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Unraveling Destiny (The Fae Chronicles Book 5)

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  He pulled my hair harder, and I moaned in response. His hand released my chin and moved to the other strap, slipping it down from my body to leave me bared before him. His other hand freed my hair as his fingers traced my spine with feather soft touches. He took his time, drawing little circles on my flesh as he kissed his way slowly down my spine.

  “I’ve missed this,” he murmured in a throaty tone that made me want to turn around and kiss him. His mouth kissed the curve of my hip as he slowly sent my body into a startling state of need. Slowly he kissed the back of my thighs; his hot breath fanned my ass and pussy as he leisurely worked my flesh with his lips.

  “Ryder, I’m hanging by a thread,” I whimpered as I felt him standing up behind me. He pushed my legs apart with slight pressure from his knees, allowing his fingers to slip through the slick mess, slowly parting my flesh as he ran them lengthwise through it. He didn’t enter me, instead, he teased until my knees threatened to give out.

  “Let me know when it breaks,” he laughed huskily against my ear. “I have no intention of letting you come yet,” he growled as his fingers found my clitoris and slowly moved in a circular pattern. “Close your eyes,” he ordered, and I did, even as the sensation of falling took root. I leaned against him as he continued to work my sex.

  One minute we’d been in our bedroom inside the castle, and the next we were standing naked in a beautiful meadow. Glowing flowers illuminated the ground while tiny fireflies danced around them. The breeze rustled my hair as I leaned my head against him, taking in the exquisite scenery around us. We made the only sounds; his touch continued to pull moans from my lips as he brought me to the edge of sanity and dangled me over the ledge.

  He released me and turned me towards him, slowly finding my hands as he pulled me closer, until his cock was flush against my belly. I looked up into glowing golden eyes that sparkled with a million tiny stars captured in their depths.

  “I’ve wanted to bring you here since you came back to me,” he admitted. “It’s the flowering fields, where the fairies pull a special magic from here that makes the stones of the Fairy Pools glow. This is what I think of when I think of you. You light up my world, Pet; no matter how dark it gets, you mirror this field in my soul,” he whispered as he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him.

  Ryder didn’t do sweet talk a lot, but when he did, it laid me bare. It turned me inside out and fucked with my head like nothing else could. I kissed him, claiming his lips in a gentle kiss as my hands raked through his hair. He groaned and I exhaled as I captured his tongue, claiming it in a dance as old as time. This man, this creature, he was my soul.

  “I love you,” I whispered. I wanted him buried inside my warmth; I was soaking wet with need for him. I could feel that throb pulsing inside of me, one that danced to a beat only he could use to make my body sing.

  “You want me buried inside of you, don’t you, Pet? This pussy wants me deep,” he growled as he grabbed my hair and pulled it back, exposing my neck to his greedy lips. He kissed and sucked on my pulse. “How deep do you want me?” he asked, his voice rough as he slowly continued to kiss my neck, chin and lips.

  “Soul deep,” I whimpered as I felt his silken flesh rubbing against mine. I was so fucking close, and still so far away. He loved control, and very seldom would he give it up. In this department, he could have it, but he damn well had to earn it first.

  “Who owns it?” he mused, his golden eyes lit from within as he watched me carefully.

  “I do,” I growled as his thickness slid through my silken folds without entering them.

  “Who does?” he asked, his brow rising as he watched me. I slid my hands through his soft tresses of hair and yanked on it as I claimed his mouth hungrily. “I love it when you play hard to get, because it ends with you sore and me fed,” he laughed huskily.

  “Is that so?” I whispered as I rubbed my core along his rigid length. I was so close to coming without his help.

  “Naughty little Witch,” he growled hungrily as he set me on the ground and pulled me with him. I was so close, that my mind had hit the haze. I numbly followed behind him, obedient as he pulled me into a pond I hadn’t even noticed. The water glowed green from the glow stones that also heated the pools. “You don’t own that pussy. You can make it come, Pet, but I make it wet, take it to the edge and have it trembling for more, and when I’m finished with you, you’ll be absolutely sure who owns it.”

