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Cut & Run

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  Ty’s other hand slid behind his head to cushion his skull from hitting the tiles, and he kissed Zane again demandingly as he continued to stroke relentlessly.

  It wasn’t going to take much longer, not at all. The hard kiss, the catch and slide of Ty’s hand, and the tension all spiraled tighter and tighter as Zane growled into Ty’s mouth.

  “Come on,” Ty urged, not at all concerned with land-speed records or propriety.

  Zane gritted his teeth as the electricity of Ty’s touch flashed through him. He growled and lowered his chin, then he opened his eyes and reached out to grab Ty for an animalistic kiss as his hips jerked and he slammed into orgasm. Ty pinned him against the wall and kissed him back, enjoying the result of his efforts almost as much as Zane did. Body twitching through the climax, Zane had to gasp against Ty’s lips, crying out on an exhale as Ty’s hand kept moving while he got more and more sensitive.

  Ty finally took pity on him and slid his hand back up Zane’s body, wrapping around him and kissing him more slowly as he gave him a chance to recover. Shaky and flushed, Zane relaxed fluidly into Ty’s arms and the kiss, anger sloughing off him like the water on its way to the drain.

  After a long, leisurely moment, Ty pushed away from the wall and grinned as he licked his lips. “There,” he huffed, sounding very pleased with himself. “Now you can stop being so fucking cranky for a while. ”

  Zane snorted and laughed weakly, raising both hands to rub over his face. “Christ,” he said with great feeling as he sagged back against the wall.

  Ty smiled and gave his characteristic self-satisfied “Mm hmm” before pulling the curtain back and stepping over the side of the bathtub carefully in his wet socks.

  Zane watched him as the water misted over the tub’s edge. Ty’s jeans were totally soaked and clung to him like a second skin, and Zane had to 148

  swallow hard. Jesus. “Good luck getting out of those gracefully,” he rasped with a slight smile, still leaning against the wall.

  “Good luck thinking for the next hour,” Ty shot back with a smirk.

  “Shit,” Zane muttered, turning into the spray to wash before leaning and shutting the water off.

  Ty stood, silent and dripping in the middle of the bathroom, and watched him intently. When Zane turned around, water still dripped down his neck and wound in rivulets down his shoulders and chest as he stepped out of the shower to stand not six inches from the other man. Ty licked his lips and tilted his head, waiting for Zane’s next move. The other man stood there a long moment, then reached forward and unbuttoned Ty’s jeans, pulling down the zipper slowly. Ty bit his lip and tilted his head back, his eyes never leaving Zane’s even as his body thrummed with the contact.

  “Good luck getting me out of these gracefully,” he echoed wryly, his voice low even though he was smiling. Zane actually smiled and chuckled as he ducked his chin and slid his hands into the wet denim over Ty’s hips, peeling it down over the equally wet briefs underneath. Ty’s eyes drifted closed, and he tilted his head into Zane’s cheek, groaning softly.

  The motion warmed Zane, and he turned his cheek to rub it against Ty’s forehead while he slowly worked the wet denim down his hips. The whole thing was disconcertingly tender, but Ty didn’t want to make Zane stop by observing this out loud. Without warning, Zane hefted Ty up and sat him on the counter, moving in between his awkwardly spread knees to claim another kiss.

  Ty nearly flailed. Christ, he’d never actually been picked up during sex before. He gripped Zane’s arms tightly and returned the kiss, but broke it off to warn in a rasping voice, “I don’t bottom well. ”

  “Is that so?” Zane drawled uncaringly. “Should I have taken that sultry grin of yours a while ago as an invitation?” he asked, his manner turning more seductive.

  “Maybe,” Ty answered in a voice that was more of an uncertain whisper.

  “It won’t make you any less of a man,” Zane parroted, bumping Ty’s forehead lightly with his own.

  “Oh, you bastard,” Ty growled, beginning to struggle out of the vulnerable position Zane had set him in.

  Zane laughed and pushed further in between Ty’s legs as he struggled, wrapping one arm around his waist, grasping the back of his neck with his other hand. “You’re stunning when you’re angry, you little fuck,” he muttered before smashing their mouths together, the odd gentility of the last few minutes obliterated.

