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Unexpected 1

  Copyright © 2013 Amity Cross

  Kindle Edition

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author, except where permitted by law.

  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

  All song titles, song lyrics, products and band names mentioned in this book are the property of the sole copyright owners.

  Cover Design: © Nicole R. Taylor


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  About the Author

  Real life isn't like the movies.

  It isn't full of serendipity moments and true love. It's full of fucking shit. Every day is an uphill battle to keep your head from going under and drowning in the current of monotony.

  That's me. That's my reality and sometimes I wish I were in a movie, because right about now, there'd be a cut scene. I'd walk around a corner and run into the love of my life or a stack of money. Either seemed a good option right about now.

  My phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out and looked at the screen. It was one of those automated texts telling me my bill was due. How the fuck did I become so insignificant that I only got messages asking me for money?

  Blair Hayden. Twenty-five, great tits, nice ass, but man...what a fucking bitch.

  My life was just nothing. I woke up, went through the motions and went home. Rinse, repeat until I started to rot in a hole somewhere in a six-by-one pine box. Serendipity wasn't knocking on my door—it was running screaming in the opposite direction.

  It was nine p.m. on a Thursday night, people littered the streets, going out to bars and restaurants, a movie, a theatre show, whatever normal people with valid social skills did. I walked amongst them, alone in a crowd. I desperately needed some kind of escape. Walking down a lane filled with various hipster looking bars, I stopped in front of one that was called Dark. The sign hung low over the door, the typewriter font backlit in a murky red color. I fucking felt dark all right. It was an omen sent from the voodoo gods of hell, so I pushed through the door, the muscled meathead bouncer giving me the once-over.

  The place wasn't actually roaring. A group of suits sat at one end on low red couches, a few couples and groups of friends were scattered around tables and around the bar that glowed the same red as the sign out front. Typical inner city wank-fest. I don't know why I just didn't walk out and go someplace else, but I ventured toward the bar, sitting on an empty stool. I didn't exactly fit in here. Not with my long, wild dark hair, biker jacket, black skinny jeans, ass-kicking combat boots, tattoos and sour attitude.

  I grabbed a cocktail menu and started reading through, deciding what it was that I was looking for. An escape, a fantasy or something in between. A one-night stand. I was good at those. Fuck 'em and leave 'em. A dull ache spread between my legs at the thought. Yeah, I'd find someone to take the edge off. A no-strings orgasm sounded delicious. I could pretend to be someone else for a night and maybe for a few hours I'd forget my depressing existence.

  The bartender tapped the counter in front of me and I looked up. He wore a loose fitted white T-shirt with a low-cut v that showed off his tattooed chest and toned pecs. Nice eyes, messy brown hair that hung in his eyes. Getting warmer.

  "What can I get ya?" he asked with a smirk, his eyes dipping to my tattooed cleavage.

  I glanced over the cocktail menu once more and flung it back onto the bar when nothing caught my eye. "Give me something that'll fuck me up."

  The bartender winked. "You got it."

  "Those are dangerous words coming from a beautiful woman."

  I turned at the sound of the deep, husky voice and my eyes collided with a pair of chocolate brown ones, or at least they looked like it in the dark and dirty light of the bar. Not responding to his quip, I blatantly took the stranger in. He was hot. Smoking, knee-weakening, pussy-throbbingly hot. His tight black T-shirt clung to toned arms, but he wasn't overly built, just right. He was tattooed up to the eyeballs and didn't seem to give a fuck who he impressed with it. Messy black hair, combed back in a quiff, the kind of hair that begged to be fucked up with wandering hands. Dark stubble coated his jaw and I instantly wondered what it would feel like to run my tongue along his defined bone structure. He looked like the kind of man that did whatever the fuck he wanted. Maybe this guy would do.

  His lips curved into a sly grin. "You're unashamed, aren't you?"

  "Life's too short to fuck around." He thought I was beautiful? Unlikely. He probably just saw me as a hole that needed filling.

  "What's your poison?"

  "Dunno," I sighed, looking for the bartender. "I like surprises. As long as it's hard, I'll take anything."

  "I'm beginning to feel the same way." The double meaning didn't escape me, not for one second, and I ran the tip of my tongue along my bottom lip.

  "Do you live here?" I asked, noticing the way he'd inched closer while my back was turned.

  "No, just passing through." Even better.

  The bartender slapped a glass in front of me, pulling my attention away from the hot stranger. "On me."

  "Thanks.” I gave him a wide smile and stifled a laugh when his eyes narrowed at Dark and Dangerous next to me. I was going to fuck someone tonight and it was probably the guy sitting next to me. He was available now.

  The guy gave the bartender his order, three fingers of whiskey, and glanced at me out the corner of his eye, taking me in as blatantly as I was him.

  "See something you like?" I asked, turning my body into his.


  My lips quirked into a smile at his blunt tone.

  "Do you live here?"

  "Unfortunately," I sighed, glancing across the bar.

  "Waiting for someone?" the guy asked, cocking his head to the side.

  "No, I just don't like talking about myself. Especially not with guys I'm considering fucking."