  “It is part of my body,” I teased as he turned and wrapped his fingers around my waist and lifted me onto a rock in the middle of the water. It was smooth, perfect for sunbathing on.

  “Spread your legs,” he ordered, and my eyes swung back to his as he smiled. Liquid amber watched me as I leaned back and spread my legs apart. I tried to focus on him, but the multitude of lights made my eyes search the meadows. He watched me, never demanding I stop taking in the beauty around us. This world was as untamed and beautiful as he was. It was also as dangerous as he was.

  He kept his eyes on me as I looked around the meadow, taking in the beauty he’d wanted to share with me. Two moons glowed high in the midnight sky, adding their light to the beauty of the lush fields. The scent of Jasmine and other fragrant flowers filled the air, floating on the breeze.

  “This is breathtaking,” I whispered, afraid to ruin the serenity that the meadows offered.

  “This is our reality,” he said softly. “The magic here can kill mortals.” He smiled wolfishly. “The flowers like to feed from flesh, but normally they tend to remain dormant while adding their beauty to the lands.”

  “If this is our reality, a land of deadly beauty, I’ll take it if you are beside me.” I swallowed as my eyes settled on him.

  “This world as well as yours will try to tear us apart, Synthia.”

  “Let them try to,” I growled as I slipped my legs into the heated water. “I refuse to live in a reality where we don’t have this. Us. This.” I motioned between us with my finger. “We’re more than we’ve ever been, and the world can continue to try to rip us apart, because it only makes us closer and stronger. So yes, I’m yours. Every part of me belongs to you, Fairy. I’ve always been yours. I was blind before, but I can see you now, all of you. You’re the other piece of me. You’re what I was missing all this time. Now that I’ve found you and this love between us, I’d kill to keep it. I’d destroy worlds to be with you.”

  “I fall in love with you a little more every time I look at you.” He swallowed. “Every time you laugh, something unfurls inside of me and I have to pinch myself to know you’re real. That you chose me, even though I know I don’t deserve you,” he growled as he cupped my face between his hands and moved his lips inches from mine. “Sometimes I watch these lips move and I’m not sure what I want more. To kiss them, or fuck them.” He laughed wickedly.

  “You always say the sweetest shit, Fairy,” I laughed as I lifted my head and inched forward to claim his mouth in a hungry kiss that ended with a fervent need to never let him go.

  He wiggled his fingers and a blindfold appeared in his hands. He smiled and watched me as I grinned. He really did love control. I could give an inch, because I knew I’d be screaming his name and he’d own me by the time we finished here. I leaned up, expecting him to wrap the blindfold around my head; instead, he continued to watch me.

  I was about to ask what his game was, when a masculine hand reached around from beside me and my eyes moved to a second Ryder. I started to sit up, confused as to what was happening, when the first one placed his hand on my thighs and stopped me from bolting.

  “It’s just me, Pet,” he promised, as his clone touched my breast, testing the weight with the exact same roguish grin on his lips. “My powers are growing the more I feed from you,” he murmured as the other one took the blindfold and moved to the other side of the smooth rock. He caressed my neck, kissing it gently as he drew
the blindfold across my eyes and tied it at the back of my head. My heart accelerated as the world was shut out. “I want you to feel me; I’m both. I can be more,” he laughed throatily. “I can be whatever you need me to be.”

  “Ryder, this is….new,” I admitted with a swallow, as my breasts were grabbed roughly and something hot fanned against my pussy at the same time. “I’ve never done this before,” I admitted, the fear spiking as sweat trickled down my spine.

  “I know,” he laughed as he sucked on my clit abruptly, pulling a cry from my lips. “Don’t worry; I plan to go easy on you the first time. Come to me, put your arms out,” he commanded, and I did, feeling him pulling me off the rock and into the water as splashing sounded from the other side. “I’m both, so when he’s inside of you, it will also be me. He is an extension of me.”

  “So you can clone?” I whimpered as his hands gripped my ass hard.

