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The Underland, March 15, 2013

  A supremely fat calico cat pushed open the down and pranced into Calu’s chambers as if she owned the place He looked down at the animal and shook his head. “Keep a handle on your cat, Miss Laindeir,” he said, knowing that if the cat was running around, she wasn't far behind.

  A young woman with a mop of ginger curls followed on the cat’s heels just as he had expected. “Butterscotch likes you,” was all she had to say.

  Calu shook his head. “Cat has suicidal tendencies then.”

  Jaclyn laughed. “She did follow me here, after all...”

  “Is there something you wanted, Miss Laindeir?”

  “Kate said...maybe I should take you out tonight. That it’s a rough day for you.”

  It was Calu's turn to laugh then. Hekate did have a tendency to meddle in things that didn't concern her, but of all people to send on this errand...“Are you...flirting, Miss Laindeir?”

  The red head shrugged. “You’re the one who tried to ‘seem like my ideal’, if you recall.”

  “Part of the job.” He looked back into the mirror at his true face, nothing more than a skull now. After all these years, even if he did find her... “Jaclyn...could I ask a favor of you?”

  To her credit, Jaclyn hesitated. “Depends,” she replied. Calu knew that she was a smart one. Only a smart one could trick him the way she did.

  “I’ve been...missing someone. A woman...” That didn’t sound right. “A goddess,” he corrected swiftly.

  “A goddess?” The smirk on Jaclyn’s face came through in her voice.

  “I was wondering...perhaps you could talk to The Fates for me. See if they know where she’s...gone to.”

  “I know I’m new to all this, but...if she’s a goddess, why would The Fates know about her?”

  “You -are- new to this. It’s not all as simple as it would appear.”

  Jaclyn scoffed. “Right. Look, The Fates and I...we don’t really get on that well...”

  “You’re going to have to learn to deal with them if you want to keep this gig.”

  “Yeah, but as far as favors go...”

  “Forget it.” Calu snapped in a harsher voice than he would have liked. He didn’t want to be rude to Jaclyn. He’d had a few proteges back in his time and she was by far the most capable. “I can handle this. You have your own duties.”

  “You’re telling me,” Jaclyn replied, seeming relieved. She picked the cat up into her arms and started for the door. Calu was about to go back to his musing when she turned again. “You sure you don’t want to get drinks? It doesn’t have to mean anything. Just two friends, swapping work stories.”

  Despite himself, Calu nodded. March was a very difficult month. It was nice to have a friend.

  And very nice to have a good glass of whiskey.


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