  Ty did flail then, uttering a muffled exclamation of hatred against Zane’s lips. Zane smiled into the kiss as he listened. He used to think he’d be able to quit drinking once he’d had his fill. He was already scared to death it wouldn’t work with Ty, either. But the hunger was eating him up, so much so that he was very nearly hard again already.

  “Fuck,” Ty finally muttered as they broke another heated kiss.

  “Is that a comment or a request?” Zane asked breathlessly.

  Ty lowered his head to press his lips to Zane’s shoulder and closed his eyes. Jacking him off in the shower was one thing. Fucking would be entirely another. But hell, Ty wasn’t ever one to stop when he was ahead.

  “Both,” he answered hoarsely.

  Zane slid his hands to Ty’s hips, gripping them and pulling his body toward him to the edge of the counter.

  “Let me get my fucking socks off first,” Ty growled as he tried to kick out of the soaking wet jeans that still clung to his ankles. Zane bent down and tugged them off one leg at a time, then yanked at Ty’s socks impatiently before standing and wrapping his arms around him to kiss him again impulsively.

  Ty mumbled and put up a token struggle as Zane began dragging him out of the bathroom and to the bed, but the slight resistance in Ty’s actions fueled Zane’s desire even more.

  A handful of stumbling steps later they stood at the foot of the bed Ty had claimed. Ty pulled away and suffered through a brief moment of clarity.

  “Do you have supplies for this sort of endeavor?” he asked Zane before he got far enough away to meet his eyes.

  Zane stalked over to his duffel and dug in it to pull out a small black shaving kit, bringing it back and tossing it on the bed. He stopped a foot away, looking at Ty evenly. The desire ran rampant through him, and he felt like he was dying of thirst. “You’re worse than the damn drink,” he muttered.

  Ty raised his chin and licked his lips. He wasn’t sure if that was good or not, but it sure as hell felt good. But then, that pretty much summed up how he felt about the whole situation.

  Zane had already made his decision. He wasn’t going to be able to concentrate on the case in this state, so he might as well do something about it. And the fact that Ty was ready, willing, and able went a long way toward making it a lot more pleasurable. He moved forward until their chests barely brushed. “What do you want?”

  Ty inclined his head even further and tilted it to the side, looking down at Zane’s mouth and then up into his eyes. He smiled slowly. “I don’t bottom well,” he warned again softly.

  Heat flared in Zane’s eyes. “That’s all right,” he said in a deceptively light voice just before he grabbed Ty’s arm and swung him around, pulling his ass back against him while wrapping his arm around him. Zane knew full well Ty was letting him do it. It made it just that much more tantalizing. His voice was dark and throbbing when he purred, “I’m all for a good, hard fuck. ”

  Ty closed his eyes and let his head rest back on Zane’s shoulder, the words sending a dull throb straight to his groin. When he didn’t struggle, Zane let his hands roam, getting to know the feel of Ty’s skin, and he lowered his head to lick from his collarbone up to his ear. Ty huffed out a breath of air through his nose and shifted back against the hard muscles behind him.

  Zane bit down lightly at the juncture of Ty’s neck and shoulder as he groped his way down Ty’s body. ”You going to fight me?” he asked, wanting to know what to expect before throwing Ty to the bed and literally pouncing
on his ass.

  “Not this time,” Ty groaned, surprised by how much he really wanted to be overpowered, a sharp contrast to the painful fight in the alley.

  Just like that, Zane was achingly erect, and he rubbed up against Ty’s ass as he mouthed along the back of his shoulder. “Another time,” he agreed before pushing Ty down onto the bed. He’d enjoy that, too. But for now, he just wanted to sink into Ty and wallow there.

  Ty hit the mattress on his hands and knees, but almost immediately lowered himself to his stomach. Zane just as quickly crawled over him. His extra height gave him the length he needed to press a heated kiss to the back of Ty’s neck and press his groin against Ty’s ass as he fumbled for the kit.

  For some reason, Ty could no longer do anything but react. His body was reacting, his mind was reacting, and he was greeting each of Zane’s actions with a needy, almost desperate reaction of his own. But if he had been needed to act on his own, to actually think, he would have never been able to get off the bed. He wasn’t sure if he liked the submissive effect Zane was having on him, but his body certainly did.

  On his knees over Ty’s thighs, Zane slicked his fingers and trailed down, expecting a man like Ty to tense when he touched him. He actually wished Ty would fight him, although he was incredibly tempting like this. If he’d fought Zane, just enough, Zane would have taken him and fucked him over hard, taking everything he could get out of his tight ass. But this, God, it was incredible and unexpected, feeling Ty writhing and pliable under him.

