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Cut & Run

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  Zane made a few appreciative sounds and shifted closer to Ty. “Don’t wanna wake up … this is nice,” he mumbled.

  “Want to sleep a little longer?” Ty asked in a softer voice.

  “Mmm. Only if you stay,” Zane murmured faintly, about to drop back off into a doze.

  “If I stay, I might do unseemly things to you,” Ty warned in a low voice as his hand moved slowly down Zane’s side.

  The corner of Zane’s mouth turned up. “Mmmm. As long as I’m not dreaming it,” he murmured, smoothing his hand down over the mattress in front of himself.

  Ty scooted closer, pulling Zane back by his hip as he lifted himself up more. “This is becoming distracting,” he informed Zane softly, lips moving against Zane’s ear.

  Zane laughed hoarsely and finally opened his eyes. “This?” he asked, covering Ty’s hand with his own, just to touch. Ty’s fingers dug into Zane’s hip slowly, and he flexed his hips against him.

  “Waking up like this every morning would have its perks,” Ty murmured without thinking as he kissed at Zane’s neck.

  Biting his lip, Zane tried to ignore how much that thought pleased him—but he couldn’t ignore the curl of desire. “Yeah,” he agreed.

  Ty pushed up further and pulled Zane to lie flat on his back, kissing him languidly as his hand roamed up and down warm skin. Zane slid his arm over Ty’s waist as he let him control the kiss. God, he could get used to this.

  He wanted to get used to this.

  Groaning softly, Ty straddled one of Zane’s legs, pushing his knee between them and forcing them apart.

  “Yeah,” Zane encouraged, sliding his hands down Ty’s back and gripping his ass, pulling their groins closer together. Ty growled and kissed him harder, insinuating himself between Zane’s legs and sliding his hands under his shoulder blades to hold him still. Body relaxed and malleable from sleep, Zane moved as Ty moved, his mouth giving as Ty took, Zane’s body quickening as he tried to rock against him.

  Ty gasped softly into Zane’s mouth and reached up to tangle one hand in his hair, sliding their groins together for the friction. The phone on the bedside table began to ring and vibrate demandingly, and Ty practically snarled at it before stealing another kiss. Zane’s hands tightened on Ty. He wanted so much to say “forget the phone, you’re supposed to be fucking me,”

  but he let the kiss end instead of lengthening it.

  Ty stretched and reached for the phone, groaning as his hips pushed into Zane even harder, and he snatched the phone up and flipped it open.

  “What?” he barked in answer as he settled back down over Zane’s body. The voice on the other end was loud enough to almost be distinguished, and it was obviously female. Ty bent his head to nip at Zane’s neck as he listened.

  A hum rumbled in Zane’s chest as he settled his hands on Ty’s hips, giving him the angle to pull the other man against him as he slowly rutted against his body.

  Ty reached again for the bedside table, letting the voice on the phone ramble on as he grabbed the drawer pull and yanked at it. He fumbled in the drawer, finally extracting a tube of lubricant and then a torn box of condoms.

  He kissed Zane again, bringing the phone close enough to Zane’s ear that he could hear a brief but heartfelt curse. Zane smiled against Ty’s lips.

  Obviously it wasn’t critical enough to stop Ty from fucking him, so he couldn’t care less that the person on the other end of the line was pissed off.

  To help out, Zane lifted his hips and snagged his briefs with one hand, pushing them down to his thighs.

  “Yeah,” Ty whispered to him as he reached down to help, pushing the briefs further down and kissing him again. The phone fell from his hand and slid down the pillow, and he reached for the lubricant as he pushed Zane’s legs further apart with his knee. Zane kicked the briefs to the side and spread his legs more to make room for Ty. His cock was already erect and standing.

  It hadn’t taken long, not with Ty touching him. It never did. As he sucked in a breath, he turned his head and could hear the feminine voice still talking.

  “Ty?” the little voice questioned angrily. “Ty! Are you even listening to me?” it shouted.

  Ty reached for the phone and put it to his ear again as he reached between Zane’s legs with the other. “Listening,” he grunted unconvincingly before moving the phone away from his mouth and kissing Zane again as he slid a finger inside him.

