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Undressed: 1 (The Manhattanites)

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  “Massimo!” Her body shook into a spasm.

  “My Lex.” Massimo stroked his right hand over his cock, bringing his left hand down over the other.

  “Tittoni!” She spurted, coming on the floor into a puddle.

  “Lex! Lex!! Lex!!!” His eyes closed as his torso shot forward twisting his fat cock’s swelling head.

  She imagined sparks would fly from his loins any second. “Fuck me, Masi.” She rubbed her clit noticing he’d stopped and proceeded to lie back down on the bed. Damn him. Will he ever take my orders?

  “Stop. Question due.”

  “Errrr, make it good, prince.” She stood up.

  “What is my favorito momento from our week?” his arms rested behind his neck.

  “Me fixin’ Jemma’s designs.” I’m no dummy.

  “Try again, bella.” He kicked his legs up under a pillow, making himself more comfortable.

  “Ughh. Me co branding Girasoli’s licensing deal.” What the hell is it?

  “Sorry, signorina, take uno step back. For punishment twist your right nipple—hard.” His head shook in disappointment

  “Tell me your favorite part?” She put her hand on her hip.

  “After your titty twist—let me see your skin pink.” Massimo sat up, expecting an extravaganza.

  “Oh brother…” Taking one step back, she closed her eyes. She circled her right thumb and pointer finger over her areola. Lex lifted her nipple with a slight pinch up. Her breast rose. Unable to fake this one, she opened her eyes, glancing for Massimo’s satisfaction to release.

  “Twist it.” He clapped his hands. The loud applause bounced from wall to wall.

  “Fuck.” She inhaled while twisting her nipple. A scream she didn’t expect erupted from her throat. Her pussy squirted down her leg. Oh my

  “Bella, despite your mouth’s rebuttal, your pussy says you enjoy titty torture.”

  “My pussy does not lie.” She crossed her legs collecting the drip in awe over turning herself on. “Tell me your answer.”

  “No, no.” He motioned his hands apart, ordering her to separate her legs.

  A drop hit the floor as she extended. Lex covered her mouth in a giggle.

  He laughed with her for a minute and then answered, “Bella, my best moment—waking up with you in my arms.” Massimo padded the empty space next to him to encourage her to get the next question right.

  She gasped, not expecting his response. I think I love him.

  “Next question—if I am unable to come to New York Fashion Week, will you be upset?” His once raised brow narrowed with concern.

  “No, I won’t be upset.” She smiled, attempting to hide her disappointment. “Soon, I’ll return for Milan Fashion Week.”

  “Take two steps forward and—finger your ass.” He gave her an eager face. Who the hell fingers their ass?

  “Yes, sir.” She squatted in her Tabitha Simmons crystal chandelier pumps as if going pee. Looking up at her prince, she rubbed her pussy with her hand. With caution her fingers glided back on her puckered anus. Luckily she didn’t have long nails, wincing at the thought of what it would feel like if she did. Lex glanced over to gauge his seriousness.

  “Finger your ass, bella.” He nodded with a straight face.

  “I’m gonna finger you when we finish your silly game.” The wet finger slid in, she inhaled, pushing up farther. Resting one hand on her knee, she closed her eyes, bouncing her body, taking her entire finger. “Yeah.” Her core constricted hot and tight.

  She cracked one eye open watching Massimo edge the bed. She closed her eyes, getting into it.

  “Prince Massimo Tittoni.” She moaned and pulled her finger out and back in—out and back in again—out and back in a third time. Hearing Massimo grunt, she opened her watering eyes to see her male beauty fisting his cock. Motivated, she wiped her ring finger over her pussy, making her digits moist. Get ready, prince. Lex rotated on her back, thrusting her torso up in the air.

  “Prin—ci—pessa,” Massimo hissed.

  “Masi.” She glided two fingers into her asshole as her body’s heat tightened around her. “My ass is tense.” Lex pushed further. “I can’t do this without my Masi.” She moved her fingers around her constricting muscles. “Stretch me out, Masi.” Her pussy drizzled backward over her stomach. With one hand, she rubbed her cum over her stomach while fingering herself with the other and pushed her torso up higher with her legs.


  Lex sat up and noticed Massimo zoned out into an erotic trance. She clapped her hands.