  “I can multiply; I think it has something to do with me fucking a Goddess. You feed me power, so it’s the only reason I can think of as to why my power is growing. So it’s the least I can do to test its limits on your sweet flesh,” he said huskily as he handed me up to the other Ryder.

  I was freaking out. I felt the other one lifting me to him as he sat on the rock. He turned my back against his chest, pulling me into a sitting pose on his lap and positioning his cock against my flesh, and before I could say anything, I was sliding down his thick, rigid cock. His hands used my hips to propel me down until he was buried in my pussy until it ached. I felt something hot fanning my flesh and then Ryder was working circles against my clitoris with his mouth as his clone brought me slowly up his length.

  The Ryder sucking my clit moaned as I was pushed down until there was nothing more to take of his twin’s cock. His hungry mouth sucked, kissed, and licked my flesh wildly, as if he was ravenous and I was his dinner. The sound of his moans alone was enough to send me sailing over the edge, but the moment I thought I’d fall, he pulled me off his cock and pushed me flat on my stomach on the rock.

  Hands moved me; my legs were spread as something soft and salty pressed against my lips, rubbing against them until I opened to accept what was being offered. I felt the other Ryder burying fingers deep in my wet pussy as I struggled to accommodate the cock in my mouth.

  “Now this is something to see,” he growled as he pressed hard on the base of my spine as I tried to arch my ass for his cock. “Such a greedy thing; you need more, don’t you?” he crooned as he removed his fingers and slid the wet tip of his cock over my welcoming flesh. I felt him entering me, and tried to remind myself it was just like his magic when he used to fill me full. Only, I’d never felt this full.

  They rocked my body in perfect rhythm, proof that it was one man taking control and taking me over the edge of no return. The gentle breeze was the only reminder that we were outside, exposed and in an erotic position for any voyeur to see. Hands cupped my breasts, and then pinched my nipples as the other worked my clitoris until I was screaming around the massive cock in my mouth as I shattered.

  Hands moved me the moment my body started to fall back to earth. I was set in the water as one moved to stand behind me, lifting me as the other moved around in front of me. I was spread wide, my legs held apart from behind as the other stepped up to my exposed pussy. His cock slapped my sensitive flesh and I cried out, knowing he’d soon enter me. I felt his cock rubbing against my pussy, enjoying the wetness it offered him. He pushed inside, and I moaned explosively as he and the other one moved. One leaned against the rock as the other helped hold me open and exposed to both cocks.

  The other didn’t enter me; instead, he held me while Ryder fucked me without mercy. His cock moved with inhuman speed as it pounded my flesh until I felt myself falling. I was yanked off a cock, spun around until my ass was high in the air, and then I was entered as the other kissed my mouth hungrily. It was overwhelming, and yet I wanted it all.

  “More,” I groaned against the lips that kissed me, and I heard throaty laughter from behind me. “I want it all.”

  “Mine,” was growled, and I whimpered as I felt rough hands gripping my ass as the cock inside me grew until I was struggling to get off of it. Wild thrusts took control as my body was ravished and pushed to its limits. Ryder crooned in my ear, begging me to stay with him as whatever was behind me went crazy with lust. The beast had taken control of one of the clones, and teeth skimmed my shoulder. “So sweet,” it purred and I spread wider, taking more than I ever thought possible. I felt a cock touching my lips, and then the blindfold was removed as amber eyes watched the beast over my shoulder.

  “Gods,” he whispered as he looked down to find me watching him with the tip of his glorious cock in my mouth. He’d never glimpsed his own beast. His eyes were wild with wonder, and I wasn’t sure if it was because I was taking his beast while he watched, or because he’d come face to face with his own inner demon. I was ripped backwards away from Ryder’s cock. My instinct was to fight, because Ryder wouldn’t save me if the beast had control of one of his clones while he controlled the other. “Synthia,” he warned, even as his hand stroked his cock to the beat of his monster that rocked my body as if I was a rag doll. I was being fucked while he was helpless to anything but watch us. Claws fondled my breasts, and I knew without having to turn around that the beast was watching Ryder as he fucked me in open challenge.

