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Making Out


  An erotic interlude with the characters of


  Anne Douglas



  This e-book contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language and may be considered offensive to some readers. Loose Id® e-books are for sale to adults ONLY, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

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  This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language (ménage).

  Making Out

  Anne Douglas

  This e-book is a work of fiction. While reference might be made to actual historical events or existing locations, the names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

  Published by

  Loose Id LLC

  1802 N Carson Street, Suite 212-2924

  Carson City NV 89701-1215

  Copyright © March 2007 by Anne Douglas

  All rights reserved. This copy is intended for the purchaser of this e-book ONLY. No part of this e-book may be reproduced or shared in any form, including, but not limited to printing, photocopying, faxing, or emailing without prior written permission from Loose Id LLC.

  ISBN 978-1-59632-432-9

  Available in Adobe PDF, HTML, MobiPocket, and MS Reader

  Printed in the United States of America

  Editor: Karen W. Williams

  Cover Artist: April Martinez

  Chapter One

  “Hey! You missed the turn off to Anna’s place.” Jo’s head had swung around as they barreled past the exit. Her hair, worn long and curly at the moment, flicked across his face with a fruity hint of her shampoo.

  “That’s because were not going to Anna’s place.” Brian turned towards the window, trying to avoid Jo’s stare -- he couldn’t lie worth a damn and always crumbled first whenever she interrogated them.

  Jo jerked his attention back when she pulled at the hairs on the inside of his thigh. “Ow!” Brian rubbed over the sting with his palm. “That hurt!”

  “Good!” Jo sounded quite pleased with herself at having devised a new low effort torture technique. “What do you mean we’re not going to Anna’s?”

  “What he means is that we’re getting away for the week. No clients, no jobs, no charts or ovulation kits. Just the three of us, some sun, some sand and some surf.” Matt was lucky; since he was driving Jo left off examining him and turned back to Brian instead.

  “But I have patients…and what about the animals?”

  “Your patients were all fine with swapping their appointment times or missing a week so you could head away for a holiday. And David’s coming out to look after the animals for us.” David, Brian’s older brother, filled in for them, both with their animals and over at the women’s shelter if they needed handyman help whenever Brian was away.

  “But David wasn’t going up to the cabin this weekend?”

  “Well, he changed his mind.”

  Jo flopped back into the center seat of the truck with a disgruntled humph. “I don’t believe you two! Fiddling with my appointment book…what must my patients think?”

  “They thought it was a great idea for a surprise -- they thought you were looking tired lately, too.”

  “Well, isn’t that just lovely.” Jo’s tone was ripe with sarcasm. “Everyone thinks I look like a hag!”

  Reaching his arm along the back of the bench seat, Brian pulled her closer; silently blessing the guy that decided bench seats in a truck was a good idea. “Don’t be a twit, Jo. You’ve been stressing out over the whole baby thing, and we want you to have a week away where you’re not obsessing over charts or peeing on a stick to see if it’s the right time of the month yet.” Jo’s body went slack in his embrace, her head resting on his shoulder. This was their way of getting Jo away from the baby fever and having some time just for them; to reconnect with what they already had.

  “I have gone a bit over the top with stuff, haven’t I?”

  “Baby, please don’t worry, okay? We’ve only just started on the road to becoming parents Most people don’t have any luck the first few months.”

  “I know…I just…well, I feel a bit of a failure, you know?” He felt Jo’s sigh as her shoulders slumped, and it just about broke his heart.

  Brian brushed his cheek against the soft crown of her hair, pulling her in tighter against him; comforting her as much as he could in a truck

  “You’ll never be a failure to us, and you know very well that if it comes to that, we’ll adopt, and love those children every bit as much as if you were their natural mother.” Tilting her head up, he kissed her gently; sliding his tongue along her lips until she opened with a little moan, letting him sweep his tongue alongside hers with little soft touches.

  “We love you, Jo, not your reproductive organs, and don’t you forget it!” Matt growled out from behind Jo. Trapped since he was driving, he could only lay a comforting hand on Jo’s thigh. Brian let go of the kiss and smiled against Jo’s lips as he heard his partner’s frustration. He hadn’t been able to feel Jo taking the kiss from comforting to carnal.

  A few minutes passed quietly as Jo sat tucked under his arm, head resting on his shoulder. The occasional jostle of the truck brought the back of his hand against Matt's arm. Brian could feel a thread of tension running through Matt’s body. Something was still bugging him.

  “Fuck it!” Matt sounded angry; pissed off at something or someone.

  Brian was glad all three of them had seat belts on when Matt swerved sharply off the road into a nearly hidden rest stop entrance. He brought the truck to an abrupt halt with a crunch of gravel and a squeal from Jo, who grabbed for the dashboard as she was flung forward.

  Chapter Two

  Matt was pissed -- and most likely at her…again.

  He had a wildly protective streak at least a mile long, and he hated it when she or Brian, or any of their families got down on themselves. He stewed until he reached boiling point, then it all came tumbling out. Ironically, he was cooler than ice in the courtroom -- but during a case he spent a lot of time with a punching bag in their little home gym.

