost my floor, floor 8 and hit the emergency stop button at floor 7 1/2. I knew this would get Chris' attention. I looked up at the camera in the elevator and smiled. I could imagine him sitting there at his desk all alone, just wondering what I was going to do.

  I slowly unbuttoned a few buttons on my blouse and spread the layers so Chris could see my breasts. I started rubbing them and moaning. I knew he was going to enjoy this show. I undid my bra, slowly slipped it off and put it in my purse. I started rolling my firm nipples and squeezing my breasts with both hands.

  I started imagining Chris sitting at his desk. His cock was probably growing by now. His eyes were glued to the elevator monitor. Within a couple more minutes his cock would be so hard he wouldn't be able to stand up without his pants bulging out. The thought of seeing him getting turned on made me even more excited.

  I pulled up my dress and started rubbing my clit through my panties. I had spent some extra time getting ready this morning giving myself an extra special shaving that I thought Chris would really like. As I teased myself, I could feel the ocean building again. I took off my panties and placed them in my purse too. Now Chris could see me rubbing my pussy and how wet it was. His cock was surely throbbing by now.

  I was moaning more and more. I didn't know how much more I could take and suddenly the elevator starting going down. My plan had worked perfectly. When the elevator door opened, Chris was standing there with bulging pants and he was shaking with excitement. I saw he had put out the "Out To Lunch" sign on his desk.

  I grabbed a hold of his tie and pulled him into the elevator. I pushed my floor button stared at him to see what he was going to do. He was just about shaking. I don't think he had experienced anything like this in his short lifetime. As the elevator approached my floor, he turned, put the elevator service key in the hole and stopped the elevator between floors.

  As he turned back around, for the first time I felt myself actually shaking with excitement. He took a step toward me and I could instantly feel his body heat. His heart was pounding against his chest. He was trying to hold back his excitement. I reached down and started rubbing his cock through his pants with my hand. He started moaning and closed his eyes.

  I spread my blouse around my tits. He opened his eyes and I swear his cock got even harder. It was really pushing against his pants now and just crying to be let out of its cage. He put his hands on my breasts and slowly started squeezing them. His hands were inexperienced and this got me even more aroused as I knew he was going to learn a thing or two from me.

  I took his hand and showed him how I liked my nipples touched. His smile lit up when I let out a lou
d moan to show him he was touching my nipples the way I liked it. I leaned in and gave him a nice soft kiss. His lips were soft, yet firm just like I imagined. The thought of his lips sucking on my tits was more than I could take and I came. I felt as if my feet were several feet above the floor. When I came back down, I opened my eyes and noticed he had a huge smile on his face. We were just getting started and he had made me cum once already.

  I pushed him back up against the elevator wall. He was shocked to have a woman push him with such force. I undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles. His hard cock was really trying to get out of his boxers. I started rubbing his cock through his boxers. He was rocking back and forth with pleasure. I knew the anticipation of taking his hard cock out of his boxers was killing him.

  I got down on my knees and slowly pulled his boxers over his cock. It was much bigger than I had imagined. It was very thick and I knew it was going to feel really good in my pussy, especially since it hadn't seen any real action in a year and a half.

  I kissed the head of his cock and his cock jumped with excitement. His cock was literally shaking in my hand. I went down and licked all the way up his shaft and then took his whole cock in my mouth. Well, that's at least what I had in mind. It was too big to fit all of it in my mouth. My pussy was about to have another orgasm just thinking about how tightly his big cock was going to fill me up.

  As I sucked on his cock, his knees went soft and he started to slouch from the pleasure he was feeling. I could feel his cock getting harder and bigger as I sucked it. I didn't want it to be over just yet so I stood up and gave him a kiss.

  I knew my pussy was definitely ready, but I wanted more. I took his hand and put it on my pussy. I showed him how to rub my clit and he was a fast learner. He would go fast and then slow. The change in pace got me even more excited. While he was rubbing my pussy, he leaned over and sucked my nipples again. This threw me over the edge again and I came all over his hand.

  I opened my eyes and saw an even bigger smile of his face. I knew he couldn't wait any longer. I turned around and lifted my dress. He looked at me with eager eyes. He grabbed his cock and slowly pushed it into my pussy. I could feel it stretching my pussy lips. It felt like his cock was touching every inch of me. He started slowly fucking me. We were both moaning as it was awesome.

  I looked back and gave him a sign of approval. He started fucking me faster and faster. He was moaning more and more. I could feel his cock getting bigger inside me. Then, he let out some intense groans and filled my pussy with his hot cum. When I felt his hot cum running inside me, it pushed me off the cliff for a third time. My whole body began to shake.

  He pulled back and we both got dressed. Neither of us said a word. He turned the key to start the elevator again. The elevator reached my floor and the door opened. I stepped out and started walking to my door when I heard him say, "Now, you have a nice night miss." I simply turned around and smiled. As the elevator doors closed I could still see the amazed look on Chris' face.

  I slept better that night that I had in a long time. It had been one of the best nights of my life. I knew Chris would never feel the same about taking a ride in an elevator again.

  The Call

  Larry and I had been friends with benefits for quite a while. Larry's girlfriend didn't know about us though. Larry still wasn't sure if Jen was right for him or not. He had gotten her to loosen up in the bedroom some, but she was still way too rigid for him. He wanted someone more fun and outgoing, willing to try new things, willing to let her hair down and have a blast in the bedroom.

