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Undressed: 1 (The Manhattanites)

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  The crowd cheered. The music returned, and the paparazzi flashbulbs illuminated the couple.

  In Massimo’s embrace, she couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across her face as the models laughed and surrounded Massimo and her in a group hug. One woman, who resembled Massimo, came up to the runway.

  “Lex, this is my sister Paloma. Paloma, this is my fiancée, Lex.”

  “It’s an honor to meet you. I’m getting a sister-in-law.” She shook her hand.

  “You’re getting us too!” Jemma, Taddy, Vive and Blake cheered.

  * * * * *

  “I’ll be out in one sec. Let me finish drying my hair,” Lex said from her bathroom.

  “Bella, I’m proud of you,” Massimo shouted, naked, from the bed. Stretched out and owning the place, his cock hard—as always—he smiled up at her. “Come here.” He motioned her over.

  “I’m not playing one of your games tonight,” she said as she dropped the towel on the floor and walked over. She couldn’t take her eyes off him. He looks delicious and he’s mine. All mine.

  “I want you to ride me.” He held onto his cock, jutting it out.

  She came up on the bed and straddled him. He rested up against the pillows. “Where’s your condom?”

  He shook his head to say no. “I tested a few weeks ago and am clean. What about you?”

  “I took a physical last month. I am as well. But I’m not on the Pill, Masi.”

  “Buono, I don’t want you to be.”

  “Masi, I don’t want to be knocked up for the wedding.” She hovered over him, holding on to his broad shoulders for balance.

  He toyed with her pushing her body down on to his cock. “Bella, don’t argue with me. We’re engaged. We can get married tomorrow.”

  “No! We are having a big traditional wedding. My mom made me swear tonight she’d get to coordinate the ceremony for me. Preggers with me, Mom never experienced a big white dress party.” Lex went up on her knees and hovered over his cock.

  “I want my cock inside you—right now.”

  “You’d better pull out.” His dick rested at the entry to her pussy.

  Massimo pressed his palm against her throbbing clit and began massaging it, teasing her. “Your pussy belongs to me now, bella. And I want to fill you with my bambinos.” He grabbed her by the hips hard and lowered her onto his cock. “Yeah, bella.”

  “We haven’t even discussed how big you want our family to be. One baby is enough for me.” Her cunt clenched tight as her skin prickled in anticipation. She felt she’d orgasm right now. She’d waited three days to have him, her entire lifetime to be with him.

  He thrust his cock up and pulled her down at the same time. “I want a dozen.” His heavy eyelids flashed up with determination.

  “Two, I could do two kids.” She came up, pulling herself higher as his cock’s tip rested against her folds.

  “Six bambinos,” he pleaded and held her hips down from getting up again. “Pull my cock out one more time and I will flip you over and get rough with you.” He tapped her ass. “Is that what you want?”

  Yes, Masi, always. “Three babies, then my tubes are tied.” She ground against him. “Say three, Masi. Three is better than the one I agreed to.” Lex went to sit back up.

  “Three it is, three little bambinos.” He thrust underneath once, then twice. “Go slow, per favore.” His cock thickened inside her. “My principessa, squeeze my cock with your cunt bella, squeeze it. Make me come for you.”

  “I love you, Masi,” she cried as a pleasure wave ripped through her.

  He reached for her wrists, held them behind her back and bounced her on his cock into a rhythm, getting her body over his cock. “I love you more, bella.” He pounded harder and harder under her.

  She ached inside for him as she came. Riding up higher, coming down on him harder. His eyes flickered with intensity. “Where’s your big boy smile?”

  “You’re addictive.” Massimo held her hands behind her back while he thrust up higher, harder, giving her the smile she searched for.

  Lex fell forward onto his chest as he made love to her. She kissed his neck, hearing his voice grow louder. “Masi, come inside me.”

  “Your words are going to make me come.” He grabbed her hands tighter and pounded.

  She moaned in ecstasy and held on to him as the orgasm crashed over her. She leaned in close as his chest hair felt good against her sensitive nipples.

  He pumped once and then howled in her ear and sucked on her earlobe for a second before returning his attention to her breasts. He spoke to her as his lips touched hers and he filled her with his hot seed. “We’re going to have a lifetime together. Forever. Me and my Manhattanite.”

  The End

  About Avery Aster

  Avery Aster pens erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave. As a resident of New York’s Upper East Side and a graduate from New York University, Avery gives readers an inside look at the city’s glitzy nightlife, socialite sexcapades and tall tales of the über-rich and ultra-famous. “I write about what I see in my metropolis that never sleeps—Manhattanites on the quest for a passionate thrill,” Avery says. “By and large, my characters are drop-dead gorgeous, ripped straight from the headlines and on the hunt for their next conquest.”

  Undressed launched The Manhattanites series, exploring people’s forbidden desires of lust and longing. When Avery’s star-studded cast unites it always feels like forever and everyone has a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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  Undressed Copyright © 2013 Avery Aster

  Edited by Krishan Trotman and Raelene Gorlinsky

  Cover design by Syneca

  Photo: Kiuikson

  Electronic book publication February 2013

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  Aster, Avery, Undressed: 1 (The Manhattanites)



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