  "Considering?" he asked with a chuckle.

  "You thought I'd already made up my mind?"

  "He did," he said with a nod toward the bartender, who was at the opposite end making some fancy cocktail.

  "Maybe I'm not that easy," I said. "Maybe you have to work for it."

  "Where do I sign up?"

  With a smirk, I stood and moved forward, positioning his leg between mine. "Come with me," I said and grabbed his hand.

  "Oh, I think I'd go anywhere with you."

  It was always so easy. Men only ever wanted one thing from me. They wanted to take their cocks and rub against me like a dog in fucking heat. If there was one thing I was good at, it was manipulating them into doing anything I wanted. Yeah, so maybe it was my fault that I was alone in the world. Maybe I deserved to be at the bottom of the pile. But one thing no woman deserved was to be used to satisfy a man, then be thrown away like cheap garbage. There's only so much you can take before you snap.

  I led Dark and Dangerous to an equally dark and dangerous corner and pushed him down onto the couch, almost spilling his drink. Sitting next to him, he pressed closer, so our legs were firmly wedged together.
r />   "I'm—" I pressed a finger to his lips and his eyes widened.

  "I don't want to know your name," I said.

  "Why not?"

  "Let's get one thing straight. I'm not looking for details. I'm looking for a guy to take the edge off. Preferably with his cock inside me."

  "Shit," he hissed, running a hand over his face.

  "Consider this the interview."

  "Where the fuck did you come from?" The guy shook his head, almost in disbelief, and I wondered if he was thinking about the fact that he'd just won the lottery.

  I took a sip of my drink, feeling the slow burn of alcohol run down the back of my throat. "If you don't live here, then where are you staying?"

  "Down the street," he replied, running his eyes over my breasts.

  "On your own?" I slid a hand over his thigh, feeling the hard muscle underneath the material of his black jeans. He fit in even less that I did in this place and somehow I knew this was the guy that would calm my mood.

  "Yes," he said, his jaw flexing as I moved my hand higher.

  "I don't fuck without condoms," I said, digging my fingers into him.

  "No problem."

  "If you're not doing it for me, I have no problem telling you where to put it."

  "Fine by me."

  "Once isn't enough," I said, brushing my hand over his crotch.

  "We can go back to my hotel room and we can fuck wherever you want for as long as you want."

  He had a hotel room, which was okay with me. I could fuck him and then leave at the end of it without having learned anything about the guy. He was well built, which meant he had the stamina, and he was fucking amazing to look at.

  "Are you clean?"

  "Are you?" he replied, his eyebrow rising.

  "I wouldn't be here if I wasn't." I trailed my fingers underneath his shirt, feeling the muscles along his lower stomach and the dusting of hair that led down into his jeans.

  "I'm clean."

  "Do you have a balcony?" I asked, a wicked thought popping into my head.

  "Maybe not the balcony."

  "Why not?" I asked. The sound of air hitting my bare ass was music to my already throbbing pussy.

  "We might get photographed."

  I cocked my head to the side.

  "There's a lot of perverts out there." He shrugged.

  "So, when are you going to ask me?"

  "Right now,” he replied.

  "I'm waiting."

  "My hotel's not far from here."

  "Let's go." I stood, nodding toward the door, shoving my hands into my pockets.

  "No bag?"

  "I'm not that kind of woman," I said, licking my lips. I just shoved whatever I needed in my pockets and ran with it. Phone, keys, money, ID. Travelled light.

  Standing, he placed a hand on the small of my back and guided me toward the door, our drinks sitting half-finished back in the darkness. He handled me like a fucking alpha male and that was either going to be a problem or the hottest thing I'd ever fucked in my entire life. He'd either make me bow down to him, or we'd clash until he was on his knees for me. And I was going to have a fucking good time standing over him and hearing him beg.

  Flipping up the collar of my leather jacket, I stood on the footpath as Dark and Dangerous stopped next to me. The streetlights afforded a better look at him and I didn’t hold back.

  He looked rough, not like he'd had a bad day, but abrasive, like he'd been around the block more than a few times. I bet he knew exactly what he could do with his hands and tongue and I wondered what he looked like naked. I let my eyes run the length of him again, settling on his crotch. I wondered what he could do with that.

  With a laugh, he slipped a hand into the back of my skinny jeans, between the material of my lacy underwear and my skin. "You can play with it soon."

  I licked my lips as he reached down and adjusted himself with his free hand. When he pulled me forward with the other, I gasped despite myself as I felt how hard he already was. He pressed his erection into my waist and dipped his head low, trying to catch me in a kiss.

  Pushing him away with a hard jab to his chest, I began walking down the footpath, hoping it was in the right direction. I wasn't one for public displays of affection, especially not with a stranger and especially not on the street.

  "Don't you want a taste?" he murmured, shadowing my steps. "Know what you're getting into before you reach the point of no return?"

  Spinning on my heel, I curled my fingers into the front of his jeans, squeezing his cock through the material. A satisfied smile pulled at my lips as his breath caught. "I reached the point of no return the moment I laid eyes on you. Don't mistake that for anything deep and meaningful. I want to fuck and I want to fuck now."

