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Madness [Club Pleasure 2] (Siren Publishing Allure)

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Madness [Club Pleasure 2] (Siren Publishing Allure)

  Club Pleasure 2


  Not wanting to corrupt Olivia, Cameron arranges for her to see him with another woman to push her away. Aroused but ultimately betrayed, Olivia moves on. Twelve years later, they reconnect, and Olivia harbors a secret. Cameron seduces and dominates her, but rather than waiting for her to come to him of her own accord, he betrays her burgeoning trust by ferreting out her secret. She casts him off.

  Olivia loses herself in work and releases her pain at Club Pleasure. Cameron is a member, unbeknownst to Olivia, but has retreated from the lifestyle. He accompanies his friend there nearly a year later, and when he sees her with one of the house Doms, he crumbles at the sight. Pleasure's owner, Patrick, offers them both an innovative opportunity to retrieve and rebuild their relationship. No guarantees, but perhaps pride and betrayal will be overcome and love will carry the day.

  Genre: BDSM, Contemporary

  Length: 44,302 words


  Club Pleasure 2

  Allyson Young


  Siren Publishing, Inc.

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  IMPRINT: Erotic Romance


  Copyright © 2012 by Allyson Young

  E-book ISBN: 978-1-61926-665-0

  First E-book Publication: June 2012

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  For Andrea—he’s out there, I know it.


  Club Pleasure 2


  Copyright © 2012

  Chapter One

  “Good grief! The place is a madhouse! Who knew it would change this much in just over a decade?” Olivia Foster heard herself actually speak the words out loud, and she was driving a convertible, too. Anyone could have overheard her. They would think she was nuts, talking to herself.

  She pulled her Beemer into the last available space in the hotel’s parking lot. She hadn’t realized how much the town had grown in the past years, her past infrequent visits being of the low-key, skulking kind. Well, not any longer. The pulsing, inviting music from the bar spilled out into the night as the door opened and closed to admit new patrons, and the brightly lit signs impugned the ambiance of the warm summer night. Shrugging, Olivia tugged her hard shell case out of the back seat and set it down beside her laptop and purse before putting the top up on the car. She hoped she wouldn’t be staying here more than a few nights. It all depended upon how far the local contractor had gotten on her house. It had been her experience that contractors tended to be optimistic in their time estimates, however.

  The lobby was spacious and fairly empty as Olivia made her way to the reception desk. The young, blonde clerk was happy to acknowledge her reservation number and provide her with all the necessary paperwork. Olivia couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come. It was a new start for her and she was determined to move on with her life.

  She had learned, in casual conversation with her parents, that the Donovan beach house and golf course were up for sale, the Donovan family now scattered after the patriarch’s demise, and uninterested in Aspen Grove. Olivia longed to go home, to the place she had actually lived longest, away from the painful situation her life had become. She hadn’t planned to find a place, just go back and visit awhile, to relax and take stock, like Andrew wanted her to. The information from her parents seemed like a sign, and she arranged to buy the property through the local agent, her own agent in the city managing the deal. Even the proposed renovations had taken place that way, and the agent indicated much how the locals would appreciate the work staying local. The general contractor periodically sent her e-mails and pictures of progress, which seemed painfully slow, but were probably well-done, not that the two were necessarily synonymous. Olivia herself would take over the decorating. The golf course continued under its present management, but that, too, might change when Olivia arrived and assessed the situation. She had never thought she would be a business owner, but knew she could learn. She had done a great job at everything else she had undertaken in her life. Well, almost everything. She quit thinking about that. It was like a lifeline, this anticipation she felt, and perhaps she could move on. Cameron hadn’t lived in Aspen Grove for years. She had made certain inquiries to determine this, so all in all, she would embark on a new life.

  * * * *

  Holy hell. It was her. Back in Aspen Grove, just as he was. How could that be just a coincidence? Fate, more like it. He hadn’t been back for years, but his security company was taking him and his staff further and further afield with new contracts, and the contractor had indicated the need for, not only an updated system on the old Donovan house, but in all likelihood for the golf course, being that the same person had purchased both. He normally didn’t do the estimating but they were short staffed, and he had thought to check out the town he had lived in for awhile a century ago. He had thought he could put some ghosts to rest at the house as well. But what was Olivia doing here? From the last he had heard, she was living in Austin, just as he was, althoug
h he had never seen her there. He hadn’t dared.

