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Undercover Desire (Taboo Romance Erotica)

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Undercover Desire (Taboo Romance Erotica)

  Undercover Desire


  Anya Merchant

  Copyright © 2014 by Anya Merchant

  All rights reserved

  Kindle Edition

  This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons is entirely coincidental. This work is intended for adults only. It contains substantial sexually explicit language and scenes that may be considered offensive by some readers.


  The city was crowded with people, all of them walking in a confident, deliberate manner. Kelly, on the other hand, felt like she was lost and out of her element.

  She had grown up in a rural town, and her parents had never had enough money to travel much. Even when she headed off to college in a new state after high school, her dorm had been in a small city with little to do. This was so far out of her realm of experiences that it was hard for her to even focus without feeling her heart race inside her chest.

  Kelly had worked hard in college, but like many students, the distractions had been so compelling that it had been difficult for her to maintain her grades. She was 19, and entering her second year, or at least she would have been. A couple of points short of an A on one of her finals was all it had taken to disqualify her from a scholarship she desperately needed, pulling the rug out from under her and changing everything.

  Her parents had been eager for her to follow through with her education and hopefully find a better life than they had. It had been too heart breaking for Kelly to tell them the truth, so she lied. They thought she had left the day before to drive out to the dorms. In the reality, however, that was far from the case.

  Kelly pushed by a group of people that were talking and laughing about where to eat lunch. She was still confused by the street signs, but as far as she could tell, she was almost there. There was only one person who could help her out of her jam now, and Kelly hadn’t seen him in almost half a decade.

  Kevin was Kelly’s estranged step-brother. Kelly’s mom had died in child birth, and her dad had remarried, joining her family with Kevin’s. He was 4 years older than her, and had never gotten along with Kelly’s dad, leading him to leave the farm for the city on his 18th birthday.

  Kevin was the type of guy who seemed to always be flirting with destruction, and relishing every opportunity he could find to push society’s tolerance to the limit. Even as a 14 year old girl, Kelly had felt her emotions go wild watching the way Kevin would pick fights with other guys, and bring girls back to the house for fun.

  The two had never been close, but Kevin seemed to pay particular note to Kelly as she had gotten older, and not always in a good way. He teased her about everything, whether it had been her developing figure, or the boys she had chastely dated in middle school. And it had always driven her wild, right up to the day he had disappeared, leaving a strangely empty place in her heart that she had never found anything to fit inside.

  “456 Pine Street…Is this it?” Kelly muttered, under her breath. She looked up at the apartment building in front of her. It wasn’t upscale, to put it lightly. She had walked into an area of the city that was obviously far from the gentrified downtown areas without realizing it. But it was the right address. This is where Kevin lived.

  She opened the door to the stairway, noticing several stains on the ground and cracks in the pain on the interior walls. Her brother’s apartment was only on the third floor, but she still saw enough of the halls on the way up to get a sense of what kind of people lived in the building. They were the type of people that they had only a few of in her home town, people who hung out on the street and went to the liquor store every day.

  Finally, Kelly found the door to apartment 3F and stood outside of it. She brought her fist into the air slowly, hesitating as she went to knock. It seemed as though this was one of those moments that could send her life careening off in one direction or another, and as she thought about just what she was going to say when she saw Kevin, her heart began to race with a furious intensity.

  Surprisingly, the door swung open while she was in the middle of this. Standing on the other side of it was a man with broad shoulders, a thin beard, and a very determined look set in his eyes. He blinked once when he saw Kelly, and his reaction was so controlled and measured that she almost thought for a second that he didn’t even recognize her.

  “What are you doing here?” he asked. His voice was sharp, and almost accusatory.

  “I, I…” Kelly started, finding it suddenly very difficult to explain anything.

  “Here, get inside, quick!” Kevin said. He grabbed her hand and roughly pulled her into his apartment. His touch alone was almost enough to make Kelly quiver, and she felt her cheeks beginning to warm up, embarrassed by her own foolishness.

  “I’m sorry Kevin!” she said. “I…lost my scholarship. I mean, I did a while ago but I didn’t tell mom and dad, and-“

  “Sorry about this Kelly, just stay quiet!” he said, cutting her off. Kelly realized that her brother had led her over to a small closet in his living room. He opened it, pushed her inside, and then closed it before she could react.

  “Hey, wait!” she cried. “What are you doing?”

  “Just don’t make any noise, please sis,” he said. “I will explain everything after.”

  Kelly was confused, but she trusted Kevin, even though it had been so long. She could see out through a tiny series of slits in the thin wooden door. There was a knock from the hallway, and she watched as Kevin walked over to the entrance, opened it, and let an attractive, busty blond woman into the apartment.

  For some reason, she felt as though her body had been plunged into ice cold water.


  “Hey there handsome,” said the woman.

  Kevin smiled at her, and brushed a strain of hair out of her face. The woman had a deep city accent, and to Kelly, it sounded almost like nails on a chalkboard.

