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Impaling my Heart: Vlads story (Annalese and the Immortals Book 2)

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Impaling my Heart: Vlads story (Annalese and the Immortals Book 2)

  Impaling My Heart: Vlad's Story


  It's amazing what a bitch destiny can be. How she can turn someone's life so upside down you can't see straight - can't focus. She creates such happiness but comes right back to wreak so much havoc, when you’ve done everything you know to be right and true, she makes it seem like someone else's life, like who you were doesn't matter and you will never be the same. This is my life. Welcome to my world. I am Vlad Tepes and I used to be the most powerful of my kind, now not so much. I still have my gifts, as I am a true born, and I cannot lose them. Lethal was what I used to be; but that was before I destroyed my mating, before I met HER. She is on my mind night and day. Sleep brings her to me in my dreams; to a place where she is mine. Mine! I know how wrong this is, believe me I do. I've been fighting it for a year. My date with the council is just a few days away. There, I will have to do what not one man or vampire ever wants to do. Stand up and admit I was wrong, that I am wrong. That I fucked my life up, that I left my relationship long before she left our home; but no matter my feelings, I must. This is for Sophia. She deserves to be free so she can find someone who can give her what she needs. That is not me; my mind is so distracted that I am not the man she once loved. I am not capable. Even if I was; I wouldn't, couldn't. I am so far gone now I can never return. As I sit here in my favorite perch, a fallen tree at the highest peak of the Carpathian Mountains, all I can think of is HER. The one I love more than anything, the one who holds my heart and soul in her hands.

  The part that is so supremely fucked up even I have to stop myself and remember, she is not mine; not the way I want her to be. She is mated to my fledgling, my only sired vampire; my son if you will. She is the mother to the future Prince of Wallachia, and I want her so bad it hurts. It physically fucking hurts. Ah, but there's more: The absolute hardest part for me; she loves me too, not the way she loves her mate, but its love never the less. And I would give everything I have, everything I am, to have her love me like she does him.

  She came to me last yule and gave herself to me. That was the most perfect night in my 656 years, nothing will ever compare. I can still smell her hair; feel how soft her skin was. I can close my eyes and hear every whimper and moan, feel every tremor of her body. I will never forget how she trembled and clung to me when she came. That night was the epiphany of my life. It was a gift, from them to me. It was to give me a child of my own. That however never happened. How I had wished so much to watch her swell with my child; but alas, we could not create life together. I climb into my bed every sunrise hoping; praying to whatever Gods will listen that she will come again. It was not the sex that was so very completing for me. It was having her so close, like holding perfection in my arms. Her beauty surpasses anything I've ever seen. When her emerald eyes meet mine, I am lost.

  Here is the total kick in the ass: her mate is ok with sharing. This should make me happy and it does to an extent. I can pull her in close and kiss her, hold her. But I am quickly becoming a selfish bastard and I don't want to share. I know it’s pathetic and I should be grateful, but like I said… selfish.

  Sunrise is soon coming and I am drained. I need to return home. Back to what everyone refers to as Castle Dracula. I need to hold her in my arms, if just for a moment before I retire to sleep the sun away.


  "Lachlan, where’s Vlad? He's been acting very odd these past few weeks. I’m worried, I can't read him. I think he's intentionally blocking me. Do you have any idea what's going on?" Annalese asked her mate. Vlad had pulled away from both of them, and Annalese had no clue what was happening. The only one he was himself with was Michael, her son. The tiny tornado would be celebrating his first birthday in a week. Although since he was a hybrid, Michael was the size of a four year old. Hybrid children were special and their growth rate was insanely advanced.

  Lachlan spoke up, "Aye angel, I doona know. Tis probably just the council, well I think anaway. He is a verra private person, and airing it all like dat, tis not somethin any man wants to do. He doesn’t like being wrong as ye know, so this must be hard for him to handle."

