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Victory Dome

  My Stars and Other Highlights – Part 3

  A. D. Nance

  all rights reserved


  5: Victory Dome

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  Stardate 7307.24

  This is an account of one of the most important events in Aldanon’s young life thus far. He and Datar had been close friends since they were very young. Aldanon was now 18 years (terrestrial years) of age. Datar had called him Aldon for some time now as had others. This was no doubt due to verbal express, just to make it more convenient for the tongue. Most of the time it came out sounding like Eldon. Aldanon did not bother to correct people anymore. His name was not that hard to learn, but it was okay with him now. So the name Eldon stayed.

  The name change was evidently appropriate, because the upcoming important event would mark a turning point in Eldon’s life. Datar had invited Eldon to an interplanetary Singular Source Domain or SS Dome. It was to be held on XT4-Housa in the Exetar system. Eldon was already familiar with the SS Domes of this group of seekers or pathfinders. He had been learning from Datar about the history and purpose of the Singsords for some time. But this was the first event of this magnitude for Eldon.

  There were many so-called seekers that traveled the galaxy and beyond to find the Great Truth, the Unity Path or the Source of everything.Most of them would not last long in galactic terms. They had their own agendas, preconceived ideas, and methods that inevitably led to disunity and disappointment. However, the Singsords were proving to be different to Eldon. So different that to many peoples of the galaxy they were a non- entity, non-existent. It was only a legend of universal proportions. The legend basically said that the Creator, Aayah to some, or Source of everything we know, existed for uncountable aeons before he made a material realm that we live in. Now many do not attribute a name or personality to this Creator, but the Singsords do. The so-called legend goes on to tell of a flaw or deviation that was introduced into the material universe by an enemy. This enemy was self-made and allowed to exist for a limited time. This enemy’s goal is to divide and conquer the universe, corrupting and effectively ruining this part of the Creator’s works. The Singsords were raised up to counteract this corruption. They traverse the known universe bringing the news of Singular Source Domain to all intelligent creatures. By means of this domain or force which comes directly from the Creator, anyone could gain power to overcome the corrupting influence of that original enemy. No longer would they have to submit to the enemy’s domination causing break down and eventual death. There came to be many names for this force, domain or place. Some of them are still used such as: Forever Place, Timeless World, Utopia, Promised Land, Ten Place, Paradise, Absolute Center (center of the wheel of time), Heaven, Bwa Mucoh Bwa(perfect high), Eternal Bright Day, to name just a few.

  The Singsords took their name from Singular Source Domain. The way Eldon understood it, the Singsords only manifested themselves in the SS Domes. They reside in the psyche and live as people until they can transform into entities of power and light. The transformation is supposed to happen when in the SS Domes a collective connection to the Singular Source Domain is made. Then they are able to travel the universe at will to effectively battle with the dark side and maintain good order. Eldon wanted to learn more and find out if they were on their own in that state or did they carry out assignments as part of a universal army as it were. This and other questions of his would be answered at this event.

  Eldon woke early from hypersleep on the vessel to Exetar system. His dreams on such trips were too strange and yet realistic for him to enjoy it.He felt that he was looking into a real world of another dimension, but it was unsettling for him. He slowly rose and walked over to the monitor to see what the actual view outside was like. He said, “view.” The image focused into a view of the vessel, them floated past it and into the tunnel ahead. Bright lights and swirls radiated from the center where there was a small black dot. The view of hyperspeed 7 was as interesting as a monitor test pattern. Eldon stared coldly into the black hole for a few seconds. A faint beep sounded and then he heard, “Eldon, Eldon, Eldon wake up!” He shook himself out of his stupor, touched the monitor and saw it was Datar.

  “Hello, I’m awake now,” Eldon answered. “Good. I am coming to see you in a little while. We will be there soon.”

  Shortly Datar came to Eldon’s room. “I’m glad you could come to this SS Domation event, Eldon.”

  “I’m glad I could come, and thank you for taking me in your vessel.”

  “There are only five of us in this one, but it is better that traveling alone, is it not?” “Definitely.”

  “ This SS Domation is historic because we will have more attending from more systems than ever before. Also there has been more opposition to it than ever. So it is a victory for Singsords that we could have it in this place.”

  “There is opposition? Why?”

  “Yes Eldon. In the last several Earth solar years there has been some resistance to our activities by a certain seeker group. They say they want peace but by their actions, they cause the opposite. What they are really seeking is the twisting and corrupting of everything.”

  “Will we see them at this event?”

  “We may, but our security is strong. No doubt they will try to disrupt our communications or even try to get inside the Dome. But we will be ready.”

  “I remember something in the historical archives when seeker events were stopped or attacked.”

  Datar stood up and paced as he responded,“Yes. Those were small beginnings, but fascinating. Way before my time, it was 1.5 yarec ago when a prototype of SSD was in its infancy. Back then religious terms like God, temple, spiritual or divine were used. It was a time of great ignorance. Then after the Great Purge of the ten systems we knew, those terms were banned.”

  The vessel slowed as they neared Exetar. On the outside view, you could now see individual stars passing by through the translucent hyperspeed tunnel.

  Eldon continued the conversation, “But there are many seeker groups now.” “That’s right. Its because the need to find the truth, the Source or Supreme Being is still in most intelligent creatures. Only now it is done in a more methodical, scientific way.” “I’m glad to be alive in this era and not the one before,” Eldon said happily.

  “I am too. Of course every generation has its challenges and problems to overcome. But we are closer now to the Source, the Perfect Day if you will, than ever before. The ability we have as a group to tap into the SSD is a breakthrough that no other beings possess that we know of. It is the greatest thing ever since intelligent life has existed. Still I wonder what life was like for our ancient ancestors when they only knew of ten systems. There is not much more in the archives than what you saw. Future generations wanted to forget that past. It was much more uncertain back then. People had to be educated from books. They did not have the atomic revelations that we have now.”

  “Yes Datar, they did not have many things including the life span we have now. But to be honest, I did enjoy looking through those old encyclopedias and saying odd things about the pictures like we did as young kids.”

  “I remember that. We looked at the pictures and said quotes or descriptions that did not fit. They were illogical. It used to be called humor back in that day of books, before it was outlawed publicly anyway.”

  “It was good that our parents never caught us doing that, right?”

  “My father did not care about that law. He even allowed me to have a blacklisted book. It was called Rainbow Earth.”

  Eldon suddenly got excited saying, “Oh how fascinating!
I think I’ve heard of it. Tell me about it.”

  “Imagine another Earth in an alternate universe or another galaxy maybe.It is similar to our Earth but different in that it is full of contrasts. It has everything that is against the law in our societies and it is colorful. That is, our Earth is bland and predictable compared to Rainbow Earth. And, oh yeah, the author said he had actually been there. But most people did not believe that of course.” Datar looked at the monitor and could see Exetar system coming into view. He wanted to finish, so he picked up the pace of his speaking. “So to give you a brief idea of the place, think of contrasts. It had all kinds of extremes: heat, cold, beauty, ugliness, rich and poor, war and peace. The majority of people on that planet earth believed in a creator. They called it God. They had to learn about him from a book for the most part. They had a metaphysical or spiritual side as part of their nature.”

  Eldon broke in with, “It is beginning to sound like our ancient ancestors.”

  “Yes, the people of that Earth were a lot like our ancestors. They called themselves human. They could not communicate directly wilth their god. In many ways they were in the dark, in fear and uncertainty. But like the time of our ancestors before the Purge, their creator
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