  Black eyes wide, ready to pounce on her, he blinked. He wiped his mouth and spoke, snapping from his bliss. “Enough, stand, final question.”

  Jesus. “Make this an easy one.” She put her hands on her knees rising with the goal to ride Masi’s cock.

  Sitting back and waiting for her to collect herself, his eyebrows furrowed with seriousness. He gave her a grin as she lifted her head for him to continue.

  “Who is in love with you?” he asked, holding out his hands ready to take her.

  He didn’t just ask about the “L” word, did he? “What?” You’re saying you’re in…

  “Let me repeat.” Massimo coughed in mockery. He pounded his fist on his chest and cleared his throat. “I asked—who is in love with you?”

  “Um hmm. Prince Massimo Tittoni?” Dizzy, she stepped forward.

  “Sì,” he repeated, “Ti amo.”

  Ecstatic. Unconditional. Forever.

  Clit dripping, Lex walked over and straddled his lap.

  His large hands wrapped around her back as he repeated those words again and again in English and Italian. He stared with eternal intent into her eyes. His gaze scared her at first. “I love everything about you.” He spoke with certainty. Massimo focused on her lips waiting for a promising response.

  Nostrils flared as she fought back a happy tear. “I love you too.” Lost for years, she realized tonight she’d become found. Gazing into Massimo’s sobering eyes, she declared, “I want you more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my entire life.”

  “Principessa, you have me. I am yours.” He rotated her onto her back kissing her neck. The warmness coming from his lips and mouth alongside her nape goosed her flesh. “You ready for my cock, bella?”

  Chapter Eighteen


  Lub dub, Lub dub, Lub a dub dub.

  Massimo’s heart pounded in his ear as he went down on her. “Lie back for me, bella,” he invited. Accepting her pleasure as his responsibility, she trembled in his hands. He held her, trying to keep her still as her pussy lips swelled in his fingers. He brought his mouth over her edges and then buried his face deep and hard into her pussy. I love tongue fucking your cunt. “You taste good.” Yeah give me your hard nub. Uh huh, there it is. He swirled his tongue over and over, turned on by Lex’s moans. I am going to kiss you, tease you, lick you from head to head. Bury my tongue in your cunt all night long, going left to right and back to left again. “Mmmm, damn, bella.”

  “I’m going to come again, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned. Lex’s body tightened.

  He glanced up and encouraged, “Come on my fingers, bella.” Massimo returned his attention back to her tits. Massimo sucked on each swollen nipple.

  She’d only hold out for a few more seconds.

  With fury, he sank his lips over her sensitive flesh and licked. His teeth caught biting her right nipple with a tug.

  Her pussy jetted through his digits and on his arms. “Good girl, my bella, good girl.”

  Lex kicked her feet. “Let me take my shoes off.” She sat up and grabbed her right foot to untie the grosgrain ankle crystal choker.

  Massimo held her hand back shaking his head to say no. “These are hot shoes,” he rejoiced. Noticing the gems that ran up her narrow ankles, he added, “I want to fuck you wearing them.”

  “You spoke the fuck word.” She pointed a finger in his face.

  “I professed love first—my principessa
. But sì tonight I will fuck you,” he bragged. Massimo reached back for a condom from his pant pocket near the bed. “I will fuck you hard. Sì?”

  * * * * *

  The wrapper tore between his fingers as he slid the latex over his shaft. Hating anything between them, he hoped they’d have a lifetime for raw experiences. One day soon he vowed he’d pack her with his seed, fill her with his babies. He wanted children—a dozen, lots. Massimo surmised she’d make a great mother.

  “Fuck me, love me. Do me, Masi. Come on.” She gripped his pelvis.

  Demanding, he could tell she always got her way. He’d give her everything she ever wanted.

  Amore. Exceptional. Beauty.

  “Be quiet,” he warned. Massimo took her calves over his shoulders, lowering his body over hers. His chest pressed behind her legs.

  “I love you.” The declaration in her voice melted his heart. She gazed up at him, meaning her words more than before.

  His palms slid under Lex’s neck holding her beautiful face up. Massimo could see her better as she wrapped her legs around him. “Mio amore, I love you more, I love you…” he sang.

  Lex’s eyes shimmered.