  Biting his lip against a soft cry, Zane arched into Ty’s hand, squeezing his eyes closed and gripping the sheets. Fuck, he wanted this so badly, and the fact that Ty was doing it despite the phone call just made him crazier. Zane lifted one hand to curl around himself, lightly running his thumb over the head of his aching cock.

  Ty could barely form complex thoughts, much less deal with the woman on the other end of the phone. He wanted Zane and just Zane, and he wanted him right that minute. He slid another finger into him slowly, practically vibrating with the desire to go faster.

  “You owe me an apology!” the woman’s voice shouted from the cell phone, and Ty dropped the phone again to grip Zane’s hair and pull his head back roughly so he could bite at his neck. “Ty!” the woman shouted.

  Zane gasped for a breath, tipping his head back and clenching his hand into Ty’s sides as he felt teeth scrape against his skin. Zane tightened his hold on his own cock, pleasure already lapping through him. It would only get better. The annoyed voice was a tiny buzz he couldn’t be troubled to notice.

  All his attention was on Ty’s hands. And Ty’s hands were going ever further, his fingers twisting wickedly inside Zane as he dragged his teeth down Zane’s neck.

  Another screaming demand from the woman on the phone caused Ty to pull up short and grab the phone. “Stacey, I’ll call you back,” he grated into the phone before hanging up and tossing it over his shoulder to land precariously on the edge of the bed at their feet. He bent to kiss Zane again, letting himself moan loudly with the contact.

  Zane couldn’t stand it anymore. “Ty … please,” he whimpered.

  As if to accentuate his point, the phone began to ring and vibrate at the end of the bed. Ty ignored it, instead focusing all his attention on Zane and preparing him for a nice, rough fuck. He kissed him hungrily as the phone hopped around angrily on the tangled bed covers, and he reached for the condom wrapper and ripped it open after pulling his fingers out and sliding the palm of his hand up the length of Zane’s cock teasingly.

  Zane choked down a cry as he felt Ty’s hand on him, and he couldn’t stop his hips from snapping up into Ty’s hand. “Fuck,” he breathed. “Fuck, Ty…. ”

  “Not yet,” Ty rasped as he rolled the condom on and reached to tug at the back of Zane’s thigh. The phone finally stopped ringing, and Ty kissed Zane again messily. Seconds later, Ty was pushing slowly into Zane’s body as the landline began to ring.

  Zane growled. “Who the fuck is she?” he demanded, keeping his hands on Ty, smoothing them over hard muscles. “Never mind,” he gasped as Ty moved inside him. “She just wants what I’ve got. ” And he purposefully tilted his hips and rocked up to sink Ty deeper inside him.

  Ty groaned, the sound close to a whimper as he pressed his lips to Zane’s jaw and pushed harder.

  Ty’s voice on the answering machine could be heard from the kitchen, warning not to leave a message because he never returned them anyway, and then a loud beep sounded as Ty pushed up onto his hands and flexed his hips. “Don’t listen,” he told Zane in a tight voice as he began to rock into him.

  “Fuck,” Zane breathed. “You think I can pay attention to anything but you?” He struggled to focus on Ty moving inside him; he’d been missing this for four months and now that he had it? He wasn’t going to miss it anymore.

  “Come on, fuck me,” he growled, fingers digging into Ty’s shoulders.

  Ty obliged with a little growl, one hand going back to Zane’s
hair to hold him in place as he began to truly thrust into him. The bed rocked with their movements, the headboard groaning in time, and in the distance an angry female voice shouted into an answering machine. But Zane’s ears were filled with the sound of his own heartbeat and Ty’s panting gasps. He cried out Ty’s name as he started to rock against him, intensifying the effect of the thrusts.

  He snaked his hand back between them to pump his cock, and the shock waves multiplied.

  “Fuck, yes,” Ty hissed as he buried his face in Zane’s neck and used the muscles of his back and legs to thrust.

  The motions made Zane arch his body, the slow, almost languid rocking driving him even more insane than any amount of frenzied pounding could have done. Under it all, he could hear the girl’s voice, but he couldn’t think about that right then. This felt too damn incredible to focus on anything else.

  A low groan built in Zane’s chest as he pulled at his cock, Ty’s slow, rhythmic movement building the fire higher but not providing quite enough spark. “Ty…for God’s sake …have I got to beg?” Zane asked helplessly, pulling his knees up to try to get Ty to move faster, thrust harder.