  Annalese knew in her heart something else was going on, the change had to be more than just the council. "I think I'd like to stay with him today, if he will let me, that is. Something is telling me it's so much more than just that." A lot more she thought. She went to her mate, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. Lachlan returned the kiss with so much love and passion it almost took her off her feet. "Go be with him today angel, Michael and I will build a tent and camp out in the gardens. He's been wanting to anaway.”

  As she made her way up the stairs, she knew he wasn’t in the castle. Annalese checked his chambers anyway, to be sure. No Vlad; that would give her a few minutes to change and return. She chose a red, lacy nightgown with tiny satin straps, Vlad loved red. In his chambers she could feel him. His emotions hung heavy in the air even in his absence. Annalese sat on the balcony waiting for the morning sun to break the horizon.

  She knew Vlad had returned to the castle, she could feel his presence like thousands of tiny charged ions. "My dear Annalese, why are you in my chambers at dawn?" He was silently praying she would stay, although he thought he knew better. But still he prayed just the same. God, what this woman did to him. Just being in the same room as her made him weak and gave him butterflies like some damn teenage boy.

  "I miss you Vlad, so much. I have no idea why you're so distant with me, only that you are, and I hate it. I miss your kisses; I miss how it feels when you tell me you love me. You've shut down and I hate it. Please open up and let me feel what you're feeling. Don't block me anymore." Annalese held out her arms to him, "Come to me, and love me Vlad."

  That was all he needed to hear. Vlad had her in his arms in an instant, kissing her. His tongue pushing passed her lips, demanding entrance to meet hers, with his hands in her long strawberry tresses. Vlad’s lips left hers and moved along her neck to the hollow behind her ear. "God Vlad, that’s exactly what I want." The assault of kisses kept coming, now down to her shoulder where he slid the straps down. Red lace pooled at her feet, she wore nothing under.

  "Have mercy on me Annalese, I want you so badly. I always do, feel me." Vlad guided her hand to his rock hard erection. Oh God, she thought. He seemed bigger if that was even possible. Her fingers removed his belt and then the button on his trousers. The hiss of the zipper filled the room. Vlad kicked out of them, leaving the garment piled next to the nest of lace. He too wore nothing under, and his enormous dick jutting out, screaming to be touched.

  "Oh dear god! Ah fuck me!" He said as her hand glided down his swollen shaft.

  "Well that was the idea oh Dark Prince." Vlad stopped touching her at these words. He was now staring intensely into her eyes with a sincerity she had never seen before.

  "Never have we, nor will we ever fuck. Fucking is what classless men do with whores; you my dear could never be confused for that. This, what this is my love is love making at its finest. Nothing in all my years has ever felt better than you." Vlad had her on his bed and was over her before she could process it. His lips capturing a nipple, biting and sucking until she was digging her nails into his back. He released it, moving to the other, scraping his fangs over the hardened peak. Her words were incoherent and he knew she loved every touch. Vlad trailed kisses and licked a path down her stomach, parting her legs. The beauty of her stole his breath. He snaked his tongue up her slit, tasting her. She was heaven in a woman's body. Annalese moaned and thrashed as Vlad loved her. He held tight, continuing to feast on her body. When his
lips found her hardened clit, she almost came off the bed, she tried to choke out a response but none came. Only whimpers and muffled cries. Vlad slid two very long fingers inside her, beginning a slow, delicious rhythm while his tongue and lips continued to devour her clit. He basked in her scent, a combination of lust and sweet honey. It was intoxicating and all his; that he knew. Vlad had years of practice, and he knew deep down in himself she loved his roughness, his raw animal side. The way she responded to him was proof. Vlad could feel her begin to shudder, the calm before the storm, and he pushed the limits, adding a third finger to push her over the edge. When she had finally stopped screaming his name, he kissed a path back up to her lips. "You are the most incredible creature my dear Annalese. There are no words for how beautiful that was."

  Vlad knew she was ready for him, but he wanted something first. "Do you remember our first time? The way you touched me?"

  She nodded that she definitely remembered. She had thought Lachlan was huge until she saw Vlad in his naked glory. “Is that what you want baby? Tell me?"