  “You’re right on time as always, Amy,” he replied. “Unfortunately, I have something that I forgot to do earlier today. Can we meet up later?”

  The woman frowned and rolled her eyes.

  “You are so full of shit, Vinnie,” she said. “I came all the way across town to see you, and know you’re gonna give me the slip?”

  “I’m sorry babe, I wouldn’t even think about it if it wasn’t important.”

  Amy walked further into the apartment. Kelly quietly tried to slip further back into the closet, reducing her profile and making sure that there was no way for her to be seen.

  “How about I just wait here for you to get back?” asked Amy. She sat down on the couch and leaned back on it seductively. The entrance to the closet was only a few feet away, and Kelly knew that if she moved even slightly, she’d give herself away.

  “Sorry, babe,” said Kevin. “Let’s just meet up later. We can get some dinner, I’ll meet you down town.”

  “Are you fucking some whore?” asked Amy, stomping her feet down and standing up. “I swear to god Vinnie, if I find out-“

  “That’s not it babe, I just have some new people coming over later,” he said. “For business, some potential new clients.”

  He leaned in and kissed her softly, and Amy seemed to relent.

  “Well jeez, you could have just said that in the beginning instead of being so shady,” she said.

  He smiled at her, and pinched the corner of her mouth lightly with his thumb and forefinger.

  “How about I give you something to help you relax for your meeting, then?” asked Amy. “Something to help you blow off a little steam…

  She pushed Kevin back onto the couch with surprising strength. He fell into a seated position, and Kelly watched as this strange woman began to run her hands across his clothes, unzipping his jeans.

  “Wait! No! Really babe, you don’t have to…” Kevin’s words trailed off as Amy began to massage his member. Kelly couldn’t see at first because of the angle, but as her brother relented, he leaned back slightly, and she had a clear view of his hard cock in the hands of this attractive woman.

  “Just let me take care of, Vinnie,” said Amy. “You like it when I take care of you.”

  It was hard for Kelly to watch the scene play out, but strangely, it was even harder for her to look away. She felt a strange mixture of anger, jealousy, and possessiveness that was incredibly confusing. Why did it make her so upset to see this woman being so forward with her brother? Why did she even care?

  Amy slowly brought her mouth down to Kevin’s cock and slipped her lips onto the tip of it. He moaned and leaned his head back. His gaze passed across the door to the closet, and Kelly could see that he had a strange glimmer in his eyes. He’s enjoying this, she realized. He’s enjoying having his sister watch him get his dick sucked, now that it was actually underway.

  The woman seemed to know exactly what she was doing, and bobbed her head down with ease and efficiency. Kevin had grabbed her ponytail with his hand and was encouraging her, his strong and defined biceps pumping as he lifted her up and down, fucking her face.

  “Yeah, that’s right,” he said. “You are a good cocksucker, Amy. My personal cocksucker.”

  Amy flicked her eyes up at him, a devilish look in them. He increased his pace, bringing her face all the way down the length of his long shaft and pushing his cock deep against the back of her throat. Finally, Kelly watched as her brother began to tense up. He pulled Amy’s mouth off his cock right as it began to explode, spraying his white lot cum load all over her face.

  “See, don’t you feel better now?” said Amy.

  Kevin just smiled. Kelly watched as her older brother pulled his pants up and zipped up his fly. She felt conflicted at the voyeuristic role she had just played. Her cheeks were flushed, and though she was ashamed to admit it, her body had responded to watching her brother being pleasured.

  “So…are you going to take me somewhere nice tonight?” asked Amy.

  “We’ll see, babe,” said Kevin. He gestured towards the door, and she started walking out.

  “Alright, I’ll go. Though I don’t see why you doing a business deal has to be secretive. I know how things work in the drug game, I know how to keep my mouth shut.”

  “It’s different this time,” said Kevin. “My new client is…very different from the ones you’ve met, and can get a little emotionally affected, sometimes.

  Kelly’s cheeks blushed as she realized that her brother was talking about her.

  “Anyway, I have to start getting ready,” he continue.

  “Okay! I’ll call you later!” said Amy. She stepped out the door and closed it behind her.

  Kevin waited for a couple of seconds, and then turned towards the closet. He walked over to it and threw the door open. Kelly’s eyes met his, and a strange, almost palpable tension seemed to fill the air.

  “Sis,” said Kevin. “You should really let me know next time you’re planning to drop by…”

  “I know, I’m sorry, but…” said Kelly. “I really didn’t have much choice. Mom and dad think I’m back in school, but I lost my scholarship.”

  “Look, I don’t have time for your teenage nonsense. I’m undercover, Kelly. Do you understand what that means?”

  “I do, I’m sorry,” she said. “What if I stay out of your way? Nobody even needs to know that I’m here, just let me crash on your couch at night.”

  Kevin sighed and shook his head, frustrated.

  “I’m not going to turn you out on the street,” he said. “But you have to do whatever I say. I work with dangerous people. I’m going to have to be extremely careful just to keep you from getting involved. From getting hurt.”