  The moment I felt how big he was, my entire body prickled with anticipation and moisture started to pool between my legs. He pried my fingers away and grasped my hand, pulling me down the street. A man who took charge, I fucking liked the sound of that. The fight for control that was about to begin would be epic. I almost had to run to keep up, his stride was that long.

  People parted as we approached them, diving out of his way like they knew they'd be in trouble if they didn't. Crossing the street, he led me into the foyer of a hotel. All gold and marble with crystal chandeliers.

  "Are you sure this is where you're staying?" I asked, looking around at the posh interior.

  "Yes." He smirked at my reaction, walking me back into the elevator as the doors slid open. He held up a key card that had the hotel's logo printed on it, slapped it against the scanner and pressed the button for number twenty-eight. As the car made its way up, he turned and pressed me into the mirrored wall, running his hands over my breasts and down into the front of my jeans. I rolled my hips forward, pressing into his hands as his fingertips grazed against my clit.

  "I can't wait to hear you scream," he whispered in my ear, breath hot against my skin.

  "Who says I'll be the one screaming?" I pushed his hands further down my jeans and his finger slid through my wet folds.

  The door slid open with a ding and without looking, he pulled his hands out and tugged me out into the hall, his eyes dark. We were alone as we walked toward his room, my entire body pulsing with the promise of what was coming next. A whole lotta fun, that’s what.

  The lock flashed green as he slid the key card in and out and he pushed the door open, dragging me into the dark room. A moment later, the light flicked on, revealing a modern and expensive-looking suite. The guy must be loaded to afford a room like this. My gaze ran over the king-sized bed and across the floor to ceiling curtains I was sure led out onto a balcony. I wondered why he didn't want to fuck out there? It didn't look as if a little exhibitionism would faze him at all.

  He tossed his wallet and key card on the countertop as I slid off my jacket. Before I could toss it over the chair, he turned sharply and pushed me back against the wall, covering my mouth with his, plunging his tongue right in. The only way to describe it was devouring. He kissed me like he was starving, like he hadn't had sex for a long time and was coming up for air. Like an addict that had been denied his hit and was finally getting it. Funny thing about that. I felt exactly the same way.

  I slid my hands underneath his shirt, feeling the hard muscles in his back, and my tongue melded with his, deepening the kiss even further. Tasting, sucking, like we were fucking each other’s mouths. Dark and Dangerous really knew how to kiss a woman.

  Grinding his erection into my stomach, he moaned long and deep into my mouth, as the throbbing between my legs started to become unbearable.

  "You really enjoy driving a man wild, don't you?" he asked between kisses.

  Running my hands over his heavily tattooed arms, I smiled against his mouth, sliding my tongue over his bottom lip and then back against his tongue. "Take your clothes off," I said, pushing him back. Not waiting for an answer, I pulled off my top, flinging it over the chair.

  His eyes ran over me as he pulled his
shirt off, throwing it over his shoulder, and both our hands reached for the buttons on our jeans simultaneously. As I was about to shimmy out of mine, he pulled my hands away and slid his own down my back and over my ass, the material sliding with them. Then he was on his knees in front of me, cool air against my skin as he pulled off my boots and jeans, kissing and sucking the insides of my legs and up toward my thighs, sending sparks right into my already wet pussy.

  "Spread your legs," he commanded, tugging at me with strong hands.

  No sooner than I’d spread myself open, his tongue was running the length of my folds and circling my clit. I gasped, my hands grasping my breasts, kneading through the material of my bra. I was so fucking right about this guy. He knew exactly how to use his tongue and as long as he kept sucking my clit like that, he could put his cock anywhere.

  "You taste fucking amazing," he growled against me and plunged his tongue into my opening, teeth grazing the sensitive flesh around it.

  "Fuck," I gasped, grabbing his hair, grinding against his face as he slid a finger inside me.

  "Easy, beautiful," he chuckled, pulling away. Sliding a second finger in with the first, his palm circled my clit a few times.

  Standing, he pressed against me and I grabbed his hand and sucked his fingers into my mouth, tasting my arousal. "You're dripping wet, you know that?" He was watching my every move with dark eyes, moving his fingers in between my lips as I sucked.

  Oh, I fucking knew it. "Take off your pants."

  Without any hint of hesitation, he took his boots and jeans off, revealing his hard cock, and my mouth began to water. Stepping forward, I wrapped my fingers around it and circled a thumb over his tip before sliding up and down, hitting his hilt before reaching the tip again. He shuddered against me, pressing into my hand, pulling me toward the bed. The back of my legs hit the mattress and he steadied me with a hand, the other fumbling for the clasp of my bra. Cool air hit my skin as he threw it over his shoulder and I was landing on top of the mattress with his weight pressing into me.

  He sucked a nipple into his mouth, his hand on the other, twisting and kneading. I pressed my head back into the pillow, closing my eyes, feeling his teeth against my skin, his length sliding against my clit, and I let out a moan. Fuck, he felt so good. He just took what he wanted from me without asking. Most men did at this stage, but this guy was different somehow. The difference being, I didn't mind.

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