  Vlad lie back baring all, and damn if there wasn’t a lot to see! He was complete perfection. Annalese looked into the violet pools of his eyes and smiled. Her hands were as soft on his skin as feathers. Her assault of kisses started at his feet, even those were perfection. She trailed warm, wet kisses up one leg, then back down the other. Just missing where he wanted her lips the most. Back up his leg to Vlad’s hip, then to his chest. She loved the soft dusting of onyx curls. Annalese did to his nipples what he had done to hers, nipping and teasing as he whimpered and moaned incoherently. She moved south again, she had teased him enough. Her tongue licked the length of his dick, and made little swirling motions around the swollen, purple head.

  Annalese took him deep, licking as far down as her mouth would allow, and Vlad couldn’t help but respond. "Fuck yes! I! You! Oh Damn!" When his hands fisted in her hair she knew she had hit the exact right spot.

  Vlad wanted to watch, to see how she made him feel the way she did, but he couldn't keep his eyes from rolling back into his head. When he felt his body starting to thrust, pushing further, he knew he had to stop her. "Oh dear gods Annalese, you have to stop." Vlad was fighting for breath. "I am afraid I will hurt you." She released him with a pop, Vlad pulling her up his body, taking her lips and rolling over so he could look down on her. Slowly he filled her, inch by agonizing inch until the two were one. Vlad needed her to feel what he felt, his walls dissolved, allowing his emotions to come through. "Can you feel it my love?" Oh Annalese felt everything.

  Vlad had finally taken his walls down, letting her in. The barrage of emotions shook her like an earthquake. Nothing could have prepared her for what she read. The utter devotion towards her, the longing to make her his, his self-hatred, but the biggest thing she felt was love. Vlad had told her many times, but to actually feel the intensity of his love bordered on painful.

  He knew she felt it all but was so lost in the ecstasy of their love making he didn't care. Annalese was all that mattered to Vlad. He knew it would always be this way. She was his port in the storm, his confidant and most of all his forever love.

  They moved in unison, each holding on to the other. Sweat glistening off their skin. With each thrust he pushed harder, deeper than he ever had before. Vlad felt blood dripping down his back, her nails digging deep. "Yes my love, more, harder. Make it scar, do it Annalese." The deeper he pushed, the more she clawed. The pain felt excruciatingly erotic. It would always be his pleasurable secret. Her breath was coming in short bursts and Vlad knew she was almost into the abyss. As his fangs pierced her neck, her orgasm crashed through in waves. Spasm after spasm rocked her body, clenching him in a vise. Vlad's body went rigid, and with fangs still sunken in, he went over the edge, shooting his warm seed into the deepest depths of her body. They stayed joined together just as they started, in each other’s arms.

  "Now you know my beautiful Annalese. I am sorry if I hurt you, that was never my intent. It just seemed easier to let you go and bury my feelings. I've never been good at feelings. Now that I do not want them, they haunt me. You haunt me Annalese; I cannot close my eyes without seeing you. Those eyes have been in my dreams for over a year now." Vlad captured her lips, his tongue demanding entrance and she obliged. "I do love you Annalese, believe me I do. That will never change, but over the last year I have become a selfish bastard and I want more. So much more my love… but that is not possible." He pulled her in tight to him." Please stay, let me have my delusions that you are mine; even if just for today."

  She spoke no words, only leaned back into his body. Vlad wrapped his arms around her and held her close. With closed eyes he prayed: “Please, whoever is listening; I love this woman more than my own life. She holds my seed inside her, help it grow. Allow us to create life together.” That was his last thought until sunset.

  Vlad woke first, they hadn't moved all day. Annalese was still snug against him. This is what he wanted, to stay like this, be just like this every sunset. But he knew it was just a fantasy, soon she would wake and return to Lachlan. Although he was thankful she had come, Vlad was going to hate like Hell to watch her go. He had let his guard down and she knew everything now. Soon so would Lachlan. Vlad had no clue as to how he was going to handle this. Only that he had to find a way; everything had become about Annalese. He lived and breathed for her, and facing Lachlan would be one of the most difficult things he had ever done. He would though, there was no choice.