  “Watch me,” I whimpered as my hand moved to my flesh and started to stroke it. I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on with them, only that Ryder couldn’t fight his beast because it was a part of him. A part of himself that he probably never expected to see. His golden eyes lowered to my flesh, and then he stepped closer. I whimpered as I was yanked off of a thick cock and pushed back to the rock as the beast stared at Ryder.

  I turned over, spread my legs, and slapped my own flesh, forcing the monster and Ryder to watch me instead of each other. I whimpered as the sensitive flesh protested in pain, but then the beast was there, sucking on my flesh with ravenous hunger as he sent me sailing over the edge, pushing his fingers deep into my pussy and then withdrawing them as he stood up and bared his fangs territorially at Ryder. Wings unfurled from his back as he shoved his cock to the hilt inside of me, which caused my body to spasm as wave after wave of orgasm rushed through me.

  Ryder growled, his eyes glowing brighter than I’d ever seen them glow before as I exploded in ecstasy. One minute I’d been with the beast, and the next, it was Ryder between my legs, driving into the welcoming wetness of my body’s multitude of releases. When he finally came, I was little more than a boneless, crying mess. He bent over and whispered sweet words as he apologized. I wasn’t crying from the pain, because let’s be honest, I wasn’t going to be walking tomorrow without wincing, but because he saw his beast and he’d taken control back.

  “You won,” I moaned as he pulled out and rained kisses over my flesh.

  “What?” he asked as he sat me up and looked at my bruised flesh. “Gods, Synthia…”

  “Don’t you Gods me, I fucking loved it,” I laughed as I grabbed his cock, stroking him to readiness again.

  “Synthia, he’s a fucking monster. He was hurting you,” he growled. “I watched him,” he said with a disgusted look that took me back. “He grew until he hurt you. He could have ripped you apart.”

  “He won’t hurt me,” I assured him. “He knows my limits, and yeah, watching it was probably different from getting the view you are used to, but he loves me. He’s never given me more than I can handle, and neither have you. When he starts to hurt me, he pulls back and you take control. You think he wouldn’t fight you for it?” I asked, watching him.

  “I love you,” he whispered as he pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply.

  “I love you too, all of you. He’s mine too, Ryder. You have nothing to fear from him where I’m concerned. There have been many times where he could ha
ve hurt me and didn’t, and I’m sure watching us together wasn’t part of your plans tonight. I’m glad you got to meet him, though, face to face.”

  “I’m not sure how you didn’t run screaming the first time he showed himself to you,” he groaned as he hugged me even tighter.

  “You can’t see him when he’s in control, can you?” I murmured.

  “No; I sense and can see what he sees.” He shrugged. “I’ve only ever caught a glimpse of him through your eyes, and that wasn’t near enough to prepare me for today.”

  “I’m glad you brought me here, and more than that, Fairy, I’m glad you met your demon. He’s a part of you, and I accept everything you are and will be. You and me, Fairy. Forever and ever,” I murmured as I smiled at the man I was going to marry. If someone had told me this would be my world, I’d have laughed at them and called them crazy. Now, now I couldn’t imagine a life without him in it.

  Chapter Ten

  “Are you strutting?” Ristan mocked as Ryder grinned at me as we walked into the main hall, where a select few of the Elite Guard were gathering so that we could strategize about what to do about the fractured portals.

  “I am,” he purred as he smiled and winked at me.

  “Leave him alone,” I laughed. “I love that smile.”

  “You would. You put it there, Flower. He never smiles like that for us,” Ristan mocked with a wink and nod, as he led the way to the large, elegant room.

  “You don’t do what she does for me,” Ryder countered, and a blush bloomed across my cheeks.

  “You’re damn right I don’t, and I’m not about to try either!” He chuckled, his eyes smiling as he watched me fidget under his knowing gaze. Kinky fuckery was something Ristan was all too good with. “Anything from Danu on the portals yet?” He reached back at an awkward angle to scratch at something on his back that seemed to be irritating him as he switched to a much safer topic.

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