  Ty didn’t answer him, instead speeding the rhythm of his thrusts with a grunt of effort.

  Zane gasped out encouragement, throwing his head back as he felt the orgasm clenching inside him. He tightened his fist on himself. “Not long…,” he ground out.

  “Come on, Garrett,” Ty coaxed in a low, rumbling voice. “Come all over me,” he whispered against Zane’s skin.

  Zane’s body started to tighten up, and his hand moved faster on himself. “Ty…,” he hissed. And with another few thrusts, he jerked in place and yelled as he came, the hot liquid smearing between them with each pulse as he cried out each time, nearly delirious with pleasure.

  Ty closed his eyes and groaned, thrusting harder and grunting with each push of his hips. “One day,” he ground out with difficulty, “I’m just going to sit in a corner and watch you jerk off,” he promised as his belly rubbed against Zane’s slick knuckles. Just the thought was enough to send him over the edge, and he tried to slow his movements to stave off the orgasm. But the friction from the slow rocking was still too much, and he came with a shout that was loud enough to drown out the final beep of the answering machine.

  Zane’s gut jerked again in reaction to Ty’s words. Fuck, Zane would love that, to feel Ty’s eyes on him. He moaned Ty’s name long and low. Ty rocked through the torturous friction and finally collapsed with a small gasp, panting. The cell phone on the end of the bed began to vibrate and sing, dancing itself to the edge of the bed and then falling to the floor with a clatter.

  Ty pushed up shakily and kissed Zane breathlessly, pulling out of him carefully and groaning as he did so. Zane clutched at him mindlessly, trying to pull him close again, but Ty rolled onto his side instead, pulling Zane with him. He kissed Zane one more time, almost gently, and then flopped onto his back. The phone ceased its singing somewhere on the floor at the end of the bed, and Ty sighed loudly and closed his eyes in relief.

  “I was with her night before last,” he admitted in a low, breathless voice.

  Sighing softly, Zane shifted to lie against Ty’s side, settling his cheek on his upper arm. He thought idly about how much more cut Ty seemed to be now. He didn’t look different, but he felt harder somehow. Perhaps Zane had just been too caught up before to notice the changes. He could imagine that Ty had had very little to occupy himself with other than physical endeavors, though. He remembered well what it was like on medical leave, under orders not to do anything mentally “strenuous. ” The only thing left to someone as active as Ty was physical.

  “Hope it was better than what I did that night,” Zane murmured absently, his mind turning to the gunshot wound that now throbbed angrily.

  Ty turned his head slightly and rested his chin against Zane’s head as he wrapped his arm around him carefully. He didn’t say anything, knowing that everything coming to mind would either really piss Zane off or be a lie.

  Zane lay just breathing for a while, and finally he smiled. “Sit in a corner and watch me jerk off?” he drawled. “My, my. ”

  Ty blushed slightly, though in the early morning light it wasn’t entirely noticeable. “Sounds fun,” he explained shortly.

  “Mmmm. I agree,” Zane murmured as he turned his lips to Ty’s skin and stretched out against him. He sighed, the sound muffled against Ty’s shoulder. “What is it about you that makes me want to chuck everything and just fuck you again?” he asked seriously.

  Ty blinked in surprise and turned his head slightly. “Must be the Old Spice,” he joked weakly. Zane snorted and shook his head, though he did turn his head to inhale the scent of Ty’s sweaty skin. “I don’t know, then,” Ty murmured more seriously with a tilt to his chin.

  Zane went quiet for a long moment, but there wasn’t anything he felt like he could say without sounding like an absolute fool. The nerves were creeping back, and he could feel the shakes threatening. He rolled to his back, lifting both hands to rub at his face before having to curl them into fists because they were shaking visibly. Damn damn damn. He’d hoped he’d have a little longer before the cravings hit. And he couldn’t drink when it was time to get to work. “We need to get going,” he murmured faintly. He winced as it came out sounding totally weak.

  Ty lay still for a moment, nonplussed by the sudden change in subject. “Yeah,” he finally agreed with a grunt as he rolled and swung his feet over the edge of the bed. He hefted himself up and shuffled to the bathroom to clean up.
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