  She looked beautiful. A bit older, more mature, but the way she walked and held herself, the slender body and other attributes were the same. His cock surged and his heart pounded. Should he approach her? Pretend he didn’t see her? Good God, he was feeling anxious about a woman, he who dominated women for their pleasure and his. Many women worked in his company. He knew and played with dozens of others. And not once had he ever felt a glimmer of anxiety around any of them.

  Cameron flashed back to that summer when he had lusted after Olivia Drader. They had connected, despite his relative newness to the area. She had accepted him, and the others had followed suit. The group had been a blast, like a friendly mixer every time they got together, without the awkwardness of romances and the drama of heartbreak. Even at twenty-five he was clear that his sexual interests didn’t fit with most people he knew, men or women, and he was careful not to show them. He needed to dominate in his relationships, couldn’t be fulfilled without it, and could hardly get what he needed in small town Aspen Grove. So he usually went to Austin and found a club to satisfy his physical needs and came to learn and understand himself, but that had taken time. Time he hadn’t had where Olivia was concerned back then.

  Olivia had been fun and a great person. They talked about everything, and she became his friend as he became hers, although true friends probably didn’t keep such dark secrets from one another. He couldn’t always look past the wealth of her abundant and beautiful black curls and golden eyes, but the person behind her good looks was equally lovely when he could get his libido under control. She was tall and slim with curves in all the right places, and it was hard to take his eyes off her heart-shaped ass. Olivia seemed totally comfortable in her own skin no matter what she was wearing and full of self-confidence. He knew from their conversations that she was fairly inexperienced, although had a healthy interest in sex. She just hadn’t found the right man, she had confided. He fought against offering himself to audition for that part, worried about disturbing the camaraderie they shared, but he sensed she had picked up on something of his prurient interests, as smart and sensitive as she was. Cameron wanted to see if she would relinquish her control to him sexually, but resisted corrupting her because he didn’t feel ready. He then found himself losing the battle against seducing and dominating her.

  The night he had broken all the rules, the night he had taken Jennifer Barnes into the off-limits bedroom of old Donovan’s beach house, well, his actions were an act of sabotage. He hadn’t known Olivia would catch them but knew Jennifer would tell her. It was for the best that Olivia had seen for herself, because she was so loyal. It was more likely that she would have slapped Jennifer for lying about him. But she had seen him, seen what he was capable of, and that was only a preview. Jennifer was an educated submissive. He had seen her in one of the clubs he frequented in Austin, and it had taken but a suggestion to get her up to the house that night. He wasn’t blind to the fact that, in her bound position, with her face turned away from him and given her dark hair, he could convince himself that it was Olivia on that bed. He lost Olivia that night and had tried to convince himself that it was in her best interest, but he would never forget the look on her face. She had not been shocked but rather incredibly hurt, betrayed, even. And there had been arousal, too, although that had quickly changed to the contempt and anger that soothe betrayal. Cameron had never connected with the group again, pleading other commitments, and given his age, the others assumed he was moving on. He never saw Olivia again either and avoided hearing the usual updates about her, as hard as that was. His life was pretty full. Work, work, the play at the clubs, and more work. It was fucking sad if he was honest. He took a breath and walked to where she waited at the reception counter, alone.

  “Hello, Olivia,” he said, his voice sounding too loud in his ears.

  She looked up at him and paled, her topaz eyes widening, her mouth first dropping open slightly then snapping shut and thinning into a straight line. He watched her take a breath and braced himself. He should have left. There had been no need to let her see him. No need except he wanted the chance to look at her close-up, to see what her face and eyes would tell him. Fuck that. He wanted the chance to make amends for that night, or at least explain it to her, after he had her naked and under him, under the driving instruction of his cock. He was going to be totally honest with himself this time around if it was at all possible.


  Olivia surprised him. Aside from the initial reaction, nothing in her demeanor or voice told him anything. She had developed armor. She spoke his name as though recalling a distant acquaintance from the past. Politely and with great civility and deep coolness. She could teach a Dom a thing or two about control.