  Kelly swallowed hard. This was not at all what she had been expecting when she had imagined staying with her brother. It felt like she had been swept up into something bigger, something that could backfire if she took a wrong step.

  “I will Kevin…” she said, after a silent moment. “I won’t blow your cover, I promise.”

  “Good,” he said.

  He stepped toward her and pulled her into an embrace. Kelly felt her brother’s arms wrap around her, and for some reason, it made her blush fiercely. He was wearing a leather jacket and it felt warm against her arms, and somehow, dangerous.


  Kelly sat down on the couch, feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the situation. She turned toward her brother, who was digging around in the closet that she had just come out of. Kevin stepped out of it, and her eyes were immediately drawn to the pistol in his hand.

  “Don’t worry, it’s mostly just for appearances,” said Kevin. “It’s better to have and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

  She felt faint, and her heart began to pound inside her chest. Her brother walked over and sat down next to her. He rubbed her shoulders encouragingly.

  “Look, I know it’s a lot to take in, but just trust me,” he said. “I’ve been working with the police for years now. I’ve been undercover twice before this. It’s not as dangerous as it seems.”

  “Kevin, you have a gun!” she said. “You, you’re going to get yourself killed!”

  He grinned at her roguishly. He was enjoying himself, she realized. This was the same reckless, bad boy brother she had always known, except to the next level. This was Kevin, and whether she liked it or not, he was getting a rise out of her emotions beyond anything she had experienced before.

  “Can I use your shower?” she asked him, feeling like she needed some time to just recuperate.

  “Sure, but you have to make it quick,” he said. “I really do have some people coming over for a deal. You should head out into the city while they’re here. I’ll call you when it’s done.”

  Kelly nodded, and then stood up. Kevin led her to the bathroom, and she walked in and closed the door behind her. She slipped out of the clothes that she was wearing and then stepped through the curtain, playing with the temperature knobs until the water felt just right.

  It was hard for her to process everything that was going on. As she thought more about it, Kelly realized that she had never really known her brother that well back when they lived together. She had seen him bring girls home, and for some reason, it had really gotten under her skin. Maybe she hadn’t known herself that well, either.

  Kevin had always been a daredevil, one of the “live fast, die young” types from the very beginning. Kelly remembered a time when he had given her a ride home from school, only to end up in an impromptu drag race, which he had won partly due to his driving skill and partly due to the huge amount of money he had put into his first car.

  Where had all of that money come from, she wondered. Did all of this go back to when he still lived on the farm, under their parent’s roof? How was it that her brother never seemed to work but could always afford so much stuff? And how did he get involved with the police to begin with?

  As if on cue, the bathroom door opened and Kevin stepped inside, shirtless. Kelly’s instinctual reaction was to yell at him, but there was something that counteracted that. She felt excited, and though she had never considered her body to be much to look at, she found herself wondering what her brother would think of it in its entirety.

  “Sorry Kelly, I have to grab some gauze,” he said.

  “Oh that’s okay, it’s fine,” replied Kelly. She leaned her head out from the shower curtain, exposing herself slightly and feeling her lower regions tingle at the idea of being seen by her brother. When she saw his chest, she realized what he was up to.

  There were several small wires running along it, taped flat. He had a
small bandage over his right shoulder, and part of it had been stained with what looked like blood. Her brother was going to record the conversation he had with his guests, and to do that he needed to cover all of his bases.

  He saw her looking and met her gaze. Kelly felt herself become hot as she felt her brother’s eyes on her. He gave her a coy half smile, and then gestured to his chest.

  “This is something I don’t do that often,” he said. “Most of the time I’m undercover, there is nobody listening. It’s up to me to decide how I behave, what’s right, and what’s wrong.”

  Kevin finally found the gauze, and began wrapping it around his chest.

  “I can help you with that, if you want,” said Kelly shyly, feeling more and more of an urge to close the distance between herself and her brother. Kevin shook his head.

  “No, it’s fine, sis. Finish your shower,” he said. He walked out the door and closed it behind him.

  Kelly finished washing quickly and then dried off. She put her clothes on and headed back out into the hall. Kevin was in the living room adding more details to his disguise. She could smell pungent smoke in the air, and realized that he was puffing from a joint in his hand.

  “It’s all about believability,” he said, blowing out a cloud of smoke. “Though on occasion, this is fun to do on its own.”

  Kelly smiled and walked over to him.

  “So…will you promise me that you’ll be careful?” she asked.

  “That’s not something I can do. I don’t like to break promises.”

  He smiled at her, and she punched him playfully on the shoulder.

  “You should go, sis. They’ll be getting here sometime within the next hour.”

  Kelly nodded, and made her way over to her shoes. She put them on, and took one last look at her brother before heading out the door.

  “I’m serious, Kevin,” she said, feeling emotion fill her voice. “I…I love you, and if anything happened to you-“

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