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Maniac's Mirror

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Maniac's Mirror
Table of Contents

  Table of Contents 1



  PART 1 4

  1. Lost in thoughts, lost in time 5

  2. Encounters with the beast 7

  3. I have the power 10

  4. Mysterious servant 12

  5. The Clone supremacy ends 13

  6. Misery mayhem 14

  7. Act of Creator 16

  8. Cosmic connection 17

  9. A broken promise 18

  PART 2 19

  Minion of the unknown power 20

  Two cellar doors 21

  Catch the Mouse 22

  The unknown power unmasked 23

  Arizel’s the hunted 24

  Secrets revealed 25

  Kayle of a galaxy 26

  PART 3 The Timebook of Clocks 'Whispers on the wind' 27

  Epilogue 43

  Stories from the eventide 44

  Author's note 53

  antim abhay


  to my parents and fufu



  By antim abhay


  I am thankful to god for creating these following individuals of unique abilities, who played a key role in making this book happen. Some of them are my friends and family and some are my mentors. They brought joy to my life and they are my inspiration. Some of them are now in heaven. I sincerely ask for their forgiveness if I have broken their hearts in anyway. I was living in oblivion but they showed me the path towards happiness.

  Mrs. James, Mrs. John, Mrs. Julie Liddle, Mrs. Olive Singh, D.S Kushwah,Psyd Oulkar, Jboy, Jaycee, Umang, S.K Veluri, G Mishra, S Rajgopal, Atul, V.S Iyer, Priya Sharma, Kushagra, R.D Chawala, Charu, Shobha Rana, Asim Thapa, Atul Singh, Late.J.S Rana, D Kanwer, Ratna Kishore Rana, Late.Thaman Dangee, Shrimati Durga Devi, Prabhat Rana and above all the fairy of my dreams, the queen of utopia, Manju fufu.

  And I’m also thankful to the public and police in Pondicherry and Vellore (Tamil Nadu, India) and Bangalore police too; and my college teachers, these people helped me when I needed help utmost.

  I have adopted few songs of these following music bands Metallica, Iron Maiden, Cradle of Filth, Simon Garfunkel, Slipknot, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Bob Seger, Amorphis, Pantera, Megadeth, Ramones, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin and P.O.D. and also a poem by Edgar Allen Poe. 

  antim abhay

  Dedicated to my parents and fufu

  PART 1


  1. Lost in thoughts, lost in time

  My birth credentials:

  Country -    Gazahbor

  Planet -      Teargar

  Galaxy -      Drofolax

  Universe -   Arindhara

  I have arrived here just now and as always I can’t promise to stay. There is this thing I’ am tempted to tell you, I think I’ve never done this before and I wonder what will be the outcome. Whatever you read is what I could gather from my faltering memory and write. I had to pay for making it easier for you all to understand the truth of what I have written but the cruel fact is that nobody will understand it unless and until they are in the right dimension or the right world of thoughts, moreover these dimensions are overflowing. In other words, as there are infinite images when one mirror is kept in front of another mirror in the same way there are many parallel worlds which does not look alike but they are similar in all respects even the actions, only the train of thoughts is different in all of them. We are present in all but aware of only one and it’s all in one place. Everybody here only know of one world of thoughts, they know of only one dimension, but they are present in all the dimensions in  different forms and all stay at a single point and aware of only one form. All the entities in one dimension have different identity in each dimensions. During my youth, I developed an abnormality that I cannot stay in one dimension and the same body for long. These dimensions (worlds), they may be a high level one or one from the lower levels, may be old or new.

  In old ages there lived those who knew of all the parallel worlds or dimensions they were called Sysandrians, they were not like others divided in many fragments in different parallel universes but all there fragments from different dimensions were united into one and hence they had a single identity present in all dimensions at one time. All other living fell in love with Sysandrians as a Sysandrian could keep track of all their fragments in every dimension, they were consciously aware of them in only that one dimension in which they resided.

  If, in any of the world of thoughts (dimensions), that fragment of yours residing in that world disrespects them, they will never meet that part of yours again, and your fragment in that world will never know. Sysandrians were once like you but when they were chosen to become one, there way was paved towards ocean of knowledge, and they began their journey to become a Sysandrian for there was no other path. In your world no one knows about them, but in the world which is above all the worlds, Sysandria, their story is not hidden. The identity of those who are moving ahead on their path is hidden in all the worlds, their appearance is of an ordinary mad beggar. When we see such ones we react in different ways as per our wisdom. Today the ones who do not continue their journey and have taken respite are not heard of and the others are said to be moving ahead on their paths. I once knew a Sysandrian, who came back from her journey for me, her name was Atmi. She was my first master and taught me how to become one.