  He wiped her face and soothed, “Don’t cry, my bella.” His eager dick inched up to her entry. Massimo couldn’t stifle his big boy smile anymore. Cheeks hard, he gave her a cheesy smile and nuzzled his nose to hers.

  “You imagine your cute grin is gonna make your fat dick any easier to for my tight pussy to take?”

  “Tsk, tsk, tsk, my bella,” he said. Massimo thought about tying the dress around her mouth as he had moments ago. He realized tonight he’d let Lex give him lip. He loved a challenge and understood Lex Easton would keep his attention. Assuming she’d be his princess.

  Lex’s eyebrows arched in anticipation.

  He pushed his head in. A soft purr erupted from her mouth pulsating against his face’s right side. God, I love her. Massimo brought his lips over hers inhaling her scent. “I wanted inside the moment I saw you.”

  “Likewise,” she confessed. His determination didn’t scare her.

  “Hold onto my shoulders, bella.” He slid in farther as her moans increased. Lex’s voice made him thick with the desire to fill her.

  “Yes, fuck me,” Lex cooed. Her hands wrapped tighter around his torso.

  “Do not let go ’til I say so,” he instructed, hard pressing his cock inside her.

  Lex’s skin felt soft compared to his taut frame.

  Massimo noted Lex’s breathing shortened as her rib cage rose and fell to his deep moans. He flexed his arms bringing his weight over her. Looking down his forearms’ veins reminded him to be gentle. Go slow with her. No matter what she demanded, he’d taken control. He didn’t want to hurt her. A vulnerable woman remained under a New York steel coating. Massimo’s erect flesh skated into her warmth, and he grunted, “Bella, this is home for me.” He inhaled, taking in her scent as sex filled the room.

  Lex’s face glinted hot pink.

  “Breathe. mio amore, breathe.”

  “Deeper, go deeper,” she encouraged. Her greedy cunt sucked his cock in. She cried in blissful fits as Massimo impaled her with half his dick.

  She warmed up.

  He’d fuck her harder than ever imagined.

  Massimo arched his back and glancing down at his cock. Withdrawing to secure footing, he repositioned as her walls seized his girth. Massimo let her cunt lead him in an inch at a time.

  “Ahhhhhh,” she roared in his ear. Her breath hit his skin. “I love your dick, you—”

  Lex gripped onto her own ankles freeing his hands to position his body over her. “Oh yes, fuck me.” She aimed her vagina better into action. Her spasmodic contractions clamped around his cock. “I—I’m coming again, ohhh yeaaeeoo.” Her excitement shot on his upper legs.

  “Principessa, stay still, perfect, like that.” Massimo drilled down on her, filling her to the highest hilt. His nuts slapped against her creamy skin. His cock shoved inside, but not quite all the way.

  “Tight, tight, bella, I was certain I’d climax the second I got inside you. You have no idea.” He fucked her harder with his dick’s better half. He loved her wetness, testing the limits to see how far he could go. His hips went back and forth. This is it.

  “Told you it’d been a while,” she sassed on.

  “Bella’s going to get it.” His body heat rose. Massimo studied her face, watching her love him. Each thrust he’d give inched the bed toward the wall with a loud creak.

  “More, give me more,” she begged. Her back arched as she leaned into him.

  “Yeah, principessa.”

  “Yeah, Masi.”

  “You are ready, bella.”

  “Harder!” Her legs fell on his shoulders as he impaled her. She raked her nails over his chest, twisting his nipples. The titty twist game he’d played on her earlier lived as a close memory.

  “I am your DJ tonight. I set our beat,” he boasted. Massimo reached for a pillow. He held up her ankles with one hand while sliding the cushion under her lower back with the other.

  Spreading her legs wide, she took a deep breath and said, “I love how petite I am in your arms.”

  Fingers scissoring over her pussy as he pulled his cock out, he felt Lex’s soaked pubic hair.

  Her face begged for more and her core stared back at him, waiting for fulfillment.

  “Can you take my entire cock, bella?”

  Massimo brought her hips up.

  “Do it!”

  Akin to his V12 Lamborghini picking up speed, he throttled inside her walls. “So good!” he exclaimed, noting he could no longer tell where her body ended and his began, and he revved up for more.

  “Yes,” she said, quaking and flooding his cock as her entire body clenched tight around him. “I am coming again, Jesus, fuck.”