  “I saw you across the room and thought I would say hello,” he heard himself explaining awkwardly. “How are you?”

  “Fine,” she answered in the same distant tone, “I hope you are as well.” Her tone and expression suggested she hardly cared.

  Cameron found himself dismissed. Oh, she didn’t turn her nose up, she didn’t even look away, but it felt much like he supposed it would feel if he had stepped over the line in the Queen of England’s presence. He felt his inner self react and begin to rise. He wanted to pull her to him and kiss that attitude right off of her lovely mouth, then turn her over his knee. In public. Intuitively he knew she needed it, but he had just laid eyes on her for the first time in twelve years for Christ’s sake. Somehow he reined himself in, and gave her a nod, mumbled something about it having been nice to see her again, then took his leave. What else had he expected? That she would greet him eagerly? Throw herself into his arms and hug him like she used to? Olivia was beautiful as ever but now presented like an ice princess. He would love the opportunity to thaw her out. And if memory of that night served, he should have had her on that bed instead of Jennifer Barnes.

  * * * *

  There was no bellboy, so armed with a key card, Olivia took the elevator to the sixth floor and followed the signs to Room 317. She was shaking with reaction and refusing to think, simply wanting to put as much distance between herself and Cameron as she could. The pseudo key nearly defeated her as they always did but eventually she got the door open and humped her cases inside. She possessed a master’s degree in business yet had difficulty opening a door with the latest technology. It humbled a person. The room was decorated in varying shades of mauve and more mauve with a dark green carpet in a Greek key pattern. However, the king-size bed was comfortable to sit on and would probably serve up a good night’s sleep. She needed one. The past months had been from hell.

  Olivia padded into the bathroom and started a tub, retreating to find her favorite lavender bath salts in the depths of her suitcase. While the bath filled, she shook out and hung up a couple of outfits for the next day, suitable for the Texas fall weather, and took out her laptop to place it on the small desk at the window. She had avoided thinking about Andrew’s death and the subsequent tidying of his affairs during the long drive to Aspen Grove from Austin and hoped she could push it away for a longer period of time, because she really needed to sleep tonight. Don’t think about Cameron, don’t.

  The warm bath enveloped her like silk, and Olivia sighed at the feeling. Her hair was clipped on top of her head as she didn’t want to take the time to dry it, but then she succumbed to the need to sink deep into the water and have it wash up and cover her ears. The world just went away when she did that, and then there was only the sound of the sea reverberating in her head, and the sense of floating. She stayed that way until the water cooled before struggling out to dry herself off, her saturated hair escaping its confinement to deluge her before she wrapped it in a towel. Dispassionately, she viewed herself in the mirror, the shroud of steam softening the outline of her thirty-two-year-old body, smudging the lines around her eyes and mouth. Her breasts were hers, and while not centerfold material, they still sat fairly high and round on her rib
cage, the dark-red nipples dominating them. Her waist was still firm and thin, although her hips flared beneath it and her thighs were rounded, not lean and muscled like the current fashion. Her ass remained the bane of her existence, full, high, heart shaped, an ass that apparently spoke to men, the kind of men she kept her distance from.

  There was no help for it, the thoughts were flooding in. Olivia donned a light nightgown and after squeezing as much of the moisture as possible from her hair with another towel, she slipped beneath the bed covers and turned off the light. Then she allowed twelve-year-old memories to overtake her.

  Twenty-year-old Olivia Drader ran lightly up the stairs of the beach house, smiling in anticipation of finding Cameron. He was probably making drinks or searching for snack food, having disappeared from the revelry on the beach. The party was the final one of the summer, with most of the group heading back to college or away to work. It was a loose-knit group of men and women from age eighteen to maybe twenty-five, most having grown up in or around Aspen Grove. There were a variety of social classes encompassed in the group, but no one really cared who had money or who was just managing to get by, for there was a divide in Aspen Grove insofar as people went. For some reason there was a huge number of teenagers and an overabundance of people over fifty. Olivia’s group was vastly outnumbered and hung around together as a form of support and social survival.

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