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Star of Wonder

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  “Nonna,” Elena whispered, pointing. “Look, the singing princess, Starsong, she has round ears! Her sister, Sundance, has the pointed ears like the other Aelur do—why, Nonna?”

  “Ah, that is because their papa was not born an Aelur, but their mama was, and so one sister looks like the mama and one like the papa.” Albina tugged gently at one of Elena’s braids, then ran her fingers along the lock of Gabriela’s hair which had escaped its confinement. “And we would know nothing of that, hmm? Now zitto, hush, and listen!”

  Obediently, the girls fell silent for the final lines of the song.

  “…the world in solemn stillness lay

  “To hear the angels sing.”

  * * * * *

  This story is dedicated, with love, in memory of my Italian grandmother. Buon Natale, Nonna. Ti amo.

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