  Remember in all the worlds

  The faith in the unknown brings

  Desire out of despair

  Strength out of frailty

  Conquest out of defeat

  Rest after wrestle

  Peace out of animosity

  Forbearance after rebellion

  And life out of death

  You have made me so vast

  Too great for this world

  Too deep to be filled by nothingness

  Fill my lonely soul

  As you alone can speak to my heart

  In words you alone can utter

  2. Encounters with the beast

  When I jump into a new different world, its good as long as I stay hidden because things get out of control when people find me, the time may pass as a blizzard or as snail moves but beware for sometimes it stays still like a rock, its then when I die by your hands, and you never know.

  I needed time to think to get the memories from my mind

  I couldn’t believe the sight

  What I saw that night was real and not just fantasy

  Were they reflections of my warped mind staring back at me?

  Night was black, was no use holding back.

  Hello darkness my old friend

  I’ve come to talk with you again,

  Neath the halo of a street lamp,

  I turned my collar to the cold and damp

  When my eyes were stabbed

  By the flash of a neon light

  That split the night

  And touched the sound of silence

  Hear my words that I might teach you,

  Take my arms that I might reach out to you

  But my words like silent raindrops fell

  And echoed in the wells of silence

  Have you ever felt

  The future is the past

  But you don't know how

  A reflected dream

  Of a captured time

  Is it really now, is it really happening?

  Don't know why I feel this way

  Have I dreamt this time, this place?

  Something vivid comes again into my mind

  And I think I've seen your face,

  Seen this room, been in this place

g vivid comes again into my mind

  All my hopes and expectation

  Looking for an explanation

  Have I found my destination?

  I just can't take no more

  Think I've heard your voice before

  Am I still inside my dream?

  Is this a new reality?

  Something makes me feel that I have lost my mind

  I only dream 'cause I'm alive

  To save me from myself

  I get up put on the light, dreading the oncoming night

  Nothing that I contemplate,

  Nothing that I can compare

  To letting loose the demons deep inside my head

  Dread to think what might be stirring

  Got to keep away from drifting

  Lost – In a dream of mirrors

  Lost – In a paradox

  Lost – And time is spinning

  Lost – A nightmare I retrace

  Lost – A hell that I revisit

  Lost – Another time and place

  Lost – A parallel existence

  Lost – A nightmare I retrace

  In every life of mine, I try to save the universe from the evil power Kilkanuks who follows me in every parallel world and feeds on the living i.e. the fragment of yours present in that world, but till now in every attempt of mine eventually I get myself neck deep into trouble, and you can’t imagine with how much pain and strife I manage to escape out of such situations. Whenever I am stuck in such conditions, I don’t know how I jump into a world of another dimension, and some of the fragments of the living in that dimension turn into rocks and ashes. The evil follows me and that dimension is saved from extinction, the fragments of the living in that world who survive forget about me and everything that happened during my stay in their world.

  I’m waiting in my cold cell when the bell begins to chime

  Reflecting on my past life and it doesn’t have much time

  Cos at 5 o’clock they take me to the gallows pole

  The sands of time for me are running low

  When the priest comes to read me the last rites

  I take a look through the bars at the last sights

  Of a world that has gone very wrong for me

  Can it be there’s some sort of error

  Hard to stop the surmounting terror

  Is it really the end not some crazy dream

  Somebody please tell me that I’m dreaming

  It’s not so easy to stop from screaming

  But words escape me when I try to speak

  As the guards march me out to the courtyard

  Someone calls from a cell God be with you

  If there’s a God then why has he let me die?

  When you know that your time is close at hand

  Maybe then you’ll begin to understand

  Life down there is just a strange illusion.

  When I arrive in the new parallel world, a new scenario begins everything is new but the end is the same (it’s no use telling you how long do I usually survive there as time is different in each parallel world). When everything starts getting better I realize I’m again messed up badly, and I am on the verge of dying but because of Arizel’s grace and her miracles, I survive but in the end I am again running to escape from that evil and after a long suffering ultimately I leave that world.

  3. I have the power

  One day somehow serendipitously I turned two humans into statues, one real rock like and another working one. By working I mean, he was continuously doing one work or some actions repeatedly. This means when I make you a working statue (I’ll call it machine) you will keep on doing the same work which you were doing at the moment when I made you a machine, eventually the machine will work slower and slower as the body loses energy due to the absence of nutrition, but you will keep working till your last breath i.e. until you die. Arizel won’t let you. I bring them all back to life; I can do that by touching anyone of them, but they are unaware of what had happened. Now in the end when I get stuck in the likely situation of getting chased by people, dogs, flies etc. who are under the influence of the evil power, I summon my power and wield it, and when my tormentors touch me they are turned to machines Arizel makes me disappear and transmits me to a new world of another parallel dimension. I had the power to make any being into a machine.