  The intimate touch did make him jerk, but Ty rolled his shoulders and dug his fingers into the sheets, shaking off the tension. He hoped Zane realized just how much effort it took to not buck him off. Zane leaned over to murmur in his ear as he slid his fingers back and forth over where he hoped to soon bury himself. “Ty, for fuck’s sake, move,” he growled. “You’re not going to throw me off so easily. ”

  Ty turned his head to the side, brushing his cheek against Zane’s lips.

  He did move then, but only to push against the bed and raise his body up into Zane’s. Groaning, Zane slid his aching cock back and forth against Ty’s skin and pushed his lubricated finger inside the other man. It was hard to go slow.

  Oh, so difficult. But if he did it right now, then soon he could fuck Ty through the damn mattress.

  Ty groaned plaintively, tensing involuntarily and squirming.

  Zane stilled. “Hurting?” he asked.

  “Shut the fuck up and keep going,” Ty growled in a strained voice.

  “Hell,” Zane breathed as he moved his hand again, another few pushes and another finger as he leaned over enough to press his forehead to Ty’s shoulder blade while he tried to breathe evenly. Having come once, he’d last awhile. Maybe. With Ty, all bets were off.

  Beneath him, Ty arched his back, trying to push up into him and groaning encouragingly. He hurried, unwilling to wait much longer; Ty’s body was giving him all the right signals, and he was worried Ty might suddenly change his mind and kick his ass instead. Zane grabbed up a condom and made short work of it, then lined up, one hand on Ty’s right hip, the other on his left shoulder.

  Ty lowered his head and raised his hips higher, closing his eyes and breathing out slowly in expectation of what he knew was going to hurt. He wanted it, though. He wanted it badly. His entire body shook with the desire.

  Zane smoothed his hand over Ty’s back and pushed in slowly. He wasn’t small and, god damn, Ty was so tight. He pushed in just enough, and then he started rocking gently. Ty groaned and remained still for a brief moment, 152

  letting himself deal with the burning pain before he pushed back against the intrusion in a silent demand for more.

  Sucking in a shaky breath, Zane answered Ty’s movement with a bit more force added to his rocking, sinking slightly deeper each time. He curled over Ty’s back, his hand coasting from shoulder to hip and under Ty’s belly to slide around the half-hard cock hanging there.

  “Garrett,” Ty breathed pleadingly. He wasn’t even sure what he was asking for. He just knew it felt so fucking good he could barely stand it.

  Gasping softly as he turned his cheek against Ty’s back, Zane pushed harder, sinking over half in before pulling out, the clamp of Ty’s body an irresistible lure. He slid his fist back and forth, feeling Ty’s reaction as well as hearing it. It thrilled him. It was so different from the sarcasm, anger, and cold dislike. It went straight to Zane’s belly and he shuddered.

  Ty trembled under him, and finally he sank back to his stomach, bringing Zane with him and taking the full weight of Zane’s body on his to pin him to the mattress. “Come on,” he urged, the same words he’d hissed in the shower. He needed this. Needed it.

  Zane squeezed his eyes shut, the growl in Ty’s voice draining some of his control. The smooth rocking paused as he pulled his hand out from under Ty, and then he snapped his hips forward, hard, burying himself deep with a groan of pleasure.

  Ty responded with an involuntary cry. He pushed back again, physically begging for more as jolts of pleasure and hot pain ran through him.

  Grunting, Zane shifted so he could thrust into Ty’s body in a rough motion as he gripped his hips. Even when he pulled back, he was surrounded by the heat of Ty’s body, and Zane was steadily losing his mind again as his knees slid on the sheets.

  Each thrust was doing the same to Ty, though he tried desperately not to whimper. “Harder,” he begged in a hoarse, rasping voice.

  Fingers gripping hard, Zane braced one knee and loosed what little control he had left. He truly fucked Ty and then some, jarring them both and the bed enough to shake the pillows to the floor. He grunted with each thrust, a low growl growing deep in his chest, able to let loose when Ty just took more and more, clearly wanting it. Fuck . . . had it ever been this way? Zane couldn’t remember a time he hadn’t been afraid of hurting his bed partner.
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