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Ice Cold

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  – That’s why I took her out there. Then I grabbed hold of her, tore her knickers off. I knocked her down and tore her knickers off. I held her by the throat with one hand.

  – She fought back, but that’s what she wanted, I mean, she went out there with me.

  – All I remember is, I knocked her down and stuck it in her.

  – She didn’t move no more after that. Didn’t move. She lay there, she didn’t move. I guess I’d held my hand too hard round her throat. She didn’t move.

  – It was the first one died on me. I wasn’t myself when I grabbed her. It wasn’t till after I’d come I noticed she wasn’t moving no more. I was trembling all over, because she just lay there, wasn’t moving no more. I was so worked up, she’d fought back so hard, that really got me going, I was beside myself. The whole thing was really good …

  – I can’t remember what happened afterwards, not now. I wanted to clear her away so as nobody would find her. Clear her out of the way.

  – I went to the old millstream. It was kind of a branch of the old millstream. I tied her hands and feet together. I threw her in. I tied a stone to her too, so she’d sink. Then I went back to Munich, I don’t remember what I did then.

  – Where did I get the wire? I had it in my pocket. Why did I put it in my pocket? I don’t remember no more.

  – Afterwards I had a funny feeling. Kind of a tingling. I couldn’t get no rest. What did I do with her before I put her in the water? I can’t remember.

  – Only that I wasn’t myself. I felt a little ashamed. Because she’d died in my hands, but after a while I wanted it again. Wanted that feeling again.

  – I always had that funny feeling afterwards, I wanted it again. That’s why I cut her cunt out too and took it with me, because I wanted that feeling again.

  – I wanted it again and again, I was in such a state, I wasn’t myself no more, I always felt ashamed afterwards, but after a while that was all forgotten and I was at it again. Like a wild animal, that’s what it feels like, I was at it again …again and again.


  I have used the following sources.

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  Andrea Maria Schenkel, Ice Cold



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