  They are scanning the scene

  In the city tonight

  They are looking for me

  To start up a fight

  There is an evil feeling

  In their brains

  But it is nothing new

  It drives them insane

  And I went on

  And I went on down that road

  You can’t bury me when I'm gone

  You can’t teach me when I'm here

  Just as soon as I belong

  Then it's time I disappear

  Here I go into new days

  I'm pain, I'm hope, I'm suffer

  In the mist, dark figures move and twist

  Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised

  As they start to cry

  All hands held to the sky

  In the night, the fires are burning bright

  The ritual has begun

  Satan's work is done

  Sacrifice is going on tonight

  I'm coming back, I will return

  And I'll possess your body

  And I'll make you burn

  I have the fire

  I have the force

  I have the power to make my evil take its course

  4. Mysterious servant

  Once I was surprised as I was unable to feel that evil power, then I suddenly disappeared and found myself in a big theatre where there was no one save a man who called himself Taneek, he said that the evil power which was after me has left me that is the reason I was brought in this place which was nowhere, from where everything began and now again I was to start a new journey as a Kayle. Taneek used to serve Arizel in the past. He gave me everything I asked. He told me I could use my imagination to build a new scenario in any one of the worlds I have been through and can enter inside it and leave whenever I want. I enjoyed few moments of leisure when suddenly on the stage a film started rolling on the screen I was surprised to see that it was showing something like a movie on my entire life and all the forgotten dreams I had dreamt. Everything was going on the screen as it had happened in my life earlier; I started missing my friends and family too much. I can’t say it took a moment or a thousand years when I vanished, leaving rocks (machines), from the screen (to arrive in this auditorium) that’s when I saw someone coming from the green room. It was me. I and the one like me both were amazed to see each other. Taneek told me that he was one of the fragments of mine from another dimension, since we shared one body we could never meet in the world from which we came, though we possessed one body but our body had a unique form in each parallel dimension. We all had a different story but related to one. Now all of my fragments will not remain in one body, they’ll get separated as they arrive one by one in this theatre. Each one of us will now possess a distinct body of the same form as it used to be in our dimension. I understood that now we will be a new generation of Kayles. I saw that again the same movie is starting on the screen looking at this I decided to leave. Then I bid farewell to my fragment hoping to meet again in the future and jumped into a new world.

  5. The Clone supremacy ends

  A fragment of mine that was in Shanur a distant planet in Arindhara was killed by Zuveta a minion of the evil Kilkanuks. Zuveta found out a way to trace us since all of us are connected by an energy field, so Zuveta and his minions started killing my fragments. But Zuveta could not kill me though he tried many times.

  Shanur is a planet in the Drofolax galaxy, the Shanurians succeeded in uniting all their fragments in different parallel dimensions into one, a Shanurian which existed in the different parallel dimensions is in one piece now just like Sysandrians. But unlike Sysandrians
, Shanurians have power that they can reside in anything or anybody anywhere in the dimensions of this universe. They can leave their body working like a machine and can roam freely anywhere in the universe, they may have to compete for the body too. The king of Shanur is Zuveta as once because of him only, the inhabitants of Shanur became fake Sysandrians. Shanurians cannot lie to each other because they can read each other’s thoughts. They can go on any planet of the galaxy and can take control of the mind and exploit the body of the inhabitants of that planet. Very few know the secret of Shanurians. To kill the Kayles, Shanurians made a new plan that they won’t stab them in the back but make our lives so miserable that we would choose death ourselves, and they also found a way to exploit us. Gradually Shanurians got hold of more than half of the universe.

  6. Misery mayhem

  I have been beaten countless times, the Shanurians have made me perform innumerable stunts, they’ve tried to put tattoos on me, and they’ve tried planting chips inside my body. They’ve tried every means that they could think of, in order to mark me so that I can be easily located when I move from one dimension to another (remember except for Shanurians all the rest of the living are still divided in fragments in the parallel universes), but all their attempts against me were in vain as right now I’m not a captive. I am hiding in Teargar my home planet. In Arindhara universe, people gather points by doing good deeds, on the basis of these points they are ranked in their planet and across the universe. With the help of these points, people in this universe control their livelihood, but in Teargar there is no value of these points it is a planet with the maximum crimes and the only planet where money is still being used for living purposes.

  Long ago I still remember that once when I asked Arizel to marry me she said she cannot marry me and warned me not to marry anyone willingly. I don’t know whether it matters now or not when she has left me again. Arizel is not just a girl she can come in my life, in any form may be she is still here but I am unable to sense her. She is a song of the seas she’s a myth that I have to believe in.

  She seemed dressed in all of me

  Stretched across my shame

  All the torments and the pain

  Leaked through and covered me

  I'd do anything to have her to myself

  Just to have her for myself

  Now I don't know what to do

  When she makes me sad

  She is everything to me

  The unrequited dream

  The song that no one sings

  The unattainable

  She’s a myth that I have to believe in.

  While Shanurians were evolving I was in a virtual Shanur created by Arizel where I received vigorous training to defeat Kilkanuks and Shanurians, Arizel never tells me what the use of my training is or how I can apply what I’ve learned, but I always realize it at the time when I face the threat. Shanurians were so much evolved that now they could read the thoughts of other living entities also, and they kept it a secret, so they ruined every work of the clones, made their life miserable.

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