  Vlad felt her push back into him; he instantly froze in his position. He realized over a year ago he wasn’t broken, he just wanted her. She had started to stir and Vlad was not ready to give her up. “Fuck, not yet! Just a little more time!”

  Annalese had been awake for a bit just enjoying being in Vlad's arms. However, feeling his emotional rollercoaster had hurt her. She wanted nothing more than to ease the pain he was experiencing, and she needed to feel him, needed to have him once more before she left his bed. As she rolled to face him, his glowing eyes told her he wanted her too. "Hmm big guy, something you want?" She gave him her version of the devilish grin.

  His hand slipped between her legs, feeling how wet she was already. Vlad's thumb found her hardened clit. Every way that he touched her she responded to him. "Please baby, I need you in me. Don’t be gentle, I won't break."

  Baby? She had never called him that before. She wanted him rough and that he could do. Vlad flipped her onto her stomach and entered her in one fluid motion. Annalese cried out, it was the most intense thing she'd ever felt. Vlad set the pace, thrusting harder than he would have, but she had asked him for rough, he liked that she wanted him this way; liked being able to make her whimper and moan. He pulled her onto her hands and knees with her ass in the air. He wanted to spank her, but thought that might be too much. He'd save that for later. Vlad ran his tongue up her spine, tasting the salt on her skin. He knew this would never be enough; that he would always want her, need her. Vlad felt his fangs lengthening; feeding from her like this was his addiction, the pheromones made her blood even sweeter. Her body responded to his as his fangs sunk into her shoulder, drinking her in. In that moment neither of them could control their bodies and both went over the edge; shaking and moaning through the most intense orgasm as of yet.

  He held her tightly, intimately, until he could put it off no more. It was time and his black heart was breaking into a million pieces having to let her go.

  "As much as it will tear at my soul, I must release you to your mate. I did thank any god that would listen as I held you today. You, my dear Annalese, are the most perfect creature I have ever met. As you can now tell, there is no boundary to my love for you."

  Lese had tears streaming down her face. This was ripping her apart. She loved Lachlan, heart and soul. But damn if she didn’t love Vlad with the same intensity. He put his hand up to wipe them and she turned her head. "No, leave them. I've caused you so much hurt and pain I deserve some of my own."

  Vlad grabbed her f
ace in his hands, eyes glowing "You do not fucking deserve anything but happiness! Do you hear me, do not! No more, not for me. I will never be worthy of one tear from you. Please Annalese, do not cry!" The tears kept flowing. She couldn’t stop them. She kept trying but they came like a thunderstorm in July. "Fuck Annalese, I would do anything to make those tears stop, anything."

  Through her sobs she choked out "Vlad please don’t send me away."

  Oh mother of God, she was really trying to kill him. "You have a son that probably misses his mother and a mate. Remember? Lachlan is your mate and as much as I hate it, he loves you as much as I do." Lese had finally gotten herself calmed down enough to talk; and before she left Vlad she had a few things to say.

  "Yes I have a mate, and I love him with all of me, but Vlad make no mistake, I love you too. Just as fiercely as I love Lachlan, I have no idea how it's possible but I do, so it must be. I need you both. And trust me on this, I will find a way."

  And with that, she left his chambers and returned to her own. Lachlan had left a note saying he was taking Michael out to play in the courtyard and to join them when she was ready. She showered and put on a pink cotton sundress, grabbed a slip-on pair of sandals and headed down to see her men.

  Lachlan knew she had been crying. He could hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes. He also knew when she was ready they would talk. "Ah me Angel, I missed you." He pulled her tight, and just held her. Vlad was right. She was perfection. And how could he be pissed at him for wanting her. She was light when they were dark and pure when they were tainted. He knew she loved him, heart and soul, but she loved Vlad too. And if it made her happy, Lach would figure out a way for all of them to be together. Maybe in some old document there was some hint of a second mating.

  There was one vampire who would know, but Lach was hesitant to call him. He wasn't sure just how much information Vlad had shared. Until he could speak to him, the call must wait.

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