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  She cried out as he filled her. Her eyes closing as her head dropped back, experiencing only the delicious burn of his cock as his thickness pierced her; tugging along the sensitive tissues inside her pussy as he thrust up with his hips. This, this is what she needed. Eggs and sperm, thermometers and charts, none of it mattered in the end as long as she still had this!

  When a hand cupped around the back of her head she blindly let it pull her where it wished. It was tight in the cab since none of them were petite people, but she soon felt the smooth cap of Matt’s cock against her lips. On his knees beside them she hadn’t had to bend far at all.

  “Mmm.” Jo lapped at the pre-cum slicked skin. The musky taste of his body rolled over her tongue as she swirled around the crown, tickling under the cap just as she knew he liked.

  Matt’s fingers fisted in her hair; pulling her closer, forcing her to take more of his length in her mouth. “That’s it baby. Suck me with that hot little mouth of yours while Brian fucks your nice tight pussy.”

  Jo hummed her approval, making Matt’s hips jerk and upset his rhythm. They were all thoroughly aroused, and he knew the dirty words just made it better for her.

  She wanted to smile, but couldn’t around Matt's cock, so she carried on humming instead. She loved that she could let herself go with her men and behave like she was in some 1980’s porn flick -- cheesy lines and all. After all, making out and getting their groove on in a parked up truck with a bench seat, in a deserted rest stop in the middle of nowhere was a perfectly tacky porn script if ever she saw one.

  A moan escaped around the flesh in her mouth as Brian's rhythm changed. The deep drives that met her slight up and down movements sped up as his hands stilled her hips. His feet were planted firmly on the floor, giving power to his short, sharp thrusts that were firing her senses.

  Pulling away from Matt she cried out, her hips wiggling as she frantically tried to find the orgasm hovering just there. “Please, please, please, please…” She was babbling, but she couldn’t stop the waterfall of words that spilled from her mouth. Her whole body clenched around Brian's, just waiting for that last thrust; the last pull on her nipple, the last brush of a finger over her clit to send her flying.

  And her men didn’t disappoint her -- they never did.

  Without losing a beat, Brian’s fingers moved to her pussy, swirling in the heat he found there. Matt dragged her head around to his, lips latching on to hers and stealing her scream as Brian timed the gentle, direct flick of her clit with a hard deep thrust of his cock, freeing her orgasm as she clutched around him, dragging Brian along with her.

  Chapter Four

  The hot, humid air hung heavy in the truck, smelling of sex and sweat. The three of them collapsed against one another, limp, as they gasped for air. The slickness of Matt’s cum on their skin quickly turned sticky in the summer heat, making Jo frown as she smeared it with a fingertip.

  “You bloody did it again.” Jo struggled her way upright. Brian, still firm and extra sensitive after his orgasm, hissed out a warning for her to still.

  “Do what?” came from between clenched teeth.

  “Managed to keep enough presence of mind to make sure Matt got his jollies before you did.” Jo must have seen the start of the cheeky grin that flirted its way around his lips as he tried not to laugh. She looked sated, but peeved, and glanced away in a fit of overdramatic pique out the back window of the truck.

  “That really bugs --”

  “Holy shit!” Brian jerked when she cut him off, pushing Matt back behind the steering wheel so she could take his spot on the seat. She was tugging on her skirt, and frantically trying to pull down her bra. The abrupt departure off of his cock left him feeling damp and vaguely used and abused.

  “Hurry…hurry up, you two! A cop car just went past and he was slowing down!”

  Both he and Matt turned back to see a highway cruiser stopped at the entrance to the rest stop. Matt chuckled and waved to the officer, and Brian couldn’t contain his laughter as he caught the upraised brow of the officer in the passenger seat.

  “It’s not bloody funny, for christsakes! We just got caught making out in a truck by the cops!”

  Brian stumbled from the truck as Jo pushed at his ass. “It’s all your damned fault, you know!”

  “Mine?” Brian gawked at Jo, dumbstruck as to how she came to that conclusion, but she had already moved on. Matt had made his way around the front of the truck and now he was in line for a dressing down -- Jo seemed to have forgotten all about their new audience.

  “And you!” Matt got a pointy finger to the breastbone. “If you hadn’t stopped, we wouldn’t even be here to get caught.” Matt just caught her by the shoulders, gently turning her around so she faced the cop car.

  Brian knew he should try to keep the laughter out of his voice, but the hilarity of the situation got to him. “Wave to the nice officers, honey, so they know we haven’t abducted you or anything.”

  He really hoped Jo didn’t realize any time soon that she had her shirt on inside out and her bra straps twisted around the straps of her tank top -- he didn’t want them to be in the doghouse for the rest of their impromptu holiday.

  “Ohmigawd!” Finally remembering she had an audience, Jo turned ten shades of red and hid her face behind her hands.

  Veterans at catching teens necking in the back of their daddy’s car, the officers recognized her actions for what they were -- a woman thoroughly embarrassed at being caught doing something she knew better than to be doing in public. With her eyes hidden, Jo didn’t see the officers smile knowingly and wave as they pulled back out onto the road again; no doubt having a good laugh at their expense.

  As the car edged out of view Brian collapsed on the ground, Matt only seconds behind him. Both of them were unable to hold themselves up for the laughter that cramped their sides. Looking up, Brian saw Jo staring down at them; hands at her hips, clothes askew, hair out at all angles.

  She looked…perfect.

  “Don’t think I won’t get you two back for this!” She stamped her foot like an upset princess and clambered back into the truck. She sat ramrod straight in the middle of the seat, hands over her chest as she muttered to herself. “Kidnap me, then sex me up on the side of the road where any old Tom, Dick, or Harry could drive past and get a good eyeful…”

  “She's madder than a wet hen, isn’t she?”

  Moving to his feet Brian brush off his backside then stretched out a hand to Matt, hauling him up beside him. Affectionately he brushed off leaves and dirt from Matt’s shoulders, caressing the warm skin of his lover as he went.

  “Yup, and we wouldn’t have her any other way.”

  Anne Douglas

  I started writing with the encouragement of my friends (who tell me I always have a tale to tell -- I think that’s a good thing) to support my growing Erotica/Erotic Romance habit. Writing, along with the Handcrafted Boutique Children’s Clothing business that is my “day job”, is what my husband calls my “excuse for not doing housework” -- too right, mate!

  I am a transplant New Zealander currently living in Florida, so my American friends get a laugh out of translating “Kiwi-speak” to American for me -- car park…parking lot…elevator…lift…Oy!

  Visit Anne on the Web at, or email her at

  To read more about the characters and their world, check out The McCabes 1: Persuading Jo by Anne Douglas:

  Three best friends forever? Not if the two men of this trio can help it.

  Jo has spent many a long night fantasizing over what her best friends Matt and Brian get up to together in their bedroom and kitchen and garden…well you get the idea. Life kept throwing her losers when she wanted a strong and caring man—someone a lot like either Matt or Brian. But they’re committed to each other for the long run…aren’t they?

  This dynamic duo has a surprise in store for the girl they always knew was destined for them. Jo is about to find ou
t that while two is company, three in a bed is a hell of a lot more fun.

  Publisher’s Note: This book contains ménage scenes and sexual content that may be offensive to some readers.

  The McCabes 1: Persuading Jo is now available at Loose Id®



  Anne Douglas, Making Out



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