  “Damn it!” He punched the steering wheel with the heel of his hand, frustrated at something. “We’re sorting this out once and for all.” The words sounded dramatic, but he was gentle as he moved from behind the steering wheel, lifted her up and shuffled himself underneath her, then set her down on his now exposed lap. His warm hands came up to bracket her face, making sure she couldn’t look away as he stared her down with eyes full of concern. She really hadn’t realized that they were this worried about her -- that she had been going that overboard.

  “I need you and Brian in my life. I don’t care if we don’t have kids, because I’ll have both of you, that’s enough for me…no,” he shook his head, “that’s what’s essential for me.” Matt pulled her face closer, roughly taking her lips with his with a low growl from deep in his chest.

  “So you don’t want kids?” Jo was confused now and she knew it showed. She’d thought that this was something they all wanted, Matt especially since he was the last male in his family line. Talk about being on an emotional rollercoaster this afternoon, and she still didn’t know where they were going!

  “Wipe that frown off your face, baby. Of course I’d like kids, and I’ll love them with every bone in my body. But not having kids is not going to make me stop loving you.”

  Surprised realization finally
dawned -- Jo hadn’t been thinking about it from their side of the fence. While she had been feeling angry with her body for not doing what she asked of it, they had thought she was upset because her body wasn’t doing what she though they expected of it; that she wasn’t living up to her part of the relationship.

  A little secret smile broke out, and a giggle broke free, and the scowl on Matt's face grew deeper. “What’s so goddamned funny all of a sudden?”

  Oops! Jo winced internally as his eyes narrowed.

  Snuggling down into Matt’s lap and twitching her bottom, she nuzzled the exposed tanned skin of his neck as his arms came around her. It was dirty pool, but she knew how to chivvy Matt out of his temper. “Not funny, just ironic.”


  “I hadn’t been looking at it from your point of view. I was angry because my body wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do.” A wry sigh slipped out. “It’s a girl thing -- when you’re little you have all these dreams and you grow up with a big, fat old assumption that when you want to have babies, wham, here they are! Just like there’s supposed to be a white knight or a handsome prince…” She looked over to Brian, “or should I say princes, to come to your rescue. It never occurred to me to think that you blamed me.” She shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe disappointed in general that we couldn’t have our own kids, but not angry at me.” She tilted her head a little to the side, looking up from under a cocked brow with a sly little grin. “After all, it might not be my eggs; you guys might have faulty swimmers!”

  It took both men a moment to cotton on to what she had just alluded to, so Jo made use of the few seconds she had before they took retribution to curl her hand around the hardening bulge in Matt's shorts. She managed to wiggle her foot under the leg of Brian's shorts, too; gently kneading his balls with her toes, being careful to only tickle.

  Brian’s rough, strong, working hands pulled her foot free with a groan, then grabbed her by the waist. He tugged her from her sideways perch on Matt’s lap till she straddled his groin; one leg on either side of his impressively bulging crotch. She couldn’t resist grinding down to try ease the ache growing in her pussy.

  With a flick of his wrist Brian had her tank top up and over her head. Then he was pulling her arms down and behind her back, looping the fabric around her wrists, loosely binding her; pushing her shoulders forward and her lace covered breasts out like an offering.

  “Don’t think we won’t finish what you just started Jo.” The sexy rumble of Brian’s words tickled across her exposed breasts just before he pulled hard on her nipple with his mouth, suckling; teasing the tightening flesh behind the lace with his teeth as Matt reached between them. Matt pulled at the elastic waist of Brian’s shorts until his cock was exposed in all its engorged glory, straining up towards his navel.

  Ha! Like finishing off what she had started was any sort of threat! She had grown a lot, sexually speaking, since they had moved from friends to lovers, and she wasn’t above using a little manipulation to get what she wanted. And she wanted her men. Right here, right now -- their little plan to kidnap her and take her away from her worries for a week had earned them more brownie points than it had lost them.

  “You really think we three can get it on in the cab of your truck?” Raising her eyebrows in disbelief she made sure her dare would well and truly be heard.

  Chapter Three

  “We've only needed an excuse to try, honey." Matt's hands followed behind his words, sweeping up under Jo's short, flowing summer skirt; and pulling it up and over where it strained at her hips from straddling Brian. He ran one hand over a bare ass cheek, finding the thin lace of a thong as he caressed down the crease of her cheeks.

  "Mmm, what color's this one, Jo?" But it wasn’t Jo that replied.

  "It's that pretty pink one you got her last week." Brian's hand wrapped around his and placed it on top of the little patch of lace-covered curls above her sex. Brian's cock twitched along the back of his hand as together they brushed over the sensitive skin. "The little minx keeps teasing me by rubbing that little ruffled heart up and down my dick."