  Larry's girlfriend really like Larry though and wanted to make things work. She had long black hair that glistened in the light. She had a cute face and an amazing ass. Larry had told me how he loved to have her from behind because her ass was small and made his cock look bigger. He said he couldn't last very long in that position so they usually saved it for last.

  Larry took Jen out dancing and drinking one night. They had a great time. After several drinks they went home and made love. Larry started talking to Jen about trying new things and Jen said she was willing to try. Larry asked her if she would try having another woman with them. She wasn't sure at first, but she could tell it really turned Larry on and who knows, maybe she'd like it too.

  That's when Larry gave me "The Call". He told me how Jen had agreed to have another woman join them and he thought I would be perfect for her new adventure. Jen, of course still didn't know about our situation, but that made it even more interesting. I agreed to come over Friday night. Larry told me they would have a nice romantic supper, get things started and I should come over at 8:30.

  That was one of the slowest weeks I can remember. Every day seemed to drag on and it seemed as if Friday would never get here. Finally, Friday came and I was soooo excited. I knew Jen had never done anything like this before. That meant I was the experienced one. I could take control of the night and guide her how I wanted. Being in control really got me excited. I could feel the warmth in my panties already and I wasn't going over to their house for another 5 hours. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to resist the temptation to play with myself before I went, but I knew if I could resist it would make it all that much better.

  After work, I ate a lite dinner, took a shower and gave myself a marvelous trim, even if I must say so myself. Jen was really going to like my thin shave. I pulled on a short summer dress that both showed off my long legs and my bulging breasts. The dress was just short enough to tease both Jen and Larry.

  As I drove over to their house I took the long route. I didn't want to be early. Actually I wanted to be about 10 minutes late. Making them wait just a few extra minutes for their dessert was going to drive them even more crazy. As I pulled up to the house, I could see the house was dimly lit. It looked like they may have even have candles going as it seemed like the light was flickering. Perfect for a romantic evening.

  Walking up to the door, I could feel my heart pounding. I may have even been more excited than they were. Ha ha! My pussy was already wet and wondering what was in store for it this evening. I rang the doorbell. Larry answered the door in just a dress shirt. His hard cock was peeking through the two halves of his shirt. He had a nice rock hard cock that I loved to play with and he knew it too. Seeing his cock peek though his shirt like that instantly made my pussy even wetter.

  I said “Hi” and he told me that I looked amazing. I winked at him and simply said “I know”. Ha ha! He reached out and I took his hand. He led me into the living room where they had a very soft and plush comforter laid out on the rug. There were candles burning all around the room giving it a very romantic light. When my eyes first met Jen’s I could see she was very nervous. As I moved down her body past her face, I was struck by her beauty. I could definitely see why Larry wanted this relationship to work out.

  I slowly pushed my sun dress straps off my shoulders and let me dress fall to the floor. Jen was looking me up and down and I could tell she liked what she saw as well. I laid down next to her. The comforter was so cozy and soft. Jen started to say something, but I didn’t want her to ruin the moment. I put one of my fingers on her lips and did a very quiet “Shhhh”. I slide my finger down across her lips, down her slim neck and slowly started to caress one of her C cupped breasts. Jen started to shutter. She was so excited and nervous that her body was super sensitive.

  I leaned in and gave her a soft, wet kiss on her lips. Her lips we really full and felt like they were melting in my mouth. Wow, she was a great kisser. I glanced up at Larry who was sitting in a comfy chair watching us. He was stroking his hard cock. His cock had grown both in length and width from how excited he was.

  Jen looked up at him and saw his hard cock too. Jen was taken over by excitement and instantly came out of her shell. She looked at me and gave me another kiss. She pushed me down on my back and started kissing my neck. What was going on? I was supposed to be the one in charge. But at the same time it felt really good. Her lips were so soft.
r />   She started licking my nipples. She teased them by giving them a little nibble. My pussy was throbbing. I glanced up at Larry and he was stroking his cock even faster now. He suddenly stopped and I could see his cock was jumping back and forth all by itself. His cock wanted to cum so badly, but Larry wanted to save it for us.

  Jen kissed all the way down my tanned belly and started to kiss my pussy through my panties. She used one hand and started slowly rubbing my clit. She carefully pulled off my panties for me as to show she knew I was gentle treasure to be enjoyed. The instant her finger touched my clit, my ass came 3 inches off the comforter. How could this be? I was even more excited than she was and she was supposed to be the shy one.

  She spread my legs and started licking my pussy. She was bent over right in front of Larry so he could see her amazing ass. I could tell she was teasing him. She kept slowly moving her ass back and forth making him want it more and more.

  My pussy was throbbing and ready to come any minute. I tried to push her head away to let her know I was going to cum any second but she just shook her head “No” and kept on going.

  Larry could take it anymore. He slid down off his chair and positioned himself behind Jen. He started sliding his cock up and down Jen’s ass. Jen was really liking it as well. She couldn’t wait to feel his huge, hard cock inside her. Jen took her free hand, reached back and guided Larry’s huge cock inside her pussy. Even though her pussy was super wet, due to Larry’s cock being larger than normal, it was a tight fit. After several slow pushes, Larry finally got his whole cock inside Jen.

  Jen stopped licking my pussy for a minute and gave out an amazing groan of pleasure. Watching Larry push his enormous cock in Jen was too much for me. I came all over Jen’s face. She was so into it though she wouldn’t stop licking me. I had never had anyone continue all the way through one of my orgasms before and it was so overwhelming. My whole body started having spasms. My ass was pounding up and down off the floor.

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