  Lex is beauty. Lex is love. Lex is mine. “Bellissima.” He dug. Massimo pushed harder as the bed frame knocked the far corner motivating him to persist.

  Her body trembled and spasmed into fits.

  It shocked him.

  He realized Lex required more cock. “Ready, principessa?” he asked. But didn’t wait for response as her pussy clenched tight, contracting around his girth. Lex’s cunt sucked him in. Fucking hungry.

  “You want my balls?” he hinted.

  “What?” she deadpanned. Her legs lowered to no way.

  “Bella, you need a good fill.” He gripped her knees and opened her wide.

  “Your dick is more than enough. You’re nuts—as in crazy.” Lex turned her face away from his intent stare.

  “Uh huh, and so are my nuts. Take ’em, bella.” We are just getting started.

  “Give me,” she mumbled. Lex gripped her knees.

  “I thought as much.” Pumping faster, he gripped his sac in his right hand shoving his left ball in. His ball’s skin felt smooth.

  Her vagina remained receptive.

  He thrust once, then twice testing if he should drop the other ball inside. “Perfetto,” he confirmed. Massimo tucked with a full fold into her his other nut. He moved his pelvis back and forth in a rhythm as if dancing upstairs. Unsure how the position would be for her and him, he hovered over her in a pushup stride. With a gentle force he thrust his pelvis. “Oh bella, you are fucking tight,” he moaned. As with everything with Lex, it was amazing, and from the expression on her face, she agreed. Massimo sunk himself in, pounding harder with his cock and nuts attached.

  He heard his own music in his head a tune unfamiliar. This melody sang as special.

  Euphoria. Rapture. Trance.

  Massimo’s sweat ran down his forehead as if he’d worked out at the gym. His muscles pumped with his American as he first requested.

  “Amazing, you are glorioso.” Massimo leaned forward, pressing his lips to her forehead. She felt warm, burning up.

  “Ohh my gawd. Don’t you dare come,” Lex spat. She gave his buttocks a spank, signaling him to slow his speed down for fear he’d orgasm.<
br />
  He didn’t. He couldn’t. Not now. Pump. Pump. Pump.

  “Come on, Masi.” She shifted her pussy under him teasing him to get rough.

  Squeak. Thump. The bed shook along with them.

  “Principessa, we wanted this.”

  Creak. Boop. The cushions fell to the floor.


  “Didn’t imagine I—could orgasm—this many times.” She squinted, trying.

  “Almost there,” he muttered. Massimo edged to release. Damned if she didn’t come with him. “Challenging me, bella?” He sped up, inching, his head’s slit ready to fire. “Come on, bella, come again.”

  Unable to catch her breath, she’d grown silent for a minute and then whispered, “I want to remember tonight—forever.”

  “Want me to slow down?” he quavered. He thought if he could freeze frame this experience in time, he would. Massimo realized his heart saved itself for—Lex Easton.

  “No,” she fussed. Freeing the wet blonde locks from her eyes, she signaled with a head nod she wanted more. “Let’s go, Masi!”

  “Is this what you wanted?” he asked with a rapid thrust, determined to make her come one more time. He must. She’d leave him tomorrow, and with their time apart, it’d be weeks until he’d see her again. His attention turned toward her nipples as he sucked on one, then the other while he drilled her pussy hard inching for release.

  Her cunt contracted with a force around his dick. “You wanna play, Masi?” Her eyes enlarged and he felt her nails digging into his skin. “Just wait.”

  “Work your cunt muscles.” Come on, my little overreactive bella. Remembering she favored sparring he joked, “You didn’t come here for fabric, mio amore.” He pulled out teasing her orgasm.

  “Fuck you, Masi,” she snapped. Her haze evaporated. “Give me your cock.” Her legs tightened around him.

  A big boy smile grew across his face and he boasted, “You came to Isola di Girasoli for me to have you.” He witnessed her come back to life, her usual sassy talk back. He focused on her ass, slipping his hands underneath.

  “Do it,” she encouraged.

  Pushing a thumb inside her, he prodded, “Love your tight hot ass.”

  Her pussy juiced over his cock as he slid his second thumb in stretching her. “I will straighten your sweet ass out, bella,” he roared. He teased Lex, remembering her anal floor performance. Tighter than her vagina, he massaged her asshole, drilling his cock into her pussy with his nuts close behind.

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