  Matt laughed softly as he thought about all the flirtatious and downright dirty underwear he and Brian kept buying Jo. They had told her on the first day they had set to seducing her that they thought every woman should embrace their sexy side with fanciful, sexy lingerie. They couldn't stop themselves from buying sexy scraps of lace for their lover. Her lingerie drawer was overflowing with a rainbow of colors and textures -- from bad girl leather to sweet, girlish cottons.

  Amidst the tangle of bodies Matt slid his fingers beneath Jo's thong, his fingertips sinking into the slickness of her pussy. "So wet for us, Jo?"

  Lust-darkened eyes opened and turned to his -- Jo had leaned back against the dashboard, opening her body wide to let the two men do as they would without any obstructions.

  "Always, and you well know it." She raised and eyebrow as she looked down toward his lap, and gave a sexy sneer meant purely to exasperate him. "Just like you're always half hard when Brian's in the room." Jo almost purred the comeback.

  Matt didn't say anything; just wiggled himself around enough on the seat so that he could bend his head down. Wedging himself between the two of them he breathed hot, humid air along her skin as his head dipped lower and even lower still. The cab of the truck went still as she waited for the moment when his lips would reach her pussy, the sound of three sets of lungs the only noise breaking the silence.

  "Nooooo!" Jo's wail trailed its way around the little tendril of satisfaction that curled in his gut. Matt grinned up at Jo around the delicious thickness of Brian's cock. With one small move he had flipped the coin of just who was in charge of this little interlude. He didn't plan to tease her long, not when he watched her wrench her hand out of Brian's makeshift bonds and made to ease her own ache, slipping her fingers into her folds so close his face.

  Despite the attention to his cock, Brian's hand struck out, grabbing Jo's wrist tightly; holding her fingers just out of reach of her clit. "Nuh uh uh, Jo, you know the rules -- hands stay where we put them."

  "Damn the bloody rules! I need someone to fuck me right now."

  My, my! How far their shy girl had come. No more nervous waiting to see where she might fit in, she dived in and demanded -- and of Brian no less; the man who liked to tie her up on occasion.

  "I think you’re going to have to ask Matt a lot more nicely than that, Jo." Brian shook his head with faux remorse.

  Pressed closely to Brian as he took more of his cock down his throat, Matt felt the possessive rumble of Brian's voice against his cheek. "You know what he's like once he gets started sucking cock, baby. You're going to have to beg extra pretty-like to get what you want."

  And wasn't Matt looking forward to that.

  Matt tongued gently around the swollen glans of the only cock he liked to suck, and tilted his head till his eyes met Jo's with a challenge. What he saw made him chuckle, and Brian groan as the vibrations ran down his cock.

  Jo looked hot and bothered; not only from the escalating summer heat in the cab of the truck, but from frustration as Brian restrained her while Matt paid his attentions elsewhere. She had started this little sensual side trip, but she’d lost control of the situation, reduced to being the one to plead for release.

  She was totally disheveled -- bra askew and her skirt hiked up around her waist, with her hair going wild in the humidity. Color rode her cheeks in red slashes and her lower lip was reddened and plump from nibbling on it as she tried to stop herself from begging for what she wanted. The deep musky smell of her arousal filled the air, calling to him, begging Matt to take the game to the next level.

  And that was what it was; a game that satisfied them all. Brian and Matt adored Jo to distraction -- power games were fun in the bedroom, but it wasn’t for them elsewhere in their lives. In the bedroom she freely gave over control -- not all the time, but enough to make both he and Brian extremely satisfied.

  Releasing Brian
, Matt pulled away from the possessive grip his lover had in his hair, determined to goad Jo further in their little game, but she beat him to the punch.

  “Please…please, Matt. I’m so close. I need to feel one of you. Inside. Me. Now!”

  Damn it! She was begging again -- even if it was couched in a demand. They had turned the tables on her once more. She had thrown down the gauntlet and they had taken her challenge and run with it. Now instead of her teasing them, they had her riding an erotic rollercoaster that never quite made it to the highest peak.

  “I don’t think that’s quite what Brian had in mind when he suggested ‘pretty-like’, Jo.” Matt was sitting back on his haunches on the bench seat, squished between the steering wheel and the back of the seat; he was making quick work of his ties at the top of his shorts. “What’s in it for me if Brian stuffs his cock up that tight little cunt of yours? Hmmm?”

  Matt’s crude words had their desired effect; they heated her core even more. They did this to her every time -- they never had to work at arousing her. Jo felt the slow slick of her juices across the top of her thighs as her thong gave up all pretense of being useful.

  Matt pushed down the elastic waist of his shorts until they hooked under his balls, presenting Jo and Brian with his erect cock in a nice neat package. He tugged off his T shirt, leaving the way free and clear for whatever was about to happen.

  Jo watched as Matt moved a little closer. Be damned if she wasn’t going to go down with a fight! “That’s what I like to see, baby, a man on his knees, crawling towards me.”

  “Oh-oh-oh! Them’s fighting words, honey.” Brian pulled her up by the hips, just high enough that the head of his cock notched into her vagina; her thong tugged aside by his straying fingertips before he let her drop.

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